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The #1 Way to Determine Connection

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about nearly being in a car accident and how shocked I was at how close of a call it was. I mentioned in that blog several times how, “Nothing happened”, but then I realized something did happen. I knew I had experienced divine intervention, because I was in total alignment with my Ultimate Creative Source as I was cruising down the road singing, Make It Happen, by Mariah Carey. I also mentioned in that blog that I felt like my Dad who had passed away in January of 2006 was right there with me.

The reason I’m bringing this up again is because I didn’t get a chance to share with you the amazing thing that happened the following day. I had maintained this high vibrational frequency and was feeling very connected to the spiritual realm, even into the next day. It was a Friday and one of my all time favorite Friday activities is to go to the community center in my neighborhood to watch my best friends girls have their ballet lessons.

This particular Friday I walked into the community center and little Taylor ran up to me with an excited look on her face, “AUNTIE ANGEL!!!” I squatted down, opened my arms and picked her up as she threw her arms around me.

What an amazing feeling!!!

I carried her over to where her mom and sister were chatting with another mom and little dancer. I sat down on the floor; Taylor plopped down right next to me and the first thing she said to me was, “What’s your daddy’s name?”

IMG_0021I had a puzzled look on my face, I’m sure, as I turned to her with curiosity and asked, “Why are you asking about my daddy’s name?” She replied very sweet and innocently, “Cuz I don’t know hims name”. I replied, “Oh, ok. Well, his name is Gary”. She popped up in my lap like any other day, faced me and said. “My great grandpa died and he’s up in heaven”.

I’m sure you can imagine the utter amazement I was experiencing in that moment. I hadn’t said a word to her about any of what I had been experiencing. I mean why would I, right? She’ll be turning 4 in July. If this isn’t a sign that we naturally have a connection to the spirit realm, I don’t know what would be. I love this story and I will carry it with me in my heart forever.
© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Happy to be a Happy Neighbor

Too many years now for me to remember our neighbors to the North of us moved in and although I wouldn’t say we’re close, I would say we are friendly. We watch over each others homes and accept deliveries for each other when either of us are out of town. When we catch each other outside we chat about our yards, our children and in their case grandchildren. The wife, Yon, loves to garden and we live in town homes. Our front yard is a shared yard and there’s a small area to garden on either side of a wall that separates our sidewalks to the front doors of our homes.

One morning Yon was out in front digging up soil; while multiple potted plants awaited to rejoin the Earth on her side of the wall. We chatted briefly about her love of gardening and how she was adjusting to having such a small space for her “yard play”. They used to live in Colorado in a home with a much bigger yard. Keri and I weren’t doing anything with our little plot and we decided to offer it up to Yon. She was very excited; she began planning right away. She would leave us notes about what she was planning. She would apologize if unplanted pots were left for more than a couple weeks; explaining that she was at the mercy of her husbands availability to assist her with the heavy work. We didn’t care and we told her on multiple occasions not to worry about it, we knew it was a process. We reminded her that we offered our soil to her for her enjoyment, not to be worrisome over.

Yon did a beautiful job of blending our two yards. They bought pea sized gravel and laid it down for ground cover and planted a small Japanese maple, a couple varieties of hosta plants and a Vietnamese lilac and it was all so pretty. She maintains it and changes out plants when they aren’t doing well. It’s a lovely benefit to having a gardening loving neighbor.

Last October Keri and I got married, well,… had a celebration that included vows and an awesome dance party. We had pizza and beer; it was totally our vibe. On the tables for centerpieces we had a variety of succulents planted in mason jars and we extended the offer to all of our guests to please take them home. It was our gift to them. I’ve spoken to several people who took them home; they all seem to really like having this souvenir from our event and that makes me happy. We only ended up bringing 22 mason jars home. Only 22??? I know, that’s a bunch, but we started out with 45.

IMG_0020We didn’t really know what to do with all these plants and honestly the 22 jars lined our sidewalk for a little over 6 months. We (Keri) finally had enough and transplanted the little guys from outgrowing their intended temporary homes of mason jars to larger pots and even planted some in the ground. I wondered how Yon would feel about it. I even inquired of Keri what she thought Yon might think. She didn’t really speculate anything, she just said,”Well it is our yard,…” Which is true, but I just wondered. Well, just a couple weeks ago I stepped out for a moment in the morning sun and Yon was out front. I wished her a good morning and didn’t even mention the yard and she said to me, “I love what you girls have done with the yard. It’s so beautiful and natural.” I thanked her and laughed. I explained I had just been wondering what she thought; she reiterated how beautiful and natural it looked.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

A couple of weeks ago when I learned of the tragedy in Orlando, my heart was so heavy with sorrow and I had no idea what to do or say. I remained silent on the subject and reflected on the situation. Of course when a tragedy like this strikes, so many souls are touched with a myriad of feelings ranging from sadness and heartbreak to devastation and rage. We all feel a sense of helplessness because what’s done is done and can’t be undone. So what do we do? How do we deal with our feelings?

