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I don’t give a shit if, weller, isn’t a word

20140126-105944.jpgAll is well and getting weller, getting weller, getting weller. I can not hide the way I feel inside and inside I feel joy, expanding joy. The joy I feel inside is so huge it shoots out of all my pours like beams of light, causing me to glow. The joy I feel is deep flowing joy, knowing that I am floating down stream. Where I am cashing in on my vibrational escrow every minute of every day.

I appreciate my wonderful relationships, I appreciate my wonderful job and all the opportunities it provides. I appreciate music and the way it provides a joyful feeling within me. I love the way I hear love songs and turn them into songs about Ultimate Creative Source. Reach for the higher feeling thought. Be a vibration match with your vibrational escrow and just allow yourself to float through life with ease. Got my head on straight, got my vibe right. It feels so good to be doing all the things I want to be doing. I gotta enjoy myself regardless. I appreciate life and I am so glad I got it right. I am trusting the knowing.

Trust the knowing means that all we have to do is get in vibrational harmony with our vibrational escrow and it will be delivered. Vibrational escrow is everything you ever wished for and all the things I wish for are good feeling things; rewarding work, abundance, freedom, love, passion, creativity and like minded friends. All of these things are good feeling things, so for these things to continually flow to me I need to be a vibrational match to them. Like energy attracts like energy.

This is the NUMBER ONE reason I hold positive energy. BE the joy you want to see in your life. There is joy everywhere. I am everywhere and I am JOY!!! Floating through life with ease. Floating through life with ease. Floating through life with ease.

All is well and getting weller!!!!!

Space to BE

I am definitely a connections person. I love talking to people and sharing my experiences and hearing what other people believe and think. That’s one of the things I love about Facebook. There are so many friends to make and so many connections. It is amazing.

My wife thinks it’s funny when I talk about my friends on Facebook, especially when it’s in reference to someone I’ve never actually met. She’s not on Facebook at all, well that’s not entirely true, because I have posted pictures of us on my wall, but I can’t even tag her because she has no page. Oh well, anyone that knows me, knows that Keri is my baby, my wife and the love of my life. 🙂

Anyway, I think Facebook is cool because I can have little chats with people I, otherwise, would not even have a chance to meet. I get to see family and friends all over the U.S., watch their kids grow up, make connections with my mom and have funny little chats with friends in and out of town, watch my nieces grow and change and occasionally there are things I see on Facebook that are not my favorite, but I do a pretty good job of ignoring what annoys me. Why focus on something that causes me irritation? Right?

I’m not crazy about political or sports related rants, but I understand people have their opinions and passions. I just choose to ignore those posts and keep my focus on what I enjoy about Facebook. I did have a funny little experience recently when a couple of people posted comments about being sad or letting “tears roll”, because I automatically think, Oh my, why are you sad? why are you crying? and in both of those cases it was related to a football game. I have seen videos on FB of people getting completely out of control over a football game and I am not putting these in the same category, I think sometimes people get a little too wrapped up in sports, but there again you have me judging others based on my standards.


Image taken from Facebook

Some might think I get too wrapped up in talking about nutrition, my wonderful golden retriever or my sweet little wife. I guess we all just have to learn to tolerate each other’s passions and allow every one the space to be exactly who they want to be. Starting NOW!

Starting now! I mean, Starting now.

Is it petty of me?

This last week I got a return call from a patient regarding her dental insurance. I had left her a message, because the card I copied for her insurance had no ID # on it. I thought maybe that particular insurance company didn’t use ID#’s, so I just submitted a claim with out an ID# and it was rejected. Reason? No ID#.

So, I called the patient to see if she would contact me to let me know what her ID# was, so I could process her claim. She called back and asked me if I tried to call the insurance company for the ID# and I said no because the ID# is always required for a third party to get any information about the policy. She said ok, that she would call. When she called me back with the ID# she said, “I asked the insurance company if you could have called and requested the ID# and they said if someone from the dental office had called they would given you ANY information you needed”. I said, “Oh that’s interesting because when I call there’s usually an automated system that requests, very first thing, to enter the subscriber’s ID#.” She reiterated that they told her that was not true.

