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How Do You Stay So Positive???

Hello there faithful followers of Apozitude. I’m so glad we’re able to share this time together. I love making connections and positively contributing to the lives of others. You may not realize this, but often when I’m writing, I’m thinking about you guys. I review my list followers and I think about the times we’ve spent together, whether in person, via text messages or on FB and I envision your smiles as I write. I appreciate you all so much, not only for following my journey, but mostly for contributing to the enrichment of my life. I know I’m blessed with so much love and I’m so grateful. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes the other night while I was explaining to my mom how much love I have in my life. What an amazing blessing Apozitude has opened up in my life and hopefully in yours as well.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been putting a great deal of energy into this blog over the last 3 years, but even way before Apozitude even existed, I was creating space in the world for positivity. The title of this blog, unbeknownst to me at the time, was actually created 5 years prior to the launch of Apozitude. It’s a name I created for myself for an eBay account back in 2008. So, you see the dream has always been there, laying deep within my soul just waiting to become more and more clear. It’s not just about typing up these messages or creating these images, but it’s also about talking to people in my daily life. Never intentionally planned, but always in an inspired moment. The expansion of Apozitude has grown little by little and I can’t pass up this opportunity to share my appreciation for you, my faithful followers, for sharing my mission with your friends and family for further expansion. So, Thank you again.

There are a whole bunch of people in the world looking for ways to feel better and that’s the whole mission behind Apozitude and that’s why it comes up so frequently in conversation. The other side of this truth is that there a whole bunch of people in the world who already know how to feel better and the truth of that is plain and simple, it’s a wonderful place to be in a mix of “like-minded” people who “get it”. We’re all connected and at the same time on our own individual paths. On our paths, we’re all looking for the exact same thing and that is to feel happy and free. Everyone will have their own way of achieving that feeling, but the bottom line remains the same. We ALL want to be happy.

The fact that we all want to be happy leads me to share this next bit of information. Having a blog entitled Apozitude and writing about living life with a positive attitude, I find the #1 most FAQ I’m asked is various versions of, How do you stay so positive all the time? and the answer to that is, I don’t. I break down and cry in moments of frustration. I get pissed off and throw little fits. Of course, I have my ebbs and flows, but I really have very little tolerance of negative emotion. I just don’t like the way it feels, so as quick as I can, I shift my focus to something that helps me feel better and when I do have those dips of negative emotion I share them as little as possible, which ends up looking a little bit like this sometimes, text from Keri: How’s your day going my love? My response when I’m stuggling: It’s better if I don’t talk about it right now. How’s yours?

I don’t even remember what I was struggling with when I typed that response and because I didn’t go into detail in text, I don’t have a point of reference. Whatever “it” was, is in the past and isn’t bothering me one bit right now. So, the truth is, I’m not always in a positive mood, but I share very little when that occurs because I want to create a happier me right now and increase my odds of a happier me in the future.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

My #1 tip on How to Change Your Life, RIGHT NOW!

Here’s a little secret. I’m calling it a secret not because you don’t know about it, but rather because not everyone knows how to use it. We’re all born with this super cool high-tech capability. It’s called your emotional guidance system and here’s how it works: You’re beboppin’ along through your day minding your own business and getting shit done when all of a sudden someone or something is introduced into your realm of buzz buzz awesomeness and that someone or something doses up your realm of awesomeness with a little bit of poison, a negative attitude, irritating news or some other undesirable thing happens and your high-tech emotional guidance system kicks into action alerting you of the intruder into your realm of awesomeness.

Once you receive that alert and you will feel some resistance beginning to brew within you, before you get too far down that rabbit hole, begin to notice this feeling because in the early stages before you get too much momentum going, is exactly where you can change your life, because that’s when you have a couple of things to consider. First of all, ask yourself, Can I change this? If the answer is yes, Do it! Whatever “IT” is, DO IT post haste!!! Take brave and bold action. What have you got to lose? The risk is this simple, you could not take the brave action and stay stuck there in that yucky feeling or you could take this brave action and feel better. Even if it doesn’t work out exactly like you thought it might, you WILL feel better because you took action and then you have a basis for how to improve that action the next time. If the answer is no, I can’t change this then get yourself as fast as you can to a point of an improved attitude on the subject.

The hard simple truth is we ALL are in complete control of ourselves, we’re just out of practice. We all have way more power than we give ourselves credit for having. It’s far easier to sit in a state of victimization and blame others while we drown our misery of mediocrity in distractions with too much food, drink, shopping or any other methods to keep ourselves distracted from realizing our full potential.

