Fabudio Moodio

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail the other day that read, Angel Zamudio how’s your moodio? All I could think to reply was, Fabudio. So, in a nut shell, Angel Zamudio is in a fabudio moodio. HA HA HA HA HA

Maybe Angel Zamudio IS a nut, not IN a nut shell. Oh well, I am having a grand ole time so, who cares.


Evidence of a grand ‘ole time.

IMO, They’re ALL Love Songs

I kinda have a funny way of listening to songs. I only pay attention to the lyrics that I like. I could be listening to a very sad break up song and all I hear is the “how much I love you” parts. I don’t even pay attention to the “you’re gonna miss my love” parts.

Sometimes the way I sing love songs or think about them is very different than what they are intended, but I like the way I take a Richard Marx song and turn it into a spiritual awakening. The song Hold On To The Nights is very powerful to me, because when he sings the line, “I am helplessly aware that the person I’ve been searching for is right there”, in my mind I am singing to a reflection of myself in the mirror.20140720-180829-65309376.jpg

It kinda seems like this may be perceived as a little self absorbed to sing to myself that I am the person I’ve always been looking for, but really it’s not. I mean aren’t we all on an endless journey of self discovery? Every time we grow or expand our awareness and our point of attraction changes. So, really, it only makes sense, that the person you are always searching for is right there in the mirror.

You’re the one that has all the right answers for yourself anyway. Who else is going to know better what feels right for you? Only you. Start asking yourself some questions and be easy with yourself if you don’t know the answers yet. Focus on something fun and all of your answers will be revealed. Soon you’ll realize that everything is always working out.


The Deliciousness of Life Surrounds Me

There is a desire that keeps popping up all throughout history and that desire is to have a time machine. People always want to go back to something that was amazing for them and relive it again or they want to jump into the future and live in a moment they are conjuring up in their minds. Then there’s the idea of going back in time and righting a perceived wrong. It’s all kinda convoluted really, because none of this is possible. Really though, if you think about it, our imagination is kinda like a time machine, don’t you think?

I know that for me there are certain songs that can totally transport me to a moment in the past, but you know what? There really is no going back. You can relive a moment in your life in your mind, but nothing is more real than this red hot minute. There is absolutely nothing you can do to bring the past to your present. Things have changed. You have changed. If you took your right now self back in time it would not be the same because your perspective has changed. You cannot make up for lost time. You cannot force bonding or meaning into something new that doesn’t have experience to support the feelings of a bond or meaning. I cannot imagine my past and fill it with siblings, but what I can do is focus my attention on my here and now upon the relationships that feel like siblings in my now. I am so grateful for my relationships with cousins and friends that feel like what I imagine having a sibling would feel like.

I am grateful for the love I have in my life. I am pleased with my relationships. I am happy to be me and I feel like I have finally come to terms with the circumstances of my life and I am happy, really happy with what I have and I am eager for more happy moments to unravel. I love my peaceful moments. I love my quiet time with myself. I love my writing time, drawing time, creative time, social time, laughing time, working time, all the sweet special moments with my adorable wife, tender moments with my dog, conversations with my best friend, cuddle time with babies, laughing with my mom, sharing life experiences with my son and the deliciousness just keeps unfolding.


Who’s Training Who?

When we were at the beach a couple weekends ago, there was a family with two dogs staying in the house next to ours. Every morning we were there we would watch the people take one dog at a time and tether them to two different stakes in the ground. They had plenty of room on the tie downs to walk around and find sunny or shady places in the yard to lay down. Neither of our yards had any fence, so when we were outside with Waffles these two dogs could see us and would begin barking.

We observed right away that when the dogs began barking, their people would come out and take them in if they were being persistant with their barking. One time we were in the house and obseved the dogs. We watched as the dogs began to bark when people were walking by to get down to the beach. We saw the dogs bark several times and then they would stop for a moment and turn their heads and look towards the house, wait for a moment and if nobody showed up they’d turn their focus back to the walkers and begin barking again. Repeatedly, they would go through this routine of barking and checking to see if someone was coming out to let them in.

Until, they didn’t have to anymore because eventually, it worked. Keri and I smiled at each other and she said to me, “Who’s trained who here?”


Dreaming of a cheeseburger,…

Driving home from taking Keri to work several weeks ago, I drove past a person standing on the corner at the light holding up a sign that read, “Dreamimg of a cheeseburger”. Seeing my fellow human on the corner holding such a sign created a flash of sadness in me for him.

I thought to myself how sad it was that he was setting his sights so low. It seems he didn’t know any better than to dream of something more. In a universe where you can be, do, or have anything you can desire, this person chose to dream of a cheeseburger?

As I’ve been stumbling around in my mind with how to lay out the words of this message, I was revisiting the situation and it occured to me that it might be a better idea to simply allow this person to be and not judge him on a single slice of his life. The possibilities are endless as to why he was standing there proclaiming to be dreaming of a cheesebuger. Perhaps it was an experiment,… Maybe a dare,… Maybe it was just that kinda day,… He just felt like stepping out there to see what would happen.

Mostly when I see people on the streets asking for hand outs in all their very clever ways, I offer them a silent blessing. I walk past or drive past and tip my head a bit and I say in my mind, Blessings to you. It makes me feel better to know I have given them something that doesn’t create conflict in my being. I have handed out money before and I sometimes wonder what is this money really going towards? I’ve offered a sandwich one time and it was declined.

I decided I didn’t want to create an opportunity for myself to feel bad for offering assistance and that is when I decided silent blessings were the answer. What would you be willing to really put yourself out there for? I mean if you could stand in front of all the right people at the perfect time and you could hold up a sign of a desired possession or circumstance what would your sign read?


