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Yes! I said happiness!

It is my intention to be true to myself. I intend to trust my emotional guidance system and allow my feelings to guide me on the path I have chosen for my destiny. I allow myself to feel all my feelings and honor all of those feelings for what they are guiding me towards.

20130825-122025.jpgI acknowledge that I am not a perfect human being, but that I am a perfect spiritual being. I accept my imperfect human self and allow my perfect spiritual self to guide me towards my ultimate happiness.

Humming bird

I just had a totally amazing experience!!! I am not kidding!!!

I was standing on my back deck chatting it up with my friend, who also happens to be my neighbor, I was on my deck and she on hers when she began pointing behind me,…

I looked over my shoulder and there was a hummingbird hovering in front of our hummingbird feeder and then going in for some sugar water. Pretty cool! Yes? But! The totally amazing thing happened when I squatted down low to give him some space. I was able to watch him for at least 30 seconds. He was watching me too. I could see him eye balling me. Teresa even said, I love that he’s got one eye on you at all times. We chuckled.

And then out of nowhere he dive bombed me!!!! It was so,… Well a little scary at first, but totally amazing. Then he flew off and came back for more sugar water. I stayed hunched down so I could watch and he dive bombed me AGAIN!!!

Neither time did he make contact, but Teresa was laughing and I decided he needed a little bit more space than what I was giving him. I’m smart like that, S-M-R-T.

As I was walking into my house and feeling completely blown away at the sense of bravery that little humming bird displayed. I thought to myself, Wow! He ain’t skurd a me!

I never thought about a humming bird being a symbol of bravery, but I do now!20130818-194824.jpg

If a little humming bird can muster up the bravery to do a dive bomb attack on me, I think I can muster up the bravery to talk about my true feelings or step outside of my comfort zone to expand my life experiences.

Thank you humming bird for your astonishing display of bravery and inspiration.

I am not right and you are not wrong

I am not really sure how to start this, but I’m going to give it my best shot because I believe it’s a point worthy of acknowledging or at least contemplating.

When something is not right in our reality and we have an awareness of this “not rightness” why do we let it linger? Why do we allow our “not rightness” to hang around and torture us emotionally?

It seems like if something doesn’t feel right and you are aware of it, then why not attempt to process it and make it right?

I guess what it boils down to is every one has a different perspective and a different way of processing. Clarity from the outside is so much easier than when you are actually dealing with the personal emotions of the “not rightness”.

I have some “not rightness” in my awareness. I really want it to be right, but its hard and scary sometimes. I guess the whole point of this was to help me realize that just because it is so easy and clear for ME to see what changes YOU could make to right your “not rightness” doesn’t mean its right for you, because I don’t have your emotional connection to your “not rightness”. So, I have my perspective and you have yours. That does not make me right and you wrong.20130823-202132.jpg

I am just going to give what I would like to receive and that is understanding that I am doing the best I can with the tools, skills and awareness that I currently have and I give a damn about myself enough to keep searching and trying to improve myself.

The only confirmation that I need is the knowing I have in my heart that I am growing and changing.

Dead pizza

When you think opportunistic, what pops in your head?

People? Businesses? Infection?

Well, for me the first thing I think of is a murder of crows. It seems rather self explanatory, right? But let me paint a quick little picture for you to shed some light on why I am even bringing this up,…

Today as I was leaving Costco with my groceries I was waiting at the light to pull out of the parking lot with 5 or 6 other people. While waiting I noticed a couple cars ahead of me someone had left their recently purchased pizza on the top of their car. You can see where this is going, right?

Yup, as we rounded the corner pulling out onto the street, sssssshhhhhhhhoop! There goes that pizza sliding off the top of their car. I say that pizza because it wasn’t theirs anymore. Nope! By the time the car in front of me had passed it and I had passed it well, that dead pizza,.. it now belonged to the crows.


I looked in my rearview mirror and there was probably about 7 or 8 crows jumping around chowing down on their brand new pizza.

Not a blink of an eye, not a single, hey mister you dropped something, they were at the right place at the right time and they jumped on it.

I have to admit I find myself feeling a little envious of the crows and their lack of concern for the previous owner and his feelings over his lost pizza, but I think that is because I’ve always been a rescuer.

I can take care of that! Here let me help you. I can do it! Yup! I got it! No! No, worries I can take care of this for you. Excuse me did you drop this?

But you know what? I love that about me! I love helping people and I love surprising them with extraordinary kindness.

I just also need to be extraordinarily kind to myself.

My pizza!!!

Pink bubble of elation

Have you ever felt so good that your body felt kinda jittery?

Last week I was driving home from my regular Friday coffee date with Keri and the radio was playing one great song after another. I was dancing all the way home. I got so pumped up and feeling good when I walked in the house to greet my super handsome puppy Waffles I was standing there loving on him, my legs and hands were kinda jittery. Like positive energy was just vibrating out of my body.