I thanked her for retrieving her id# for her insurance, so I could submit a claim for her and also thanked her for letting me know that I could call, because that was new information to me. Then like a petty get backer, I called the insurance company and went through the automated system (pretending not to have the ID#) and guess what!!! That is confidential information. They can not give me the ID#. FUCKERS!!!

Why do they have to lie to my patients making me look like a lazy fuck? I did start to dial my patients phone number just to set the record straight and I hung up before I finished dialing, as I concluded calling her to clarify would just seem petty, but there’s no fucking way I wasn’t going to blog about it!!!20140126-111837.jpg

I am usually a very positive person, as you may already know and I, rarely, if ever use the H word, but I HATE insurance companies. They are lying, uncaring, money grubbing FUCKS!!! I truly feel sorry for the people that work for those companies. It takes just about all the inner poise I can muster, not to take it out on the poor soul on the other end of the line.

Any time someone calls me to ask advice about what dental insurance to choose, I always advise to self insure. Save the money you’d spend/waste on a premium, actually save it, and spend your dental dollars anyway you’d like, with out having to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get denied. When people have dental insurance and procedures get denied that don’t make any sense and my patients ask me why, I simply tell them, Your insurance company doesn’t give a shit about your health. You are right it doesn’t make any sense, but it makes dollars. OK, I’m done.

Vitamin S

This is from my journal Feb. 28, 2009.

I woke up this morning and laid in bed with Keri for about an hour talking. It was delightful. I was scratching her off and on, not the whole time and we/I pretended that we were little and that I got to spend the night at her house. I asked her if she had pop tarts at her house and the adult non-pretending Keri emphatically said. “NO! Yuck!”

I clarified that we were pretending we were little and I was spending the night and she said, “Oh, ok.” So I asked, “What’s your favorite flavor of pop tart?” She said, “CHERRY!!!” with the cutest little grin on her face.


“You got any?” She said, “nope” I told her that pretending keeps us young.

We talked about the dreams we had and not remembering falling asleep. We talked about how we woke up in the middle of the night and cuddled and I scratched her for about 45 minutes. We started calling scratching Vitamin S, because she was not feeling well, so I started scratching her to create positive feelings in her to help her feel better.

Like energy is drawn to like energy, so if I scratch her it creates a positive reaction to attract more positive feelings/healing. Thus, Vitamin S.

Where’s my cape???

Clarity never ceases to feel utterly amazing!!! It’s like when you are worried or nervous or anything else that is not ringing true with feelings of happiness, you’re not connected to the Ultimate Creative Source. You’ve jumped out of the stream and it doesn’t feel good. Just as soon as you get your thoughts right or you trust the knowing you are back in the stream, floating down stream.

When you allow it to just BE and trust that doing what feels best to you, all is well. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says because you are being true to yourself. I am allowing myself to be true to myself and I am grateful for the growth. I am grateful for the clarity.

I read in my journal an entry I wrote in August 2008 about an interview with David Lynch in UTNE magazine and I really like the advice section of that interview, so much so that I’m going to share it here. “Stay true to yourself. Let your voice ring out, and don’t let anybody fiddle with it. Never turn down a good idea, but never take a bad idea. And meditate. It’s very important to experience that self, that pure consciousness. It really helped me. I think it would help any film maker (anybody). So, start diving within, enlivening that bliss consciousness, Grow in happiness and intuition. Experience the joy of doing, and you’ll grow in this peaceful way. Everyone will want to sit next to you. And people will give you money” – Lynch

This is great advice!!! I love it!!! Last week when I had a heavy bull shit day, I took some time at lunch to do some purposeful breathing and meditation. I felt so much better afterwards. I sorta’ felt floaty. It was amazing to be feeling that way after allowing myself to get amped up by reacting to others egos.