It can be scary when you realize how much potential you have because when potential is realized, expectations arise and that’s when we have to jump on the hotline to call on our bravery so we can step outside of our comfort zones. So, I’m calling bull shit on all that noise about excuses and burying myself in mediocrity. If you don’t like your life, change it and start NOW, by claiming responsibility for yourself. The circumstances of your life exist because you allow them to, what are YOU going to do about it?

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Bamboo Magic Wand? What???

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous and you don’t have to believe a single word you are reading, but what I’m telling you is a true account of the experiences I have had and experiences that have been shared with me.

I’ll begin with my own story. I was at work one day having a rough day and I decided to step outside for a breath of fresh air. When I did, a grove of bamboo growing outside my office that I had walked passed hundreds of times before suddenly came alive with opportunity. I had always admired the grove, but this day I spied a single trimmed and dried staulk of bamboo. I reached into the thicket, pulled the dried staulk out and began trimming away the dried leaves. I rubbed the nubby spots of the bamboo on the concrete to roughly sand them down. My imagination went into overdrive.

I now held in my hand a magical bamboo wand. I waved it around like an orchestra conductor. I swung it around like the sword of Zorro and then I waved it around like I was doing magic tricks. I magically made my stress and negative vibes disappear. Poof! With the wave of my wand and a slight bit of silliness the stress of the day began to disappear. I continued with the magic tricks on myself and the longer I did it, the more others began asking for magic treatments to minimize their stress and frustration. I gladly provided the wave of my magic wand and then one day I decided, why not make more wands. What a great idea!!! Share the power.

IMG_8958So I did. One of my friends who is the proud owner of one of the original magic wands, what I now call Apoziwands, was able to find a house to purchase in the Portland metro area. You may not know this, but that’s not an easy task these days. Another one of my friends, my best friend actually, handed her magic wand to her husband one morning when he had been talking to her about how over the last several days he simply couldn’t get this one part of his truck fixed. Later that day, the same day he held the magic wand, he was able to fix that part of his truck. WHAT??? It’s true.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.45.57 PMYet another amazing event regarding the Apoziwands was when I discovered my new found favorite author, Jen Sencero, who wrote You are a Badass was going to be in town for a promotional book signing. I decided I was going to that event and I was going to make a magic wand Jen Sincero. I planned to have our picture taken together with the magic wand I gave her. I took a couple bamboo wands so we’d each have one to hold in the picture and during the mingling portion of the evening prior to Jen coming out to do the reading a fellow member of the audience approached me inquiring about the wands I was holding. I explained how I had used the wand to detach myself from negative energies in the office and that I was planning o give one to Jen. Then, she noticed I had 2 and if I was selling the magic wands. I explained that I hadn’t intended to but I did have an extra one. She asked me how much I would charge her for one. I was shocked. I had no idea I might even be asked, so I sort of stumbled over my words as I replied, Well I hadn’t really given it any thought, how much would she be willing to spend. She said $15 but I only have a 20. I apologized, I hadn’t come prepared to make change. I had no idea someone might inquire about buying one. Then she said oh no worries, I’ll pay you $20 for it.

I know my eyes must have been the size of saucers because I absolutely could not believe what was happening. I just sold my very 1st magic wand and that’s when the dream of selling Apoziwands came alive. I’m so excited to have figured out a way of sharing the magic of Apoziwands with you. Every single one of us has this magic within us and all we have to do is find a way to tap into that magic. I’ve discovered that tapping my chest or my arms is an amazing wake up call the all the positive magic I have flowing through me and I’m super excited to be able to share this with you. Click that link and get your very own Apoziwand today. Tap into that magic and watch how everything ends up always working out for you.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

My #1 Tip on How to Stay Hydrated

Some of you may know this about me and some of you may not, but in addition to being the author and illustrator of this blog, I’m also an office manager of a thriving dental office and a health and wellness coach. LOL, in my spare time I’m also a wife to an utterly amazing woman who is unconditionally supportive of me and my pursuit of fulfilling my dreams and a puppy momma to a quite active 22 month old golden retriever.

To say that I am busy is an understatement to say the least. However, to say that I’m happy is an understatement as well, because ALL of my wildest dreams are coming true. I’m unbelievably blessed. Miracle after miracle occur in my life daily, far too many to count. Just the simple fact that the sun rises every day and all the plants rotate around in space like they’re supposed to, is utterly amazing to me. My blood pumps through my veins and my lungs do their thing all by themselves without any thought or instruction from me. I connect with Eternal spiritual beings such as my dad and my ultimate creative source on a daily basis and I make all kinds of connections with all the right people. This list is so minuscule compared to ALL the amazing things that are happening. Honestly, it would be challenging to take a good look around you at all of these amazing things and see anything but a world that was completely and utterly thriving. I’m so happy to be alive.

