A Tip on How to get the Best Out of Every Situation.

In life we come across situations everyday where we have choices to make. Not that you’re asking for my opinion, but here’s my general thought regarding whether or not to disclose information. If you decide you’re going to share, I believe honesty is the best policy, but I also believe not all thoughts need to be shared. So, keep this in mind when thinking about your decision: which ever way you go, when you do what FEELS right to you and offer the best of yourself to the situation, Beings greater than you and everyone else involved will line up the best of the situation to be returned to you.

Please don’t be confused. I’m not saying your opinion of what is best will be returned to you, but eyes that can see more than your eyes can see, know what’s truly best for you and that my friend is what you’ll receive when you offer the best of you. Also, remember the best of you will vary from day to day, so go easy on yourself when your best one day is less that another. You’re doing your best, so be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re the only “you” you’ve got.

2016 Angel Zamudio

See How Easily You Can Manage Stress

Ok, folks believe it or not a common recurring theme in my life right now has been STRESS!!!
WHAT????? The author of Apozitude has stress? I know. I know. I’m always writing about how to let things go, how to focus on the good, how to breathe and take care of yourself. The main reason I write about those things is because I’m dealing with STRESS!!! LOL. Writing about it helps me retain the information.
I’m always looking for ways to feel better. I care about how I feel and I want to live life with a positive attitude. It can be challenging sometimes or it can be super easy. It all depends on how much you’re willing to allow outside circumstances affect your inner sanctum. It’s a training process really. It’s a tug of war between you and you. Yes, there are 2 of you in there and we’ll get to that funny little detail in a moment, but the really cool thing about THIS game of tug is, YOU get to decide when to set down the rope.
Now to shed some light on the 2 of you. There’s the “you” that knows everything is always working out, I call this version of you the ESB (Eternal Spiritual Being) and then there’s the EGO version of “you”. The EGO version of you ends up being the little ass that begins (Edging Greatness Out). 
The EGO side of your brain is going to WANT to work out all the wrongs, all the doubts, all the shit and it’s sort of like going to McDonalds for dinner instead of hustling your butt home for some real food. It’s easy! Go ahead and let those thoughts swirl around in your mind over and over and over,… you know it’s driving you crazing and you have to admit you can feel greatness being edged right on out you. Do you know how many toxins those stressful thoughts create? It’s not healthy. You know you can feel it too. Right?
The happier/healthier choice is to shift your focus onto something that creates good feelings within you. That EGO side is not going to want to let go. That EGO is like a hungry dog with a fresh raw bone and it will growl and snarl at you when you attempt to shift your focus away from that source of stress. Believe me though, there is a strong sense of trust coursing within you that knows everything is always working out. Currently, I’m using an Apoziwand to remind myself to let go of those stressful thoughts. It’s easier for me to set down the rope when I pick up the magic wand. I like the smooth feeling of the bamboo and I feel a sense of relief when I gently tap the Apoziward against the palm of my hand, the back of my neck, on my forearm or gently on my chest muscles.IMG_2251
You may not feel a strong sense of knowing just yet because you have been letting your EGO run the show, but when you begin your training and you start looking for that slow steady river of KNOWING coursing within, it will become more clear that when YOU are offering the best of yourself, the best of the situation will always be returned to you. So please believe me when I tell you, your ego will want to take the easy route and swing by McDonalds for dinner that’s when you say, “Nope, EGO, we’re on a new path of discipline and we’re going to drive right on by McDonalds and we are going to focus on getting home and making a salad. Yes, it takes more energy, but YOU are worth it AND you will feel so much better. You are the master of your mind and YOU have control of your thoughts.
Focus on what makes you feel good and anytime your brain shifts back to stressful thoughts, shift it back. Use a physical reminder if you think it might help. You’re in training. Retrain your brain. It’s super powerful and YOU can DO IT!!! You just have to care about how you feel. 

#1 Best Piece of Advice

IMG_2557.PNGIn a world full of so many wonderful people all willing to give all kinds of advice, including me, the number one thing to remember is, to always base your decision of what action to take, on what feels most authentic and true to you.

You can’t go wrong staying true to you.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio


Apozitude is ALL about YOU get to choose

We are very excited to announce that we are working on getting a newsletter together for our subscribers. What’s so special about signing up for our newsletter? Well, we’re in the development process of getting some new things lined up, like t-shirts (Apozitees) and Apoziwands. As a subscriber to our newsletter you’ll be the first to learn when these will be available and all the other new developments.

We already know you love the positive vibes you get from reading Apozitude, so we wanted to give you, our subscribers, the first chance to sign up.  

Introducing the Magic Apoziwand!!!