Image provided by

I don’t have any control others ego, fear, worry, etc., but I do have control of my reaction. It’s easy to be in control of myself. I am allowing myself to remain calm in the middle of a storm. The thing that keeps me anchored is the purposeful breathing. A tornado of emotion could come spinning into my reality and all I have to do is allow it to be whatever it feels it needs to be and I remain calm and deal with the facts. I have the super human ability to dissolve BULL SHIT.

The incredible shrinking parts

There are so many funny stories associated with parenting, but one of my favorite ones comes from when our son was about 11 years old, back when we thought that microwaves might leak radiation. We had told Garrison not to stand so close to the microwave multiple times, because he used to stand right in front of it, basically with his nose pressed against the glass watching his food going around in a circle on the microwave turn table. Plus we didn’t want the nose smudges on the glass.20140118-110401.jpg

Well one day he was in the kitchen warming up some food and standing there with his nose to the glass and Keri looked over at him and said, “You know,…standing that close to the microwave will make your penis smaller” You should have seen how quickly he jumped back from that microwave and said, “Nu-uh!!!”

We busted out laughing, and Garrison joined in not too long after he realized she was teasing. In fact he thought it was so funny, he later played the same joke on his friend Wilson when he came over to spend the night. Easily, one of my favorite funny memories.

Food Industry Regulations

At the grocery store this weekend I saw a woman from the deli walk by and she had a hair net on her head. It made me wonder, If we lived in a nudist colony would the deli workers wear hair nets downstairs,…20140118-195259.jpg

All Keri said was, Too far.

All I can say is, I hope the hell they do or I’m leaving.

Daughter of a Disco Queen

Plain and simple, there are some songs that can totally take me to the HNL “hole nunna lelel” also known as, whole ‘nother level. You might know about the “HNL” if you watched the late night comedy show Mad tv. It was pretty funny, but that is not what this is about. This is about how totally out of this world I can feel just by crankin’ up the volume and dancing my ass off in my car, in my living room or out in public. Most of the time, it’s in my car, because I’m in my car everyday, but when I make a dance night happen I am OFF. THE. HOOK!!!!

I love the freedom and total bliss of being on a dance floor or anywhere when I can shake what my momma gave me. I don’t know why dancing provides this sort of escape for me and I don’t really care. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

I know that my mom was a dancing fool in her younger days, a “real disco queen”. My memory of her from the mid 70’s is one hot momma. I remember this one all white polyester suit she wore that always made me think she was a woman in charge. I couldn’t put words to it back then, but looking back I looked up to her, thought she was very cool and quite beautiful. She had long dark brown hair, almost black, down to her ass, beautiful olive skin and in that white suit she seemed like a woman of power.


Look at my beautiful momma.

The pant legs of that suit flared out over her high heel shoes and the top was kinda high, like around her waist. She wore the white matching jacket over a hot pink fitted low cut tank top. Yes, she was my mom and I thought she looked hot! I’m not sure if she still cuts the rug or not, but we used to play records at our house all the time and dance around the living room. There was always music in my childhood, in the car on the way to school, driving around on Saturdays running errands, in the living room while we were doing our weekend chores.

Perhaps all this song and dance through my childhood fueled this passion for dance through the rest of my life. The song that started all this today is by Bruno Mars, Treasure. I LOVE that song. It just has the right rhythm and pop and the words are so fun. I sit in my car at stop lights and dance my ass off. I’m ready to go dancing!!! It’s so fun! I don’t care if I’m the only one out there, I just let loose and have a blast!!!

To cleanse or not to cleanse,…

The juice cleanse has gone fabulously. I feel amazing and have experienced a level of clarity and connectedness that is difficult to describe, but amazing to feel. I have to be honest though, we have not ONLY been juicing. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking we have been surviving on fresh fruit and vegetable juices for the last two weeks, although, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. It certainly CAN be and many many people have done it. Joe Cross of the documentary film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, did a 60 day juice cleanse and inspired many people around the world to do their own juice cleanses, all varied amounts of time and various results.

