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This May Sound Familiar

We all have challenges in our lives and the truth that lies within this statement can be difficult to swallow, but here it is, we are the creators of our own reality. I know it may be hard to see at times or hard to accept, but really it’s only when we fully accept responsibility for ourselves that we are able to reach the freedom we all desire.

The most important thing to remember is the only thing you have control over is you and your focus. As soon as you make a decision to place your focus on something that creates good feelings in you, you will feel better. It really is that simple. I know it can be challenging, but I know you’re a powerful creator and I know you know how to focus on what makes you feel better. When you feel yourself begin to feel better because of intentional focus, you begin to realize that everything always works out. You’re responsible for your happiness. You have a choice and within that choice lies all the power you’ll ever need.


Ponder that for a moment…

Do you want to feel better or do you want to wallow?

Perspective on Priorities

Keri and I went to our friend Wendy’s, 40th birthday party this past Friday night and were chatting with the guests. We always really enjoy this group of people because we have so much  fun visiting with them. There was one point during the evening when I was chatting with Ryan, Wendy’s boyfriend, and I can’t really remember exactly how we got to talking about how time flies, probably related to aging since we were at a birthday celebration.

Anyway, as we were talking about how fast the days go by we were reflecting on how it seems like just yesterday our boys were born and now mine is 25 and his is almost 12. Ryan said  something that I’ve always agreed with and have tried throughout Garrison’s life to live by and I thought it was worthy of sharing here. Ryan said whenever he finds out someone is getting ready to have a kid he said I always give the same advice, “No matter how shitty your day has been and regardless of what crap is going on in your life you have to set all of that aside and spend time with your kid(s).”

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.27.01 PMI love the way he made it so simple and so direct, because he’s absolutely right. The days of our children’s youth are numbered and when they’re older their priorities naturally change. I always framed it like this in my mind, Garrison is only going to be this exact age this one day in his life, if he wants to play board games, I’m going to make time for board games. I understand there are going to be times when it just isn’t possible, but what I’m talking about here is a sense of balance.

Good Answer

Why are we here? I’ve heard many speculations regarding this question, and some very entertaining ideas at that, Lol. But as I ride with my wife out to our puppy’s first paws aquatics experience for his swim assessment, I watch the big white fluffy clouds in the beautiful blue sky and listen to Keri’s playlist. I hear Life is Better with You by Michael Franti and it makes me happy because that’s the song we picked to play as we exited our wedding ceremony. I also hear Battle without Honor by Tomoyasu Hotei  and that makes me happy too because that’s the song we picked for our wedding to let people know the ceremony was about to start. I love that song. We actually walked into the ceremony to a instrumental version of At Last usually sung by Etta James.

I love having these songs on a playlist that we listen to on any random day because the day we got married was one of the best days of my life. The ceremony was perfect, actually everything was perfect. I felt like I was on a dreamy cloud and any time I’m reminded of how wonderful I felt on that day it makes me smile. Sometimes I even get a little teary.

So what does any of this have to do with my original question? Well, I’ll tell you it has everything to do with my original question, because I believe the answer to why are we here lies within those feelings. We are here to be happy. We’re here to feel love and we’re here for the joy we’re able to find in our lives. Another song on that playlist is Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, which wasn’t actually in our wedding, but it sure does fit.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and that makes it the perfect for me to extend this  invitation to you. Today I invite you to make note of the simple things that provide joy in your day. It may be the way the sunlight hits the trees, or the contrast of colors between the trees and the sky, it could be a baby’s smile, it could be the sweet loving eyes of your spouse, the smell of your fresh morning coffee or your best friend laughing. Whatever it is that makes your heart and your face smile, make note of it and remember it often. Joyously yours, Angel

Sneaking Puppy Loves

IMG_9900This past Friday I spent some quality, one on one, time with Marbles, our 15 month old golden retriever. We had such a wonderful afternoon together, actually, he was with me all day, but the part I loved the most was our afternoon walk. We headed out on our walk at about 11:15 and the day was a little chilly and over cast, but it turned out to be a beautiful sunshiny day.

We walked through a section of Fanno Creek Park near the Garden Home Rec. Center. This whole section of the trail is fenced and runs through a wooded area, so there are no cars. It was fun to watch Marbles run after sticks and he did so well following commands. He would start to head off the trail into the bushes and as soon as I said, “Marbles, COME” he stopped on a dime and turned back and headed right towards me. He’s such an awesome boy. He’s goofy, playful and seeming to be “all boy”, but also very obedient. He loves to run through mud puddles, roll around in the dirt, wrestle with other dogs and swim. He’s just so joyful to watch.

I had him off leash from time to time when there weren’t any other people or dogs on the trail and once we got to the Rec. center where there’s an open grass area, I let him chase after the stick several times. When I saw someone headed our direction, I leashed him up. I knew he would stay right beside me or come to me as soon as I called him, but other people don’t know how awesome he is and when I leash him up, I’m guessing it relieves any concerns someone else may have about what he might do. It feels like the right thing to do.