If we are close enough in proximity to where the tragedy occurred, we can offer our assistance to the families and friends of the victims. If we are further away, we can send whatever we are able in efforts to be supportive of the community. Regardless of our location or ability to make donations of support we must remember to turn our energies away from feelings of anger and dislike for the person or people responsible for the tragedy.

It can be very challenging for us as humans because we see with our human eyes. We, as humans, can’t see with the eyes of an eternal spiritual being, therefore we don’t know everything a person has dealt with or all the circumstances of the situation. When we take a moment to remember that we all came from the same place, that we’re all perfectly flawed humans and consider how lost and pained someone must feel to take actions such as these, it may soften our hearts a bit the the person behind the injustice.

An added benefit to softening our hearts from feelings of anger and hate is we feel better when we foster better feeling feelings within ourselves. Think about how you feel when you’re thinking about how much you dislike the actions of another. Consider the internal damage you do to yourself when you replay thoughts of others doing things you don’t like, does it feel good? Probably not.

My suggestion from above was to turn our energies away from anger and dislike and you may be wondering how do I do that when such horrible things are taking place in the world? Consider this, imagine how much better you will feel when you have love and forgiveness in your heart. Feel the relief in your body when you think about love and forgiveness. Imagine the feeling of love as an energy coming off your body, imagine people you run into through your day and how different they will feel running into you when you have love emanating from you. This is how we make the world a better place. Forgiveness heals.

Now get out there and be awesomely loving. You’ll like the way it feels. I promise.    IMG_2341.JPG

Without a Break Down, There’s No Break Through

If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you can make it happen. – Mariah Carey, American singer and song writer.

I recently had a realization about myself and to be completely honest with you, it’s not like I didn’t know this about myself because believe me, I’ve been very aware of this internal struggle, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally got sick and tired of the paralyzing fear this struggle created within me. The struggle is real and I’m certain it’s a common struggle. So, my hope is that by sharing it with you, it will provide some insight into how to deal with it yourself or shed some light on this struggle you may have noticed in someone else.

Deep breath, as I’m about to share some of the most vulnerable parts of my soul, the fears that make me feel like a scared little girl. You may not believe this about me because I’m very outgoing and pretty fearless when it comes to being in front of a group of people, but my paralyzing fear is related to sharing or expressing an opinion. Wow!!! It feels so much smaller and insignificant once you get it out. I know I share plenty of opinions here within my blog, but it feels very safe in here. I’m talking about speaking up in a conversation where the potential for disagreement exists.

In the very recent past, I’ve noticed I’ve shied away from speaking up in group messages. I’ve noticed, when I’ve been in a group text, I’ll purposely wait for someone else to give the first response in an attempt to get a gauge for others are feelings before I chime in on the conversation. In social situations, in the past I’ve become paralyzed with fear up when someone looks to me for support when a differing opinion is presented. I don’t like that paralyzing fear, I don’t like feeling incapable of supporting people who look to me for backing.

My recent realization has brought me to tears a few times because I believe myself to be a very loyal person. I want nothing but the best for those that I love, but when fear keeps me from being able to provide the best of me to them, it’s time for a change.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.21.15 PM

Thank you, Shanna. You helped me see myself in a different light.

I shared my realization with my best friend, Shanna, on Thursday and she sent me a message that opened my eyes a bit. I never thought about it this way before, but here’s the message she sent me.

On Friday, Keri and I were on our way into downtown to take her to work and I was still going over my realization in my mind and talking it out again with her. I declared I was going to overcome this fear. I told her, I’m stronger than I think I am sometimes and I used to say, like many others, “Awareness is half the battle” but in recent years I tweaked that old adage just a bit. Now I say, “Awareness is half the VICTORY and I’m going to overcome this debilitating fear” and do you know what she said to me? I was kinda shocked, but she said, “Of course you are!” I whipped my head around to look at her and I said, “Really??? You said that with such certainty,…” She replied, “You are the MOST self reflective person I know. Look at how far you’ve come,…” My chest swelled with an amazing sense of confidence. I feel so fortunate to have so much love and support in my life. I hope by sharing my fears that awareness will be broadened and another person’s path to self discovery will be shortened.

Make It Happen

As promised, I’m here to share some of the miracles I’ve experienced since I proclaimed my new/old theme song, Make It Happen, by Mariah Carey. I posted a LIVE video to Facebook a couple of weeks ago touching on some of this. Some of you may recognize parts of this story, but I wanted to share a bit more detail here.

