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The #1 Way to Build Self Confidence

“Tend fires that fuel true happiness.” -Angel Zamudio, author of

In addition to being the author of this blog, I’m also a health and fitness coach with an amazing company named BeachBody. The reason I bring my health and fitness coaching into the picture here is because I have to give credit to this amazing company that has done so much to change so many lives. Right within their mission statement BeachBody claims, “It’s our mission to help you become the person you want to be.” The founders of BeachBody believe in progress not perfection and promise to help you overcome doubts, challenge excuses, and show you that, with a positive attitude, unbelievable change is possible.

I absolutely love this company because their core values align so perfectly with my own. Everything about how they operate fits perfectly with my philosophies in life. I believe with my whole heart that the purpose of Apozitude is to help you become the person you want to be by raising awareness of how you can make change in your life, right here, right now!! I totally support the concept of progress not perfection. Combining my efforts through Apozitude with the efforts of BeachBody I have every reason to believe I AM making a difference in the world.

One of the best ways of making positive change in your life is to build your self confidence. The number one way to do this is by stepping outside our comfort zone and doing something you’ve never done before. Taking a step outside of your comfort zone improves your feelings about yourself because that’s what conquering a “scary” thing does for your morale. It boosts you up. Who wouldn’t feel better after overcoming a fear or doubt. Right? It makes you feel INVINCIBLE!!

IMG_1278The Team I belong to in the BeachBody community is Team Brave and I believe my team is perfectly named because we are all encouraging each other to tap into our bravery to do things we’ve never done before to create better versions of ourselves so that we can help make this world a better place one person at a time starting with ourselves.

Please Remember

I don’t know if you all are aware of this or not, but we are living in a time of increase awareness. We are living in a time when more people are more open to new ideas. People are breaking molds and reaching for more.

IMG_1461It makes me wonder when signage will catch up. I saw this sign in a grocery store parking lot the other day. It seems to me that with all the marketing dollars that go into signage that a little more research would go into the message actually reaching it’s intended audience. Don’t these design people know that the subconscious mind doesn’t comprehend the negative? What that means is that when someone reads this sign the message they take away is, “Forget your Bags”.

In the same weekend we got this “reminder?”. When will people begin reminding people with a Please Remember? IMG_1477

Almost there

IMG_3415Hello readers of Apozitude. It’s been a little while and I’ve missed writing so much. My thumb isn’t completely healed yet, but I can have both hands on the keyboard without my thumb beginning to throb.

Today as I write, it’s Sunday afternoon and this is day 1 of week 3. I was instructed by the urgent care doctor to wear the splint 3 weeks. I am SOOOO ready to be rid of this splint and have all the feeling and function of my thumb again.