I love this boy with all my heart.

Once we were back on the trail after the stick chasing in the grassy area, a woman walking towards us asked if she could pet him. I said, “Of course” as I was placing my foot on his leash, so he wouldn’t jump on her. She began loving on him and he leaned into her as if to say, “Oh I love this. Thank you for loving on me.” She was talking about how much she was enjoying watching him play “chase the stick” and with such joy, bounding across the grass. She wanted to bottle his joyful energy and take a little bit with her. She thanked me for letting her love on him and explained that she’d love to have a dog, but her cats won’t have it, so she sneaks puppy loves when she’s out on walks. It was a short exchange, but it still brings a big’ol smile to my face to remember it and I hope reading about it makes you smile too.

Walking into Clear Space

There seems to be this recurring theme throughout my blogs associated with focusing on the positive, you may have noticed. LOL. This reoccurrence is probably why, Apozitude is the perfect title. I didn’t even realize in the beginning just how perfect the title was going to be, but there it is for all to see.

Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned before the Law of Attraction and how it’s a universal law similar to the Law of Gravity. Both are undeniable. Gravity keeps everyone and everything from flying out into space (very simplistic I know) and The Law of Attraction is defined as like attracts like. This is exactly why I’m so focused on positivity.

It was explained recently in a Abraham-Hicks recording I heard that made more sense to me than ever before and I thought it was worthy of sharing. So, here goes my interpretation of what  I heard. When you are observing a situation that you find undesirable and you’re emotionally attached to it you tend to talk it over with family or friends to try and justify your position or figure out why it happened. In a sense you are “broadcasting” as Abraham says to the Universe that you would like more of this that you are observing and sharing about. Like attracts like.

Abraham says it so well I’m going to use their words to describe it, “Your observation of the undesirable circumstance is like practicing for the next undesirable experience. You might want to stop practicing for the next thing that you don’t want. It is as if with everything that you are saying or every thought that you are thinking you spewing a red mist before you. The red mist is not very pleasant, it’s uncomfortable because it’s fogging your view. It’s keeping you from being able to see clearly, experiencing clarity. It doesn’t even smell very good. In other words, it’s not a pleasant experience, but as you keep spewing it, you keep walking into it and you keep noticing that it’s there and you keep spewing it and keep walking into it, and it keeps being there, but any time that you would stop spewing it, it would stop being there and in time you’d walk into clear space. So, anytime you stop the negative broadcasting of unwanted things after awhile you will walk into the clear space. But the thing you HAVE to do is you have to accept complete responsibility for your spewing. In time you’d run out of those undesirable experience if it were not for you keeping them going by your observation of them, by your remembering of them and by your pushing against them.”

WOW!!!! That is so amazingly clear. I’ll share the whole Abraham-Hicks recording here so you can enjoy it. I love knowing what I know and I love learning how to live a better life. 


“The Usual”

This past weekend Keri and I went out for breakfast. This used to be a fairly regular occurrence, I might even venture to guess for a little while we’d go to breakfast every weekend. We had our usual spot here in our rainy city of Portland, Oregon. A little place we’ve gone for years and if you’re local you might want to give it a try. Check out the menu at The Cricket Cafe on Belmont. Yummy food.

Well, its probably no surprise, but we ended up there again. Geez, we’re so predictable. We usually split a breakfast because the portions are so huge, one meal really is more food than both of us can eat. This weekend as we sat there reviewing the menu, like we didn’t already know everything on it and went over the options, trying to decide what we were going to split, I wondered if we’d end up with “the usual” again.

The funny thing about this is Keri said, “Do you wanna go with the usual?” I smiled and agreed. When our server came over Keri began to order, “We’re going to split the breakfast sandwiches”

What’s even funnier was my reply when she started ordering, “Whoa! Wait a minute! That’s not our usual”. Keri laughed and asked, “What do you think our usual is?” I said, “Don’t we usually get the Cricket omelet?”

“Oh no, we haven’t gotten the omelet since we got the recipe for the gravy” she says. Oh my gosh that gravy is AH-mazing!!! and oh yeah, that ‘s right. Let’s get the breakfast sandwiches.

The reason I’m sharing this funny little story today is because it just goes to show that communication can be a very delicate thing. Keri and I have been together 20 years and eating breakfast at that same place for probably 10 or 12 years and we each had our own idea of what our “usual” was. If Keri were a co-author of this blog she’d probably chime in right about now and add something snarky like, ” and then Angel realized I was right.” and she’d be right. LOL.

It just so happens in this particular situation she was right, but something we’ve learned in all of our years of working things out and managing our relationship is there comes a time in life were you realize you have a couple of choices. So you find yourself asking yourself this question, Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

It’s all a matter of perspective. How are you looking at it? IMG_2048.JPG

When Did you Last,….