Well, look at you! You’re back for more. Who can blame you? It feels so amazing to read about miracles. I kinda feel like I’m a miracle junkie. Best addiction I’ve ever had, hands down!! I had to look up addiction because I thought maybe it was only applicable to something with a negative association, but after the more commonly known definition of addiction, I found the following: devotion to, dedication to, obsession with, infatuation with, passion for, love of, mania for, enslavement to, “a slavish addiction to fashion”. Ummmm,… I definitely have a passion for seeing miracles in my life.

Take this grove of bamboo that grows like crazy next to my office. Many people see it and think looks like a fast growing invasive plant that needs constant tending, but to me,…. it’s beautifully symbolic. I don’t know why I have such an affinity for bamboo, but it doesn’t really matter, ya know? I love everything about it. I love the way I feel touching it, watching it sway in the breeze, watching in amazement at the deftness in which it grows, have you ever worn a product of clothing made from bamboo? It’s heavenly.

Anyway, you are beginning to see just how much I love it, right? Well, I’ve taken some (ok, maybe a bunch) of the bamboo shoots that have been trimmed over the years and left to dry, hanging out amongst the remaining living bamboo and created magic wands out of it.

Magic wands??? Really???


Yes, that’s a magic wand made of bamboo and yes, that hoodie I’m wearing is made of bamboo as well.

Hey, even my 3-year-old niece, Taylor, looked at me with doubt and said, “For real?” when I told her about it. Believe me though, it takes far less energy to convince a 3-year-old of the magic a wand of bamboo contains than it takes to convince an older more cynical person, but with the magic wand, I’ve been able to accomplish that too. I know you wanna hear more about these amazing bamboo magic wands and believe me there’s more to this story and I can’t wait to share it with you.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio




Selfish Redefined

Let’s take a simple word that we all use and have pretty strong feelings about and contextualize it. I want to break it down into pieces. Let’s begin with the ending. The suffix ish is defined as 1. forming adjectives 2. (from noun) having the qualities or characteristics of. “apish” meaning having the qualities or characteristics of an ape. OK, that’s easy enough. Now let’s take the main part of the word, self, which is defined as 1. a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others.

Therefore, when you break it down selfish really just means having qualities or characteristics of your own essential being that distinguish you from others. The way I see it, it’s impossible to BE anything else. Well, let me rephrase that because it really isn’t impossible to be anything but your true self, but what I can tell you is that it feels like torture to attempt to be someone you’re not. We all know this feeling right?IMG_0019

If it doesn’t feel right in your gut, that’s your intuitive red flag warning you, “This is not true to you”. When you get that feeling, you have my permission to pause, take as many deep breaths as you need to reorient yourself and proceed with doing exactly the opposite of what that red flag warned you NOT to do.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio


The #1 Way to Determine Connection

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about nearly being in a car accident and how shocked I was at how close of a call it was. I mentioned in that blog several times how, “Nothing happened”, but then I realized something did happen. I knew I had experienced divine intervention, because I was in total alignment with my Ultimate Creative Source as I was cruising down the road singing, Make It Happen, by Mariah Carey. I also mentioned in that blog that I felt like my Dad who had passed away in January of 2006 was right there with me.

The reason I’m bringing this up again is because I didn’t get a chance to share with you the amazing thing that happened the following day. I had maintained this high vibrational frequency and was feeling very connected to the spiritual realm, even into the next day. It was a Friday and one of my all time favorite Friday activities is to go to the community center in my neighborhood to watch my best friends girls have their ballet lessons.

This particular Friday I walked into the community center and little Taylor ran up to me with an excited look on her face, “AUNTIE ANGEL!!!” I squatted down, opened my arms and picked her up as she threw her arms around me.

What an amazing feeling!!!

I carried her over to where her mom and sister were chatting with another mom and little dancer. I sat down on the floor; Taylor plopped down right next to me and the first thing she said to me was, “What’s your daddy’s name?”

IMG_0021I had a puzzled look on my face, I’m sure, as I turned to her with curiosity and asked, “Why are you asking about my daddy’s name?” She replied very sweet and innocently, “Cuz I don’t know hims name”. I replied, “Oh, ok. Well, his name is Gary”. She popped up in my lap like any other day, faced me and said. “My great grandpa died and he’s up in heaven”.

