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Do You Have a Happy Dance?

I don’t know if you have experienced a level of happiness that generates an uncontrollable break out in a happy dance or not, but I have. In fact, it happens to me quite frequently. It doesn’t really take much to elicit one of these expressive dances of elation, but damn it sure does feel good.

It could be something as small as one of my favorite songs coming on the radio or making an impressive two point shot at the trash can. I’ve even broken out in a happy dance when I see someone I like at work. I have to be clear here, when I say, “I break out in a happy dance”, it could mean any number of things. I could be greeting you with a high kick or two. I could be running around the room as if I were having the puppy zooms. Sometimes my happy dance manifests as what appears to be a bit of aerobics.

Some people think I’m a little weird because I get excited over a little bit of ribbon or because I see someone I know in an unexpected place. I’ll admit that I am easily excitable and honestly, I kinda’ love that about me. I love it when I see one of my family member’s initials on a random license plate. I love the contrast of fall leaves against the blue sky and the contrast of lush green moss against the dark rich soil. A cloud shaped like a hippopotamus jumping through the air. A bird walking on my back deck to the rhythm of the song playing in my headphones.

It’s all the teeny tiny things in life that likely would go unnoticed by most, but just thrill me to pieces when they occur in my daily life. It truly is the little things that make life so wonderfully joyous. I am so grateful to know what I know.


Welcome Home Baby Boy

I can not believe how big our new puppy is already. I love having a puppy in the house again. He’s so adorable and I will never tire of watching him sleep.

We’ve already started his potty training. We set a timer for 30 minutes and take him out every time the timer dings, unless he’s alseep, which he is right this very second and that is why I am able to write this.


My Heart is Full

This is a vey special day. The day that I am writing this very blog is Christmas day. I know some of you already know, but for those of you that don’t know, I am spending this Christmas on the Pacific Coast in Yachats, Oregon with my wife, my mother and son.

There really are no words for how full my heart feels this Christmas. The greatest gift of all is the love I feel all around me. I am so grateful to be aware of this love all through the year.


Merry Christmas!!!

From everyone behind the scenes here at Apozitude, we are wishing you and your loved ones, near and far, a blessed and lovely Holiday Season. As Clay Aiken would sing in his song, Don’t Save it all for Christmas, “A hug is warmer when you’re in it” and that my friends is the philosophy of Apozitude. 20141225-071951-26391941.jpg


I was just about to start this blog with an apology and then I decided, “No way”. I’m not about to apologize for the excitement I have in my life right now for the little being that is about to bless this house with unconditional unstoppable puppy love energy.

I know I posted quite a few pictures and a video of our new addition on Facebook over the weekend, but we are so excited to have little Marbles in our lives. The litter reached their 8wk mark this past week and most of his litter mates went home, but before we knew we were getting a new little guy in our lives we made plans to go to the beach for Christmas.

We decided it would be much better for Marbles to stay with Golden Grams, our breeder (Judy), while we went to the beach. We want his first place away from his birth home to be his forever home for the ease of transition on him.

He won’t be alone. Don’t you worry one little bit about him. He will have his puppy Momma, Chatter, there with him along with a sister and a brother. Plus there are plenty of animals at Golden Grams house.

We went to see him this weekend, even though we knew we would be leaving him there with Grams. We sat in the barn with all the families that were there to take their babies home and visited and played with puppies for about three hours. It was so much fun and we are so freakin’ excited. We literally keep eking out little squeals of delight. Sunday morning when we were pretending he was already here, Keri said, “We’re going to have to calm down when he’s actually here. We need to be the calm leaders of the pack that he will need to feel secure”. She’s so cute and so ready. She placed his crate in it’s place in the bedroom, so we can acclimate to it’s presence so we don’t bump into it and startle the little guy in his sleep.

OMG!!! I just remembered that we were watching, “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown” on Saturday evening. That was the day we went to see Marbles, and like we had never seen it before this scene comes on,… and I don’t know how familiar most of you are with Snoopy and his cast of characters, but Keri has been a huge fan since she was tiny. She had a Snoopy bathing suit when she was little and carried a Snoopy around with her everywhere. She had, what she thought was all of Snoopy’s siblings too and used to build houses for them out of record covers. So, we always watch all the Carlie Brown specials.

This time though we saw something we had never seen before. Rerun, Linus and Lucy’s younger brother really wanted a dog for Christmas. He went to Charlie Brown’s house and asked if he could borrow Snoopy. Snoopy wasn’t having it, but the subject of Snoopy’s siblings came up as an option and the very first one mentioned was Marbles.

