Do You Realize Your Power?

Life is full of opportunities. The question is are we taking the time to slow that incessant stream of thoughts long enough to see these opportunities. I’ve found that setting aside a time of day to focus on my breathing and practice letting go of whatever pops up in my mind for only 10 minutes, creates space in my mind and allows me more time to BE present in my life. I know it sounds kind of crazy that taking time, makes more time, but if you think about it logically, it really does make sense. Taking 10 minutes a day to practice letting go of all your thoughts creates a clear and peaceful space in your mind for clarity and connection.

Think about your mind as a work space or a creative space, like a desk or table. Now, take all the thoughts flowing through your mind about what needs to be done, what you might have done wrong, how a conversation could have been handled better or how you were wronged by someone, your fears of what’s to come and the unknown, everything that contributes to the busyness of your mind right now, imagine it all sitting on the table in front of you, except these thoughts aren’t just sitting there, still like a stack of papers, each one of those disruptive thoughts is like one of those wind-up toys that hops around mindlessly meandering and bumping into each other.

OK, now picture yourself sitting there at that table with all of that going and imagine you’ve been presented with an opportunity to having a meaningful conversation with someone you love dearly and they’re sitting across from you at this table. Keep in mind, your loved one can’t see all those annoying little wind up toys (your thoughts) hopping around distracting you from what they’re sharing.  It’s easy to see, given this example how these all these thoughts hopping all around can distract you from this opportunity you’ve been given to listen to your loved one and share a meaningful conversation. The really cool thing about this is you have a choice. You can sit there trying to listen with all of those distracting toys or thoughts hopping around or you can push all it all off the table or out of your mind and focus on your loved one. It seems a bit ridiculous at this point to ask, but which option do you think would increase your chances of successfully producing the desired result of having a meaningful conversation?

It’s easy to see, when the mind is clear, tasks are achieved more efficiently and in a manner creates more time. Investing 10 minutes each day to practice the art of letting go will create clarity of mind and deepen your life experiences. This clarity of mind will create space in your life to see those opportunities you may have been too distracted to observe in the past. You have the power. You have a choice.

Unlimited Awesomeness

The honor of being asked to participate in a community project called Elevate-Awesome because the creator of the project views you as a Love Ambassador is  the epitome of success in my mind.

I was asked to participate on Saturday March 4th and the project was explained to me as a movement that’s creating a culture of kindness, partnership, and trust. In an effort to do so, these cards were made to share with people to elevate their awesomeness by acknowledging the awesomeness within them. When I accepted the invitation to participate, I was asked how many cards I wanted. Without placing any pressure on myself I allowed a number to come to mind. 500. I asked for 500 cards. Perfect! Arrangements were made for the cards to be delivered to me on Thursday March 9th.

The Universal Law of Attraction indicates that you attract into your life whatever you focus on. So, according to this Law it totally makes sense that if you participate in a project called elevate awesome, more awesomeness will be attracted into your life, right? Well, I have living proof.

I was so excited to be apart of this project I wrote a blog about it on Sunday March 5th and scheduled it to post on Tuesday March 7th. However, I also announced in the Apozitude Newsletter that posts on Mondays that I’d be sharing a blog about the project on Tuesday. I sent a text message to my friend sharing a link to the blog letting her know I shared a link to her site within the blog.  I shared in my excitement regarding my participation in her project in my newsletter as well. Guess what happened next!! She showed up at my office on Tuesday day morning with 500 of these #ilovehowawesomeyouare cards.

The coolest thing happened that day. I met a 15 year old transgender boy who just changed his name legally from female to male. I was so excited for him to be at this momentous point on his awesome and brave journey. I took the opportunity to share with him and his mom feelings I’ve had for a very long time and couldn’t quite figure out how to share. I still wonder, how do you go about sharing support of a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the doctor marked on their birth certificate and honoring their journey without drawing attention to them? I mean, I assume a person who lives a transgender experience wants nothing more than to blend into society as the gender they identify with internally, therefore what feels like a compliment or a form of support from me, may actually do the opposite by drawing attention to them. I still don’t know how to handle this in the future, but on this day it just felt right to congratulate him on his legal name.

Then it suddenly occurred to me, I have 500 #ilovehowawesomeyouare cards right here with me. I reached down, unwrapped one of the bundles and wrote a message of congratulations on the card and gave it to him. What better way to celebrate and elevate his awesomeness? I’m still beaming from the experience and that was only the first card I gave away. I decided to keep a miniature composition notebook with me as I hand out these cards, so I can keep track of who I give them to and to help me remember for the sharing aspect of the project. I’m also sharing pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #ilovehowawesomeyouare. My Instagram name is angel_apozitude if you’re interested in checking it out, but for now I close this blog with a feeling of expanded awesomeness and honor. See you in the real world. More on that subject later.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Are You Living Your Amazing Life?