It was a Thursday morning, a couple of weeks ago. I was listening to my theme song on my way to work, and loving it so much, I listened to it 3 times in a row. Yes, I was singing. Yes, I was dancing. Yes, I was driving and Yes, I was paying attention. (That last line and the next are mostly for my momma’s benefit. I love you momma.) Most of the dancing occurs at red lights for safety purposes.

Anyway, I was in the lane closest to the middle turn lane because there was a bus on the outside lane stopping at all the stops. I was about 4 or 5 blocks out from the street where I planned to turn right, and seemingly out of nowhere a car pulls out from a convenience store on my left. It all seemed to happen so fast, and yet as if it were in slow motion. I swerved to the right to avoid certain impact and, by no accident whatsoever, the lane to my right was completely empty.

It felt like that car could have t-boned my car. It scared the crap out of me. I’m not sure why they pulled into my lane when there was a turn lane they could have turned into, but rather than try to figure out why this happened my first response was to thank the divine presence that intervened in my life at that exact moment. I was quite shaken and my heart was racing. I found myself continuing on my way to work for lack of knowing what else to do. Nothing happened. I began to cry from sheer fear and gratitude. Nothing happened. As I proceeded to work I patted my heart in gratitude while exhaling big gusts of air in efforts to get some of that frantic energy out of my system. Upon reflection, the heart patting was a manner of comforting myself.

When I walked into my office I was immediately asked what happened because apparently, I looked as if I had seen a ghost. I was shaking as I explained what had occurred only moments before. I had a strong sense that my dad, who passed away in 2006, was there with me. I was somewhat surprised by how shaken I was because nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, it occurred to me that I was wrong. Something did happen.

miracle sky

It suddenly became crystal clear to me that there is ALWAYS a divine presence in our lives, and when we do our part to become a vibrational match to that presence and maintain that frequency, we will live in the realm of miracles. I vowed that day to maintain a frequency of content or higher. It has been nothing but miraculous. There is still more to this story that simply continues to blow my mind. Stick around for more proof and tips on how to raise your frequency.

Directions to Your Vortex of Amazingness

Life is full of miracles, big and small of course, but just chock FULL of miracles. I could write for years about all the amazing things that happen in the world and still not be able to document them all. It’s impossible to document the enormity of Ultimate Creative Source, but you know what I can do? I can share with you some of the amazing things that happen to me and give you a glimpse into a vortex of amazingness.

Why do I feel like anyone would care about my vortex of amazingness? Well, I’ll tell ya. The truth is, I think sharing my personal vortex of amazingness is really just an example. If I’m able to share the miracles that happen in my life and create a little stir of excitement in someone else, perhaps it will inspire someone else to look for their own vortex of amazingness.

The challenging part of sharing a miracle is trying to decide where to start. Everything is connected, so one thing leads to another and I don’t really know where to start. It’s going to be amazing no matter where I begin so I’ll just jump right in.

Back in mid May, a friend reached out to me to inquire if I’d be interested in some administrative assistance with my blog. I wasn’t really sure what that meant,… administrative assistance? The thoughts than ran through my mind were, administrative assistance? I’m not sure I need an admin assistant. is me writing my blog, me doing drawings and taking pictures for my blog, me laying out these pictures and drawings with the text for an appealing flow as you read, me being self reflective and sharing my experiences for the purpose of expanding awareness around me. The purpose of this blog has always been to infuse the world with a positive attitude. Oh,… I’m beginning to see how such a task could be easier with a little help from my friend. LOL.

We got together for a little chat about aligning her desires to help me with the purpose of expanding the reach of and agreed to begin our journey together for the greater good of the world. Later that day while running errands, an older Mariah Carey song came on, Make It Happen. I was so jazzed up about expanding the reach of I declared this my new theme song. I downloaded it to my phone so I could listen to it whenever I wanted. It’s such an amazing song and really pumps me up. It feels like it was written for me and my purpose of making the world a better place one person at a time.

The amazing feelings generated within me when I’m listening to this song have had miraculous affects on my life and I’m very excited to share these miracles with you, so stay tuned for the next blog, but until then,… check out this song and everyone is different so this might not be your jam and that’s 100% OK. I encourage you to find a song that makes you feel invincible and listen to it often. Watch your vortex of amazingness begin to develop right before your eyes.

Make it Happen Button

Field or Coliseum??? You Decide

When you are presented with a new situation which as you know happens every single day. There are two ways to proceed into that new situation. You can enter into that new situation with fear or you can enter into it with faith. I’m going to paint a couple of pictures here with words to help you see how easy it is to change your mind.

