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Today is the last day of March

As this very moment that I am typing this very sentence it is 8:15 on March 30th 2016 and I just checked my number of views of this blog. My goal was to reach 20,000 views by tomorrow. I believe with every fiber of my being in the amazing powers of all that is good and right now I have 19,539 views.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and that means I believe like energy is drawn to like energy. The way that I’ve been feeling lately, so “in the groove”, right on the mark and totally aligned. I have every reason to believe that this blog will reach 20,000 views by midnight tomorrow!!!

To all of my subscribers, you could be a huge part of getting me to my goal, by taking a moment to find your favorite blog and sharing it with your friends!!! You could send it in an e-mail or you could share it to your Facebook wall. You could simply tell someone about Apozitude and how it has made you smile from time to time. We could infuse our world with Apozitude.

Wouldn’t it be cool to reach this goal in the next 12 or so hours??? It would be so cool, but you know what??? ¬†I would be totally happy just to have touched your lives in a positive way. Even if I don’t reach that goal by the end of tomorrow, I WILL reach that goal eventually and I’m so happy and excited to be part of making each one of you feel a little bit of hope or positivity in your day. In that I am a complete success.

Thank you in advance for your readership and for all that you have done to make my life the wonderful blessing that it is. IMG_3301

What an Awesome day!!!!

Everything just fell right into perfect place for me today. I made a bunch of progress at work today and made some pretty awesome connections with people. I love sharing love and growing. I love checking in on people who are right in the perfect spot to be guided towards a happy thought. I love it when I reach out to someone and they respond with something like, You couldn’t have picked a better day to check in on me or this is exactly what I needed today, thank you for thinking of me.


I was singing my heart out. The song was Let’s Wait Awhile by Janet Jackson. ūüôā

It was THAT kinda of day and when ever I have a day like that it almost always seems like when I’m driving home I’m listening to the most perfect music and I always wanna stay in my car until that perfect song is over. That happened today and I thought of you guys and I thought it might be fun to share that moment with you this evening. So I took a picture of myself. I hope you enjoy it. LOL

Where’s the Good Stuff?

When you are living your life with passion and that passion involves helping other people, sometimes you find yourself in a place of realizing you get so much stuff way before you get anything else.

What I mean by that is this, the satisfaction you get from helping someone is like a heart payment because the gratitude expressed from the person you’re helping really fills your heart. Actually, it over flows your heart with love and that’s the stuff you get before you get anything else.

The over flowing of love I receive from helping others makes me feel so alive and right on the leading edge of life. That’s where the good stuff comes from and when you’re in that leading edge place in life, everything is always working out exactly as it is intended.

Lead with your heart and follow those good feelings to a full and satisfying life.


The good stuff is right here and now.


Thank you So Much

Marbles Bear has received so much love, positive energies and prayers. He has been resting very well since his procedure this last Thursday. We expect him to up to his usual antics very soon.

We appreciate you all so much for the love you have had for him through his whole life, but especially during this healing time. IMG_0838


Please SEND positive energy TODAY

IMG_0757This is Marbles Bear. He’s out sweet little golden boy. Today is the day he has his procedure. It makes me a little sad, but I’m assured everything will be ok.

I love my boy and he will be in a little bit of discomfort, so please send him positive energy over the next several days.

We thank you in advance for your kind and loving thoughts and for sharing this with others to create a bigger energy of love and healing for our King Bear.

My Vow Today

There is nothing more true than the fact that we’re all different, except for the fact that we’re all more alike than most of us would think.

The biggest part of us as humans is our non-physical energy. Our non-physical energy comes from something much bigger than our physical beings and that non-physical part of us is what allows us to come together and understand each other.

When we allow a bigger version of ourselves to come into focus, it’s easy for us to see that we are all here for the same reasons, to feel joy, to feel love, to be heard and understood.

Today I vow to listen from the bigger part of myself and allow you the space to be you, to be IMG_3301happy, to feel love and to be heard and understood.


Where am I?

IMG_0792The picture you see here is a screen shot I took over the weekend when I was out and about and had no connection to wi-fi. I snapped a screen shot because as I waited for a moment of connection I experienced a FLASH of clarity.

I was looking some information to help me make some decisions and as I was waiting for the wi-fi connection to assist me with this information, an idea flashed across my awareness.

The idea was this, generally speaking, you don’t actually need to know the details of HOW to get to where you’re going. I know this idea seems to sound a bit beyond reason, but the truth is, ¬†you only really need to KNOW¬†where you are in this moment and every future event that occurs comes from this single moment of your NOW. Your NOW. Your NOW.

This is exactly WHY it’s so important to me how I feel, because I believe my future is created from my current moment. Therefore, with every fiber of my being I focus my attention on fun, freedom, health and abundance.

Peace be with you

There are no words to describe the amazing feeling of connection I’ve been feeling lately. Words are just words. I think I usually do a pretty good job of selecting a good group of words to string together to describe how¬†I feel, but,…. can anyone really know or understand the feeling of clarity in another person?

I guess there really is no certain way to know if anyone else can FEEL the peace of MY knowing. It seems reasonable that we can only FEEL the peace of our own knowing and clarity. Right?

Otherwise, we’d be living a totally different reality. Right? Oh well,… I’m grateful for the clarity I know and my hope of hopes is that by living and sharing my own truth and clarity that it will assist others in finding their own truth and clarity.

It Never was a Dress

I can’t take credit for this idea, but as a friend once explained to me, I CAN take credit for sharing it with you. Not that I need any credit, LOL.

Another friend shared with me this week some difficult things she’s been dealing with lately and we had some conversation about her challenges and how she can shift her focus from something¬†undesirable to something else that makes her feel better.

She told me, “I keep getting reminders all the time. When I talk about it, I learn about other women who has had experienced similar things. This kind of stuff happens all the time.”

I wanted to say, “Well then, quit talking about it”, in a very loving and kidding way. Instead I said, “But there are other really amazing things happening too.” I reminded her of the love she has for her fur-baby. I reminded her of the amazing people she has met including me LOL and all the wonderful things she has seen and experienced. In the hour that we shared. There were tears and laughter and some real shifts in awareness I think.

FullSizeRenderDuring our little power hour, my friend told me about this thing she saw on Facebook about the symbol for a woman on the bathroom sign. In an effort to create a strong positive image for women someone shared this idea, “you know how the woman always looks like she’s wearing a dress? Well,… It was never a dress, all this time it has been a cape.”

I LOVED IT!!! I stood up right then and did a super woman pose. I also did a ninja pose and a plug me in pose and then I walked over to the bathroom door and snapped a picture of the sign because I knew this was a message worthy of sharing. I knew I’d bring that picture home and modify it as you see pictured in this blog.IMG_1875.JPG

That bathroom sign will NEVER be the same again. Now that sign is a constant reminder of the fact that I am a super woman and so are you! Unless you’re a man and then you are super too.

News Flash!!!

I am a gay woman!!!

For the last 20 years of my life, I have grown with, shared my life with and loved one woman. She is the love of my life. Her name is Keri and she is who I call my double dose of adorable wife. She lights up my life every single morning she walks down the stairs of our home and into the kitchen where I am usually making coffee, sometimes our lunches, but always my morning shake and when she gets to the kitchen, without fail, a smile pops up on my face. I always tell her how cute she is and it happens every morning. I’m so happy to be so happy and still feel theses kind of feelings after being together 20 years. I feel so lucky.

IMG_9809When there were so many options of who you could spend the rest of your life with, I just have to say, Thank you Keri for choosing me.