Hi. It’s me again. LOL. You know I’ve been typing out this blog for the last 2 and a half years and I still love it!!! I’ve tried some other things and nothing seems to give me the same amount of satisfaction. I love the writing, the introspection, the sharing, the connecting, the personal growth and the drawing. Oh how I love the drawing. Sometimes when I’m sitting with my iPad drawing for this blog I find myself giggling with delight at what I’m creating.

Answer me this, who wouldn’t want to keep doing something that creates the scenario I just described? Giggling with delight….

What makes you giggle with delight? If you’re not sure, I highly recommend spending some time with yourself to figure that out. Life is too short meander about not knowing what makes you giggle with delight. Figure that piece out and then do that thing everyday. Loving life is what we came here to do.

This one was a lot of fun.

This one was a lot of fun.

Knowing and Living

I’ve been giving some thought to this idea that attitude is everything. It’s a saying that’s been around for a long time. I wondered just how long its been around, so I did what anyone in this day and age would do. I googled it.

According to the internet, the saying itself has no origin. No origin? Really? OK, I can accept that, because what that really means is no known origin. Throughout history there are a multitude of references to the importance of attitude. We all KNOW that attitude is everything, so why is it then that we allow ourselves to slip into bouts or fits of complaints?

The reason I’m asking this is  because I’ve recently become aware of the fact that I’ve been allowing myself the displeasure of speaking about things that I find undesirable. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long at all, you know that I write frequently about how we all have a choice. The choices are endless, but what it boils down to this, in every situation and every circumstance we have a choice to focus on the positive or focus on the negative. Personally, I like to think I choose happiness and positivity, but the truth is sometimes I don’t. I get my feelings hurt sometimes and I get upset sometimes about how things turn out, but the other thing I’ve noticed is that more and more my hurt or upset lasts way shorter than it did in the past.

It’s true, I recover much quicker now from being upset. How do I do this? Well, I’m glad you asked because the whole reason I write this blog is because my intention with this blog is to expand  awareness for the betterment of anyone who may stumble upon it. So, the way I’m able to recover from hurt and upset quicker now than in the past is because I not only know that attitude is everything, I also live attitude is everything. When something happens that I find upsetting or frustrating I choose to let it go and not dwell on the details.

A small example of this is actually written within this particular blog. Remember earlier when I wrote that this saying had no origin? At first, I was a little frustrated that no matter how I phrased the question in my google search, I kept coming up with “no origin” and then when I typed it out in this blog, the frustration peeked as I typed the word “Really?” because I was thinking, “something doesn’t just come from nothing”, right? The saying MUST have originated from somewhere or it wouldn’t exist. All of this flashed through my mind so fast that by the time I finished typing the question mark I had already concluded that it was just fine. I began typing my acceptance sentence and by the time I reached the end of that sentence I realized, “no origin” really only means no known origin. My attitude of acceptance helped me let it go. I know this is a small example, but it did happen while I was writing this blog, so I thought it was the perfect thing to share.

How will you live your knowing that attitude is everything today?

If Not NOW, When?

The years they just seem to fly by,… There’s absolutely no better time than this present moment to turn your attention towards health and happiness. I’m talking physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Modify your thoughts. Speak kindly to yourself. Love yourself enough to take the time to care for your well being. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna wake up some day saying, “I wish I had,…”

Free yourself of worries and burdensome thoughts. Love hard, laugh hard, play hard and live easy.

The Other Side

I don’t know exactly how I came to be the person I am, but what I do know is that I like me. The reason I say that today is because I was driving home yesterday and I heard one lyric, maybe even only part of one lyric, but the feeling I got from those 5 words really stuck with me. It stuck with me all evening long and into the morning.

I know you wanna know what the song was, but I’m going to wait just a little bit longer to tell you.


Because it’s my blog and I have my reasons. LOL

The feeling these 5 words gave me was a feeling of triumph. A feeling of relief and clarity. When I heard those 5 words I realized, regardless of what I’m going through, regardless of what challenge I’m facing, or what problem I’m dealing with, there will always be a solution every single time.

How do I know that? I know that because there always has been. I always make it through tough times. I’m always provided with a solution and I’m so grateful to know what I know. I’m so grateful to feel this feeling of freedom. I’m happy and blessed.


Hello from the other side.

What was that song that brought such clarity and a sense of freedom delivered in just 5 words? I could tell you, but you might think I’m crazy. Oh who cares what anyone else thinks. The 5 words were, “Hello from the other side”. You may know this song by Adele. I never really listened to all the words, all I ever heard was, “Hello from the other side” which to me means welcome to the solution side of your problems. I started to look up the lyrics of the song to see what it was all about and Keri told me it was a very sad song, so I decided not to look further. Why would I want to monkey with my good feeling song? If knowing more would make me sad, I’ll gladly opt for blissfully ignorant.