We decided we wanted to incorporate smoothies and we also began eating a combination of raw and cooked vegan foods. It has been a delicious wonderful experience. I have to be honest though, (it seems like I say that alot) it’s not a barrel full of awesome sauce. There is the downside of the feelings associated with detoxifying your body. It is rarely mentioned in all the books and movies about juicing/cleansing, or I just somehow overlooked the mention of the downside because I was so excited about the upside.

Keri felt a little sick accompanied with a pretty nasty headache for almost a whole day about 3 days into the cleanse and we attribute that to the toxins leaving her body. When you do a cleanse it allows your body to release old bacteria, viruses and toxins in your system that need to be flushed out in order to be healthy. Cleansing allows these toxins to be being released into the blood faster than the body can handle comfortably, causing feelings of being sick and a headache in some people.

I didn’t really ever have a sick feeling, but I did have a pretty big emotional reaction. On about the 7th day of our clean eating deal, I had an emotional breaking point that resulted in a crying session that lasted about 3 hours. All that crying did end up giving me a pretty bad headache.


protein called neuropeptide

The science of the body processing food and emotions is pretty amazing. Emotions create chemical reactions in your body and when you don’t deal with those emotions those chemicals settle into the body and are stored there until you deal with those emotions or a symptom occurs. I believe in my case when I began cleansing my body with the juice it stirred up those unprocessed emotions and they came flooding out in my tears.

The nutrients of the juice are so easy for your body to process that it goes into your blood stream in about 10-15 minutes, opposed to the nutrients of solid cooked food which takes about 2-2.5 hours. Plus, your body has to work harder to get what it needs out of that solid cooked food and after all that hard work your body finds less nutrition is available because the heat of cooking food depletes the natural occurring vitamins.

So, with these feelings of being sick, headaches and long crying sessions would I recommend doing a cleanse to others? Absolutely!!! The benefits far out weigh the short period of downside effects. The lightness I feel in my body, the clarity of my brain, the energy I am feeling and the happiness I feel knowing that I am actively doing something for the health of my body is all very amazing and well worth the short period of side affects. It beats the hell out of the side effects associated with medications that doctors are prescribing.

Let’s see a little sick with a headache or a session of crying verses anal leakage, lymphoma, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. Hmmm, let me think,… Cleanse!!! Every single time.

Equal Rights for ALL

Ok, so a couple months ago I decided I wanted to start incorporating the holidays and days of remembrance into my blog. It occurred to me on Veterans Day. I remember this because I kept having this feeling like I missed an opportunity to honor the service men and women by not writing about it. However, I did just get married the Friday before Veterans day. That was a pretty huge deal in my life and a pretty strong point of focus. I was so happy to be getting married and so excited about telling the world that I didn’t even think about the Monday after my wedding day being Veterans Day.

The truth of it IS, is that the very first time I posted a blog about having a wife WAS on Veterans Day, so I did miss that opportunity to honor service men and women on that particular Veterans Day, but by being aware and acknowledging that I missed an opportunity is the perfect example of acceptance, progress, growth and love.

I accept responsibility for myself and the opportunity that I missed and I choose to turn it around. A mistake can turn into a lesson when you love yourself enough to accept yourself as a flawed person. The moment you feel self acceptance your shoulders drop and you begin to breath. As you feel the relief, like the second you let go, you create space in your mind and that space provides a place for positivity to flow in. It feels so amazing to pause,…let go,…and allow the positivity to flow in like an eternally flowing river.

So, in honor of all service men and women of all times, I am grateful for the freedoms I have to #1 have a wife and #2 have the freedom to express my utter joy about it with the world. I appreciate your service and protection.

20140118-183658.jpgAnd in honor of Martin Luther King I am writing about my appreciation for the people of the states that have stepped forward and said, NO!!! to discrimination against their gay brothers and sisters.