Life is so completely AHHH-MAZING!!!! I absolutely love how one beautiful thing leads to another beautiful thing. It would be impossible for me to share in one blog the vast number of miracles I’ve experienced in this one weekend alone. Therefore, I intend to get focused, share a miraculous aspect of my life within this blog in hopes that it will create a doorway for you into your miraculous life or allow you to see that you’re already living it and then I’ll continue writing more blogs.

Like I said before, one thing leads to another and not too long ago, I was made aware of an app called, Headspace, I heard about it from a co-worker in passing and then again, either on the radio or in social media. I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to it on the radio or in social media by its self, but because my interest had already been piqued by the brief conversation I had previously, I peered further down the rabbit hole. I have to admit I’ve always had an interest in meditation and have dabbled with various types of mediation through the years, but there was something to this Headspace.

The “10 minutes a day” aspect of it had a certain appeal, as it seemed easily digestible and therefore easier to incorporate into my life. I took the 10 day challenge, 10 minutes a day for 10 days. It took me 14 days to complete the 10 day challenge. Much like kindness, there is no judgement in meditation. My life is forever changed because of this app, because of the 10 day challenge, because I shared my journey on social media, because a friend shared her meditation journey with me on social media, because she recommended I watch a Netflix documentary, On Meditation, and because David Lynch was in that documentary a loop was closed for me and allowed it to be reopened.

Let me explain, You may or may not know this, but I have a Ganesha tattooed on my right shin, beginning at the base of my knee covering my entire shin down to bend where my foot begins. The reason I have this tattoo is because of a glimpse of clarity I gleaned from an issue of Yoga journal magazine I read several years ago. I recall two articles, one was on Ganesha, detailing the story of how the Hindu deity came to be known as “The Remover of Obstacles” and how to incorporate the chant “Om Gam Ganapataye” into your life. The chant loosely translates to “Om and Salutations to the remover of all obstacles in my life!” Which when you think about it, removing obstacles from our lives really is our purpose here. Ya know, to live life with joy and to help others. Isn’t it fascinating how all these minute pieces of life shape us into the person we allow ourselves to become?

The other article from the Yoga Journal was written by David Lynch who at that time totally eluded me and if you’ve ever watched a David Lynch movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen one of his movies, check any one of his movies (I’ve included the few I’ve seen below) and you’ll understand completely why he eluded me, which made his presence in Yoga Journal Magazine so fetching. Just like his movies, I can’t quite put my finger on what it was in his article that touched me like it did, but what I do recall is, the reading of his words created a transformational shift in me. He wrote about a knowing I had within me that I had forgotten and that is exactly what this documentary did for me on Sunday.

One line from the documentary that keeps running through my mind, “the simple act of checking a voice mail message will change your life forever” and you may not necessarily think of it that way, but it’s an absolute truth. Any single given experience or transfer of information, changes you from the person you were prior, to the person you become henceforth.

A glimpse of clarity.

All our lives, we’re being prepared for a moment when we’re ready to meet ourselves again. I’ve enjoyed this time with myself and I’m certain I’ll enjoy meeting myself again in the future.

Whoa! I just blew my own mind realizing I’m living my amazing life. Are you?


Mulholland Drive
Blue Velvet
Lost Highway

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

You know how “they” say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, this picture did that for me. I read the brief story that accompanied the photo, because the image drew me in.

An ER doctor was so struck with grief over the loss of a young patient, he had to take some time to himself to process his emotions. Can you imagine having to return to the work of caring for people after dealing with this kind of stress? The reason I’m sharing this is to bring to light the fact that we never know what people are going through when we encounter them. Yes, this is an extreme example of the point I’m trying to make, but it’s absolutely true. You never know what people are dealing with when you first encounter them and it takes a bit of effort to consider what might be going on behind that clerks facade of a “customer service” smile, but sometimes people just need to be treated with compassion, like a real live person instead of just “the person who serves” you. In fact, I would go as far as to say people always need to be treated like people. Take time to consider what might be going on behind the scene.

Have you ever grown tired of being appreciated for what you do?

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

How to Elevate-Awesome

I can’t tell you how excited I am to report that I’ve been invited to participate in a community project. It’s so cool to me because when the project was described to me I thought, “That’s pretty much how I live my life”. It’s so cool to know there’s a group of people working on a project together that has a very similar mission as Apozitude. The realm of awareness is expanding and it’s an amazing thing.

When the project was explained to me it was clarified that I was being asked to participate because I’m a “love ambassador” and before I could even say thank you or ask for clarification regarding what this meant, it was explained that a love ambassador is a person who sees goodness is every person and actively discovers and acknowledges it. Wow! What an amazing compliment!!! I feel like this is the platform for my life, but for someone else to see this within me is so amazing to me. I’m so honored to be invited to participate and am super excited to share my experiences. Please check out the website to learn more. Feel free to inquire if you’re moved to participate and if you have questions, I’m happy to facilitate.