I’m sure you can imagine the utter amazement I was experiencing in that moment. I hadn’t said a word to her about any of what I had been experiencing. I mean why would I, right? She’ll be turning 4 in July. If this isn’t a sign that we naturally have a connection to the spirit realm, I don’t know what would be. I love this story and I will carry it with me in my heart forever.
© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Happy to be a Happy Neighbor

Too many years now for me to remember our neighbors to the North of us moved in and although I wouldn’t say we’re close, I would say we are friendly. We watch over each others homes and accept deliveries for each other when either of us are out of town. When we catch each other outside we chat about our yards, our children and in their case grandchildren. The wife, Yon, loves to garden and we live in town homes. Our front yard is a shared yard and there’s a small area to garden on either side of a wall that separates our sidewalks to the front doors of our homes.

One morning Yon was out in front digging up soil; while multiple potted plants awaited to rejoin the Earth on her side of the wall. We chatted briefly about her love of gardening and how she was adjusting to having such a small space for her “yard play”. They used to live in Colorado in a home with a much bigger yard. Keri and I weren’t doing anything with our little plot and we decided to offer it up to Yon. She was very excited; she began planning right away. She would leave us notes about what she was planning. She would apologize if unplanted pots were left for more than a couple weeks; explaining that she was at the mercy of her husbands availability to assist her with the heavy work. We didn’t care and we told her on multiple occasions not to worry about it, we knew it was a process. We reminded her that we offered our soil to her for her enjoyment, not to be worrisome over.

Yon did a beautiful job of blending our two yards. They bought pea sized gravel and laid it down for ground cover and planted a small Japanese maple, a couple varieties of hosta plants and a Vietnamese lilac and it was all so pretty. She maintains it and changes out plants when they aren’t doing well. It’s a lovely benefit to having a gardening loving neighbor.

Last October Keri and I got married, well,… had a celebration that included vows and an awesome dance party. We had pizza and beer; it was totally our vibe. On the tables for centerpieces we had a variety of succulents planted in mason jars and we extended the offer to all of our guests to please take them home. It was our gift to them. I’ve spoken to several people who took them home; they all seem to really like having this souvenir from our event and that makes me happy. We only ended up bringing 22 mason jars home. Only 22??? I know, that’s a bunch, but we started out with 45.

IMG_0020We didn’t really know what to do with all these plants and honestly the 22 jars lined our sidewalk for a little over 6 months. We (Keri) finally had enough and transplanted the little guys from outgrowing their intended temporary homes of mason jars to larger pots and even planted some in the ground. I wondered how Yon would feel about it. I even inquired of Keri what she thought Yon might think. She didn’t really speculate anything, she just said,”Well it is our yard,…” Which is true, but I just wondered. Well, just a couple weeks ago I stepped out for a moment in the morning sun and Yon was out front. I wished her a good morning and didn’t even mention the yard and she said to me, “I love what you girls have done with the yard. It’s so beautiful and natural.” I thanked her and laughed. I explained I had just been wondering what she thought; she reiterated how beautiful and natural it looked.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

A couple of weeks ago when I learned of the tragedy in Orlando, my heart was so heavy with sorrow and I had no idea what to do or say. I remained silent on the subject and reflected on the situation. Of course when a tragedy like this strikes, so many souls are touched with a myriad of feelings ranging from sadness and heartbreak to devastation and rage. We all feel a sense of helplessness because what’s done is done and can’t be undone. So what do we do? How do we deal with our feelings?

If we are close enough in proximity to where the tragedy occurred, we can offer our assistance to the families and friends of the victims. If we are further away, we can send whatever we are able in efforts to be supportive of the community. Regardless of our location or ability to make donations of support we must remember to turn our energies away from feelings of anger and dislike for the person or people responsible for the tragedy.

It can be very challenging for us as humans because we see with our human eyes. We, as humans, can’t see with the eyes of an eternal spiritual being, therefore we don’t know everything a person has dealt with or all the circumstances of the situation. When we take a moment to remember that we all came from the same place, that we’re all perfectly flawed humans and consider how lost and pained someone must feel to take actions such as these, it may soften our hearts a bit the the person behind the injustice.

An added benefit to softening our hearts from feelings of anger and hate is we feel better when we foster better feeling feelings within ourselves. Think about how you feel when you’re thinking about how much you dislike the actions of another. Consider the internal damage you do to yourself when you replay thoughts of others doing things you don’t like, does it feel good? Probably not.

My suggestion from above was to turn our energies away from anger and dislike and you may be wondering how do I do that when such horrible things are taking place in the world? Consider this, imagine how much better you will feel when you have love and forgiveness in your heart. Feel the relief in your body when you think about love and forgiveness. Imagine the feeling of love as an energy coming off your body, imagine people you run into through your day and how different they will feel running into you when you have love emanating from you. This is how we make the world a better place. Forgiveness heals.

Now get out there and be awesomely loving. You’ll like the way it feels. I promise.    IMG_2341.JPG