I got my back stage pass to infinite wisdom

Your all access pass is right there within reach. Find a reason to put a smile on your face, then close your eyes and really feel the joy. Think about all the aspects of the reason you have a smile on your face, say them aloud even. Bask in the glow of pure joy and maintain that feeling of elation, then hold out your hand. Even though you can’t see it, TRUST you possess this all access pass and watch your life change right before your very eyes.


Selfish & Not Afraid to Admit it

I am so excited!!! I was about to say that words can not even express how excited, BUT I absolutely can express in words exactly how excited I am. I know I can, because I just did it. I just stood in my bathroom right before I got in the shower and had a great big exciting rampage of appreciation for all that I have. I am one of the luckiest people you will ever meet and do you know what? You are one of the luckiest people too. I know this because I know that all you have to do is turn your dial to the lucky frequency and BOOM!!! You’re in the club!!!

I am in charge of my happiness. I am in charge of my life and I am in charge of my destiny. I want to be crystal clear on this, so I must tell you that I will be selfish about my level of happiness, because nothing feeeeels better to me than feeling happy, excited, exuberant, and completely and utterly in LOVE with my life. The only way I have found to maintain my happiness is to be selfish about it.

My happiness, my job. Your happiness, your job. I will maintain my level of loving life and to tend to my happiness as I allow you to tend to yours for two reasons. 1) I’m not willing to sacrifice my happiness and 2) is equally as important as 1, I can not make you happy. Only you can do that. It would be a colossal waste of my time. It is a waste of YOUR time to try to make anyone other than yourself happy.

I’m not saying that we can’t contribute to each others happiness, because we can. All I am saying is I am happy and we can play together and make each other laugh, as long as our playing together supports my continued happiness. If it doesn’t make me feel good, I’m not going to participate.

I am not kidding you. If you felt as good as I am feeling you wouldn’t sacrifice it either. I choose with intention what I am tuned into and that is why I have true happiness. It is ALL because of me and what I allow.


It’s just a switch

Life is so FULL of wonderful and amazing things. I believe this to be true and you know what things are always working out for me. I discovered another trick and just as simple as the previous trick I shared with you, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

When you have a problem a situation that is causing you anything other than joy, peace, satisfaction or any other positive feeling you can think of then the solution can easily be found by simply focusing your attention upon something that DOES bring you joy, peace or satisfaction.

It seems counterintuitive when you are just learning about this technic. You might be thinking wait a minute, are you telling me to ignore my problems? Yes. Yes. YES. How will they ever be resolved if I ignore them? Well, that’s a valid question and the answer lies within. Within what? Within you!!! You are a non-physical eternal spiritual entity and you have access to infinite knowledge and all you have to do to get that knowledge to flow into your life and resolve all your problems is to focus on good feeling things.

It’s like a switch,… when you are angry, frustrated, sad, lonely, hurting or any other similar feeling thing your switch to the infinite all knowing energy is off. Why? because infinite knowledge does not sacrifice it’s good feeling vibration to meet up with you on a lower feeling vibration. Raise your vibration by focusing upon things that make you feel better and you enter the realm of solutions that fall into place like magic.

A smile on your face and love in your heart is the answer to everything. I have been a witness of this in my life and I know that it is real. You don’t have to believe it for it to work for me. I will take care of my vibration and I can tell you I will be selfish about it, beause I care about how I feel and I want what I want. You are welcome to do whatever it is that you think is best for you.


My apple is rotten and has a broken nail in it and I HATE IT!!!

I know that if I have heard a particular saying, it is possible you have heard it too. So, I am going to ask a question and talk about it a little bit to share and assist with some clarity. It, of course, will be your choice what you do with the information. My question to you today is, Are you going to let one rotten apple spoil the whole apple cart?

Here’s a very simple example that happened to me just a few days ago. I had been doing some unpacking of some things, quite a few things really, because the office I work in just moved. In the process of unpacking and getting organized I broke a finger nail, then I bent a finger nail that caused it to crack, a little bit later I bent another one to the point of cracking and THEN I was cracking pistachios open for my snack and broke one of my thumb nails. If you are multitasking and reading and adding at the same time you are aware that as I type this I have 4 compromised nails.

So, what has my attention been focused upon? Not the majority, I can tell you that right now. The majority being the 6 nails that are intact and neatly filed. So, if the majority is bigger and is more pleasing to be focused upon, and it is. Do you agree?

Then, why do we choose to focus on the minority that is displeasing? Well, I do not know the answer to why and really the answer to why does not matter. What I do know is the solution. The solution lives in the awareness. Knowing that you are focused upon something that displeases you provides the opportunity to shift your point of focus. You have a choice.

I know I may sound like a broken record and I have said this before, but the reason I keep saying it is because it is the answer to every question you have ever had or will ever have. It is very simple. What feels better to you? Broken nails or intact neatly filed nails? neatly filed nails. What makes you feel better? Your wonderful relationship with this one or your torturous relationship with that one? Wonderful
What makes you feel better? These rotten apples or those perfectly ripe apples?

Focus on what makes you feel better and you will begin to feel better. If you find it challenging to find something positive in a particular situation, get less specific. What makes you feel better? love or hate? Love. What makes you feel better? peace or stress? Peace. The contrasting examples are endless and the answer is always so easy.

I am very grateful for my connection with an entity known as Abraham and it is through this connection that I am able to facilitate and share clarity with you. As you know, it is your choice what you do with the information provided here. What will you focus upon today?