Let’s band together with our Apozitudes and Elevate Awesome!!!

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

The ONLY Obligation of Kindness is to YOURSELF.

“There is no “should” in kindness.” – Angel Zamudio.

Yes, that right. I quoted myself in my own blog. Please allow me to clarify. Should is a verb used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions. Obligation is defined as an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment. Kindness is not an obligation. Kindness is a gift and is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate and further quality is defined as a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. Therefore, stating oneself “should” be more kind is a contradictory statement.

Kindness is not an obligation. Kindness is an opportunity.

Every single person has a different gauge for every single thing they do and say. An act of kindness to one person is way out of someone else’s comfort zone. There’s no obligation in kindness. There’s no judgement in kindness. If you FEEL like being kind, follow your instinct. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it. Be kind, FIRST, to yourself. Live authentic to YOU and everything after that is pizza cake.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio


Creating a Positive Spin

I absolutely love the creative process. I love how ideas spark out of the most simple interactions that at the time, seem like nothing at all and then with creative nurturing these little sparks turn into flames. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you find yourself tending fires that fuel true happiness.

In my office this past week, a couple of us were learning how to send secure e-mails. The discussion was a simple interaction to clarify whether or not parentheses or brackets were needed around the word secure in the subject line. I inquired of the 3 people I knew who had successfully sent secure emails on how they achieved the task. One of them, simply typed, secure, another placed brackets around the word, {secure} and yet another used parentheses, (secure). Therefore, I concluded and stated aloud, “If it works without brackets or parentheses, why not eliminate two key strokes for efficiency?” Jokingly, one of my co-workers (the one who uses parentheses, by the way) replied, “Don’t eliminate the parentheses! The parentheses will feel left out!!” She happen to be standing and I was sitting, so when she replied, she had placed her clenched fists on her hips, bent at her waist and furrowed her brow for emphasis as she replied.

I stood up, mimicked her stance and asked, “Who are you the defender of parentheses?” SPARK!!! Just like that, a super hero was created in my mind. My co-worker’s arms, from shoulder to fist, looked similar to parentheses and I didn’t really notice it until I mimicked her. I told her I was going to create a drawing of this super hero this weekend, named Defender of Parentheses.

As I got to thinking about the “Defender of Parentheses” and the mission of Apozitude, I had to rethink this hero’s name because if you’ve been reading this blog for very long at all, you probably already know it’s about raising awareness of the power of choice and living life with a positive attitude. We all have this ability to shift our focus towards something positive. It takes some practice, but this simple act of making an intentional choice to focus on the positive is a life changer, if you chose it and practice it.

Yes, I will eventually reveal the improved name of my super hero, but check out a couple of examples of shifting towards the positive. Simple things really, but which feels better to you?

1. Don’t forget ,….


2. Please remember,…

Can you feel how “don’t forget” seems like someone is shaking their finger at you and doubts you’re ability to remember on your own, but “please remember” has a friendly empowering feel to it? It’s more than a feeling though, it’s actually supported by science.  I’ve attached one of many articles I found on-line that reinforces the improved results, not only in memory, but in receptivity as well.

Another example of this idea is the defend vs promote scenario. It’s pretty easy to see how “defending peace” is a contradictory phrase. Generally speaking,  when you think about defending something, images or thoughts of fighting for or standing up for something are generated, right? So, when you think about it, fighting for peace goes directly against the intended or desired result. Right? However, promoting peace, has a more civil feel to it, don’t you think? Promoting peace sounds like an ebb and flow conversation, conversely defending peace sounds more like a heated argument.

Promoting vs defending feels like the difference between having a choice and being told what to do, similarly with please remember and don’t forget. Leading with positivity and providing options creates feelings of empowerment and cooperation.

It was so much fun creating this little challenge for myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Now you understand why my super hero was aptly renamed “Promoter of Parentheses” who by the way was created exclusively with parentheses, with the exception of his head. I left some of the raw edges still visible so you could see how the rows of stacked parentheses were used to create the image. Pretty cool, huh?

Whether you’re a first time reader or a long time reader, if this particular blog has shifted your awareness towards the possibility of positivity, please remember to share it with whomever you chose. You hold the power of choice. You hold the power to change your life and potentially someone else too. Thank you for your time today and for sharing my journey of tending this fire that fuels my true happiness. I love writing and drawing for this blog, it brings me such joy all on it’s own, simply by creating it, but especially when I hear from you that you’re enjoying it or have shared it with someone else.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

Someone at my office the other day mentioned in conversation that we spend about 70% of our day at work and that staggering percentage sparked some curiosity in me. I did a little research and The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a pie chart to represent how the average day for an employed person ages 25-54 with children spends their day. I’m not all that great at replicating pie charts and not all of that information is relative to my point so I’ll just tell you that they determined 8.8 hours a day were spent working. That works out to be about 53% of your waking hours for the average person. This information got me thinking and I asked my office manager if I could share something from Apozitude at our next staff meeting. She said write something up, let me review it and I’ll let you know.