It is the most amazing feeling to be so happy that it was just bursting out of me. I feel like nothin’ can touch me. I’m in my own little pink bubble of elation.


And no! I didn’t order a double espresso. I really am that happy.


Zombie Zen Master

It is my intention to live my dream of being an inspirational person. This blog is a huge piece of my dream.

Inspiration is my passion and the connections I create when I am inspired make me feel like I am truly living my life on purpose. As Abraham would say, “I am tuned in, tapped in and turned on” by the idea of living my life on fire with purpose.

I see people walking around like Zombies. They think they are living their lives, but they aren’t. They are going through the motions of living and merely existing. Existing in one miserable moment until the next. Yearning for the time when they can escape their misery.20130818-133527.jpg

I want to shake their little zombie bodies until the heads fall off and then hold their head in my hands, look them square in the eyes and ask them, WHY? Why do you choose misery and suffering when you have a choice? Breathe,….

Then I take a deep breath,…(breathe) and I put down their little imaginary zombie head because I can see they are my zombie zen masters, reminding me to accept.

Acceptance is the key and I am here to make me happy. Oh yeah,… it’s beginning to sink in.

I intend to balance this passion for living inspired with the other very important areas of my life such as my personal relationships, my physical fitness and my spiritual connection.

I intend to live on fire with purpose in harmony, health and abundance.

Positive choices

I intend to easily and continuously attract the people and situations to myself that will facilitate the process of becoming the inspirational speaker I know I am here to be.

Being inspired and inspiring others is my passion. I love the feeling of exhilaration I get when inspiration lights up in people when they decide to make positive choices in their lives.


DMV equals Dreaded Moments Vanquished

Who doesn’t dread going to the DMV?

I start dreading it when some sort of correspondence appears in my mail box. You’d think I’d be oh so happy when the letter came congratulating us that we finished paying of our car, but, NO! That letter of congratulations (YIPPEE) also came with an invitation to a party that people want to attend even less than the party at the dental office (BOOO).

It’s the DMV party!!!!

Come on down to the DMV. Waste your time waiting forever in a little bit of a panicky sweat because you couldn’t understand the form and did the best you could, hoping to hell whatever menial bit of information you left out they can can find in their damned computer. Still waiting and hoping that you brought all the necessary supporting documents. Then your number is finally called and you find out you DO have EVERY thing you need including the $77 its going to cost you to get a piece of paper that reads, Happy and proud owner of your brand new (5years ago) car!!! Except there is one signature missing,…..

FUUUUCK!!! I would be silently screaming in my brain.

But not this time! No sir! Not this time!

My partner and I, we make a pretty powerfully awesome team!!!

Keri took care of ALL the paperwork and me? Well,…I took care of ALL the waiting in line. I did experience some of what I described, but my DMV dreaded moments were completely vanquished.

I sat next to a very friendly lady and we talked about her “new to her” trailer and the permit she needed. The camping she and her husband were planning. We talked about signatures needed on forms and paying off cars. We talked about her sister and nephew, my son, the boys dads. We talked about growing up in other states and moving to the Portland area. We talked and talked and talked, right past them calling her number, but she caught it in time.

And all of that talking and laughing took all my DMV worries completely away. I felt such relief.

As she was leaving, I was being called up. We bid our friendly good-byes and I approached the teller.

I handed over my “homework” as I called it and waited for her to review it. When she reached for her stamp of approval I gave an exuberant, YES! I can honestly say I gladly handed over the $77 and basically skipped out of there. So happy Keri did all the homework. So happy I didn’t get turned away.

Dreaded moments vanquished!!!

This IS what I want

I intend to be concise in my communication style for the highest good of myself and everyone involved.

I am an attentive listener. I am the queen of clarification. I intend for you to understand that you are important enough to me to have my full attention. I want you to be true to you and I want nothing less for myself.

I allow this or something better to flow through me from the connection I have to the ultimate creative source.


Crazy alive

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give the gift of peace?

Maybe if it were as easy as gifting peace to someone, it would mean less to them than if they figured out their own path to their peace. I know doing the things I do to maintain my sense of peace is a hard line boundary for me. Meaning, my rituals that provide my sense of peace and positive attitude will not be sacrificed for anything.

Here’s the perfect example.

Everyday that I drive to work I listen to a playlist of songs that really pump me up. I turn the volume up to. the. max. and I belt out those songs that I love so much like I’m standing on a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. It feels so good to feel so alive.

I’ve got the windows down and the air is flowing. I’ve got people standing at the bus stop lookin’ at me like, What in the world is this woman doing?

Do I care what they think? Heck no! Do I care if YOU think I can’t sing! Hell no!!

I am doing this for me and I will not compromise this awesome feeling because someone “might” think I’m crazy. Who cares? Maybe I am crazy, but I’d rather be crazy alive than anything else.

Crazy alive is the gift of peace I give myself every chance I get.