Pretend for a moment that you’re about to enter into this new situation. In your mind create this visual, you’re walking outside and approach an open coliseum. You walk into the coliseum and recall all the movies you’ve ever seen about gladiators fighting in a this type of space. You remember trap doors that open from the ground to allow lions into the arena. You remember fighters coming out to fight and you wonder if it’s possible that there could be lions or fighters inside somewhere waiting to be released to attack. Imagine how your body feels not knowing whether or not a lion or a fighter is going to jump out at you or not. Your muscles are tense and you’re guarded. Can you feel the tension? That’s fear.

Ok, this time pretend for a moment that you’re about to enter into this same new situation. In your mind create this visual, you’re walking outside and approach an open field, the grass is green and speckled with a beautiful array of wild flowers. The sky is blue, spotted here and there with big white puffy clouds. This field has a few large trees in it to provide nice shady places for you to sit comfortably if you need a rest. You see a butterfly flutter by, now image how your body feels walking into this completely serene environment. Can you feel the ease? Your breath is slow and relaxed. That’s faith.

Your mind is a very powerful tool. You have the power to create either one of these scenarios. The really cool thing is you get to decide which one works best for you.

Reading Tips for Feeling Amazing

This is going to be a quick tips post, but these are some of the things I do to get myself ready to face the day.  IMG_1584

  1. LOVE yourself
  2. Let your main course be FACT based and your side dish be emotion
  3. Allow people (including YOURSELF) space to BE. Be what? TRUE to themselves
  4. Speak words of gratitude aloud
  5. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
  6. Listen to your favorite music and dance in your car like nobody is watching.
  7. Make and use a magic wand. It’s fun to pretend!!!

Tips on How to Live your Life on Purpose

What am I doing here? Does my existence make a difference? What’s my purpose?

Questions I’ve wondered many times in my life and I know I’m not alone, so I’m going to address these questions.

In the past when I’ve wondered these things I realize now that I was lost because I didn’t have the answers. I thought there has to be more to life than going to work, earning money, saving money, planning short vacations to escape the stress of the work I have to do to earn the money, so I can do the whole thing over again. What a drag!!! That doesn’t feel inspired,…

How many of us work to live? How many of us are settling for the “ho-hum” of life? I know I’ve wasted time in the past crying over my lack of purpose, begging to know the answer to the question, What the hell am I doing here??? I’ve worked many years of my life in the pursuit of someone else’s dream and to be honest, I’ve grown tired of pouring my energy into someone else’s “dream” and that doesn’t feel good at all.

Over the years, as I’ve poured my energy into someone’s dream, I discovered something about myself. I discovered I have a passion for knowledge and expansion. I love helping people and I have an abundance of love and support to give. I’m patient, compassionate and understanding. I discovered MY passion! So, to answer the question, What am I doing here? I’m writing this blog to help raise awareness in the lives of the people around me. There’s something to be said for consistency and my hope is that I can write enough and talk enough about YOUR inner power to improve your life in a single moment that you’ll begin trying it out.

Spending time alone can allow you an opportunity to take a good hard look at your life. Are you living a life on purpose or settling for the "ho-hum"?

Spending time alone can allow you an opportunity to take a good hard look at your life. Are you living a life on purpose or settling for the “ho-hum”?

The simple truth of the matter is, words don’t teach. What this means is: it doesn’t matter how much you read about ways to make change happen in your life. Change occurs in your life when you begin making attempts to implement change in the way you think, behave and react. When you first begin, you’ll find that you slip out of an awareness perspective and into older habits of thinking, behaving and reacting, but when you take positive actions you’ll begin to have the life experiences to support the words you’re reading. You’ll see improvement in your life and you’ll begin to catch yourself in the early stages of old behavior. You’ll begin noticing you feel better when you make choices based on awareness. This is the difference between “knowing” something and “LIVING” it!!! You will feel love for yourself.

Does my existence make a difference? I never wonder this anymore. I know I’m making a difference in the world by affecting the lives of people around me. I am a lifter of spirits, a giver of hugs and a lover of life. We’re all deserving of love and I’m grateful to be a giver of love. One positively focused person is more powerful than a million negatively focused people.

What are you doing here? What is your purpose? Does it make your heart sing? We all came here to be happy and we have one life to live in these physical bodies of ours, so remember this: Every second of your life spent not being true to YOU, you’re robbing the world of your own special uniqueness that ONLY you possess.

If you find yourself feeling lost, sad or out of touch, I HIGHLY recommend unplugging from the social world and spending some time with yourself quieting the thoughts of your mind and asking some serious questions about your purpose. There are tons of resources to help guide you through this process. I’m currently reading, You Are a Badass By Jen Senciro   and have Eat That Frog By Brian Tracy in my queue. I’ve also read Great by Choice by Jim Collins. The list goes on and on. Why? Because there are so many people wanting to live their life on purpose and the people who are living their lives on purpose, love the way it feels and want every one to know the amazing feeling of living your life on purpose.