I shared the statistics in what I wrote for her to review and went on to write the following:

I value happiness and I value your happiness. I believe if we’re going to be spending this much time together working toward a common goal of providing excellent service to our patients, excellent service to our employer and excellent service to each other, perhaps we could make 4 simple agreements with ourselves and to each other. I got these 4 agreements from a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called The Four Agreements and they are:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personal

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

I bring these agreements to you because I’ve found I need to be reminded of these agreements I’ve made with myself and if you’re interested in having these agreements with yourselves as well, I was thinking we could assist each other in the greatest part of our day to allow the best versions of ourselves to come forward. No body is making anyone of you do any of this. You are free to choose. This was just an idea I came up with because like I said I value happiness, mine and your. Nobody is perfect and I will need reminders and I’m open to being held accountable.

My office manager approved the writing and of me sharing this message with my fellow co-workers. In doing so it reminded me how writing is far easier than speaking, LOL, but I loved it. I felt receptivity from the group and I’m excited to continue on the path of my dreams. I intend to continue my writings with Apozitude and share my passion of cultivating a happy life where ever I go and one day in the not too distant future I will be speaking to groups about this passion of mine. I’m loving where I am and eager for more. Looking forward to the future.

What are your dreams?  



© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Yo-Yo, Confidence!!!

Since our son, Garrison, and his girlfriend, Makayla, moved to Oregon last month I was reminded of a funny story about when Keri, Garrison and I first moved to Oregon back in August of 1999. There’s a long story here, evident by the first draft of this blog being almost 900 words before I even got to the end, but the funny part I wanted to share is centered around the fact that Keri had a job when we moved and I was planning to look for work once we arrived. We had saved enough money to pay for our move, take care of our initial move-in expenses and cover a month of living expenses with only one income. So we were prepared.

Once our apartment was settled, Keri started her new job and Garrison started his new school, all that remained was for me to find a job. I looked everyday. I went to temp agencies. I applied for a job driving a forklift in a warehouse. I didn’t want that job. I applied for a position at the Made in Oregon Store at Washington Square Mall. I didn’t really want that job either. I had been a dental assistant in Oklahoma, but the assisting license requirements were different in Oregon than in Oklahoma, so I was looking for a new start. I didn’t get discouraged and I looked everyday, which as we all know can be a tiresome and spirit draining process.

The funny part about this was everyday I looked for a job, I also made time for something I really wanted and that was to learn yo-yo tricks. Fortunately, Garrison had a small collection of yo-yos and a book of yo-yo tricks. I yo-yoed every single day. I learned so many tricks and I was having a blast. I yo-yoed so much I had to put a band-aid around my finger for protection and eventually I had to wear a leather work glove to continue my daily practice. My yo-yo finger was so sore and the palm of my hand was all bruised up from all the attempts at different tricks. But do you know what? I. WAS. HAVING. FUN.

I’m sure it really tested Keri’s patience to come home from work to find me all excited about the newest yo-yo trick I had learned, but you know what? I don’t even remember her expressing frustration or irritation over it. I was on the job hunt everyday and the yo-yo kept me happy. I still remember it. It was a Duncan Bumblebee, bright sunshine yellow and ink black, it had a badass bumble-bee on either side of it and it felt so good to master those yo-yo tricks. I believe the joy and confidence I gleaned from that experience helped me get the job I ended up getting.

I remember walking towards the exit from my interview and the guy that interviewed me was following me to the door, right when I got to the door, I turned to say good-bye, I stuck out my hand to shake his and with all the conviction I could muster I said, “Hire me. I’m the right person for this job.” He said he had a couple more interviews to do, but would let me know his final decision. A couple of days later, I got the call. I was hired. After about a week or so on the job, my boss told me, “Ya know, it was the certainty of your words and that final hand shake that got you this job.” I had zero experience in the sign business and didn’t even know vinyl lettering existed, but it was my confidence in myself and my ability that got me that job. It was the, “I conquered the yo-yo” confidence.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Don’t Believe Me, Listen to Gandhi

YES!!!! Happiness is a choice!!! You know what that means don’t you???
That means YOU have ALL the power. You have complete control of what YOU believe, what YOU think, what YOU talk about, YOUR actions, YOUR habits and YOUR values. Therefore, you have complete control of YOUR destiny.



WOW!!! Who thought so much “knowing” could come from one little coffee mug with two little words printed on it? This is a MUST HAVE coffee mug for your kitchen, your office, YOUR LIFE.

Happiness Coffee Mug
Happiness Coffee Mug
by ApozitudeStore

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