Wha- wha- WHAT????? Yes, that’s right. Keri’s lifelong love of Snoopy and all the years she has watched Snoopy cartoons she never remembered him having a sibling named Marbles, but there he was clear as day. We quickly jumped on the interwebs and Googled, Snoopy’s brother Marbles.

Lo and behold, there he was. So, not only is our Little Marbles a nephew of Waffles, but his namesake, is also a brother to Snoopy. This could not be any more perfect!!!


The First Day of the Rest of My Life

This, my friends, is in fact one of the happiest days of my life. After I wake up next to the love of my life, I’ll spend the day at the best job in the whole wide world, working with the best friends a girl could ever ask for, and after an amazing day at work and a lovely evening at home at an hour of the night when I would usually have been asleep for at least an hour, my happy self will bebop down to the Portland International Airport to pick up my mom and son for a Christmas visit from Oklahoma.

It’s probably been about a year and a half since I’ve seen either of them. I am truly one of the luckiest people in the world simply because I have so many loves in my life. I have my wife. My mom and my son. I have the most amazing a new puppy coming home soon. I have the best friends in the whole world. I have Goodnesses in my life. I am surrounded by love and tomorrow I get to see the person that birthed me and the person I birthed.

I am so lucky to have such amazing love for and from these two people in my life. I know a great many people that have very challenging relationships with their parents and/or their children. I am lucky and I know it.

I am not trying to brag or be boastful, I am simply appreciating the gifts I have been given.


Odd Duck? Who Me?

“Angel, you’re an odd duck” someone said to me this last week. Let’s see what else,… “You never know what she’s going to do next”, “Oh my gosh!!! I can not believe you just did that” and many more.

All through my life I’ve done the unexpected, pushed the limits and stepped outside the comfort zone of most. Some might say I do it for the attention, some might say I’m immature, some, I know, really want to join me, but for some reason feel hesitation. Perhaps they fear looking crazy. I don’t really know.

What I do know is that when I do things that elicit this type of response, it’s usually because I am following my bliss. When I am in the middle of following my bliss, my level of concern about what other people think about me or what I am doing is just about ZERO!

The reason I was perceived as an odd duck this past week is because I was all excited about this new device Keri and I got for ourselves called a vivo fit, perhaps more commonly known as, a fit bit.

What does it do? It tracks the number of steps you take throughout the day. It alerts you with a little red bar creeping across the face of the watch type device when you have been sedentary for too long, creating awareness and encouraging you to get up and move. Just as I had hoped when my little red bar started crawling across my device, I’d get up and move. A goal is set based on a profile you fill out and as you reach the daily goal it adjusts and creates a more challenging goal for the next day.

So, while walking in place at work and cheerfully responding to requests to fetch this or that someone stated with a chuckle, “Angel, you’re an odd duck”. Yes, this is true of this persons perception of me, but to me, I am just my happy self doing what I do to maintain my good feeling life. I’m too happy to be concerned with what anybody else thinks about me.

Go Hunt for Nuts!!!

When I grow up I wanna be a motivational speaker and that has been my dream for a very long time. Do I really wanna grow up??? No, not really, but I believe that I can attain my dream without having to grow up.

For as long as I can remember I have stood on anything I can find that would elevate me just a bit. I’d jump up on top of that elevated surface and speak from my heart to an imaginary crowd, all fired up and ready to motivate.

Since those days, I have come around to some clarifying experiences that have helped me to realize that I could never be a motivational speaker. Don’t get too exasperated. Do you want to know why I have come to that conclusion? Well, I’ll tell you.

I can not be a motivational speaker because motivation comes from within yourself. I couldn’t motivate a squirrel to hunt for nuts if I tried, and I have. I, honestly, laid out some nuts on my back deck, waited and watched to see if I could convince the squirrel to come get the nuts. No go. Many other circumstances have clarified the fact that I, simply, CAN NOT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH FOR YOU or anyone else.

You know what I can do? I can inspire you. I can be energetic and I can be on fire. I can feel love coursing through me and I can live my life as an example, it makes me feel good anyway. So, I am doing it for myself, but if you want to be inspired? I certainly can inspire, but the motivation piece of this deal, is all on you buddy.

So, my clarifying experiences have created a more specific dream. When I grow up I want to be an inspirational speaker. And do you know what else? I already am. I am all grown up and I am inspiring people all over the place, just by being me and living my passion for life. Loving. Laughing. Hugging and having fabulous days, because that, my friends, is what life is all about.

We came here for the fun. We came here to enjoy. We came here to grow and expand. So, let’s do it!!! Anyone can be a member of Team Apozitude. It’s all inclusive. So, find something that makes you smile and march to the beat of your own drum.