But wait a minute, I thought this particular blog was about staying hydrated??? Oh yeah, I got caught up in the amazing wonders of the world. LOL. Another amazing wonder of the world is cucumber infused water. I used to think, Oh who cares. Water is water. BUT THEN, my friend, Mitzie shared with me the amazingness of putting a few slices of cucumber in my water and boy howdy was I wrong. W. R. O. N. G.

IMG_2769Have you tried it? If you’re not big on cucumber there are many other things you can try. I’ve tried lemon and strawberry together, lemon by its self, cucumber and lemon and cucumber by its self, which happens to be my favorite. Since I’ve learned this little trick, my water consumption has definitely increased. Besides increasing water consumption, adding cucumber to you water helps your skin and muscle repair and several other benefits. Check out this article I found where you’ll find more recipes for yummy infused water and the health benefits of simply adding a couple of slices of cucumber to your water.

My hope is that this blog will reveal little tips to you that will assist you in your continuation to thrive.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

How a Shift in Perspective Can Change EVERYTHING

Life is an amazing thing. It really is and I’m so grateful to be exactly where I am in this very moment. I love knowing that there are millions of tiny little miracles occurring all around me and they’re all happening so fast I can’t even keep track. It’s also very comforting to know that there’s absolutely no reason to keep track. Being able to recount or retell the miracles occurring around me simply doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’m aware that it’s all happening right NOW.

Not too long ago, like a month or so, I claimed the song, Make It Happen, by Mariah Carey as my theme song and it was an amazing feeling to feel that alive energy pulsing through my body, knowing I was conjuring and developing the energy to propel my dreams forward. What I didn’t really realize at the time was that I still was trying too hard. I was trying to MAKE something happen and I can pinpoint the exact moment that the shift in awareness clicked in my mind, because I’ve been listening to Abraham-Hicks for many years. I’ve been practicing meditation and allowing myself to get connected to my Ultimate Creative Source and even though I’ve been aware of this concept referred to as the Art of Allowing for a while now, I was still challenged by maintaining the feeling of connection. I’ve had some brilliant moments of clarity that were so profound and eye-opening that it’s become crystal clear to me that I am IN FACT a deliberate creator. However, I still found myself distracted by nagging details of reality. That DAMN reality just kept kicking me out of my happy zen place of clarity. I was determined to find a way to keep myself vibrating at a higher frequency.

So, I’ve been practicing and paying attention to my emotional guidance. When I feel negative emotion, it’s like my body is sending me a notification and I switch my focus towards something that creates better feelings.  I’m beginning to realize my tolerance for negative emotion is getting smaller and smaller. It just feels too damn good to be happy, to stay stuck in an icky spot.

The moment of clarity regarding allowing something to flow into my reality versus making it happen occurred when a friend of mine shared a video in a chat group that I’m in for my health and fitness coaching. She has no idea the affect that one simple act has had on my life. So I’d like to take a moment to say Thank you to my friend Lori for sharing this video in our team chat. I also want to take a moment to thank Prince Ea for creating the video. This simple song and change in perspective has changed my awareness of allowing to a practice of allowing. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but in the long run it makes a world of difference. I know you’ll be watching, so pay attention to the changes that are coming up in the world of Apozitude and you’ll see a difference. I already feel it.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

How to Be Happy

The number one way to live a happy life is to be a happy person. Therefore, I’m going to take my own advice and be true to myself. My son is visiting from out of town this week and I really want to cherish the time I have with him. So, today’s blog is brought to you by me living by example. Here are a few photos from our weekend activities. IMG_2664 FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 6

Enjoy your lives. Be happy.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio


Why Should You Follow Apozitude?

Only you can answer that question, but let your answer be determined by the way you feel when you read it. I’ll share with you what I intend to do with this blog and my life as well. All I want to do is leave a little bit of love everywhere I go. It is my ultimate goal to be the love in any given moment. In order to maintain my desired position to BE the love of the moment I get to decide what that means to me.

Sometimes being the love of the moment means silently listening and creating a space for someone else to be who they need to be in a particular moment. Sometimes it means sharing a differing opinion for the purpose of expanded awareness. Sometimes it means standing up for myself and establishing a boundary and yet at other times it will mean allowing a different perspective to sink in and expand my awareness.

Regardless of what action I choose, in any given moment, it can certainly be achieved in a manner of respect for my fellow human being. It’s exactly like I used to explain to my son, You and I are different people. I’m certain there will be times in our lies when we’ll have different opinions based on our individual life experiences, however, that doesn’t mean I will love you less. One of our finest agreements was to agree to disagree when needed.

So, the question remains, why should you follow Apozitude? The answer is simple. Only, if YOU feel better in doing so.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio


What were you doing at 3 years old?

It’s a very exciting day here at Apozitude!!! You may or may not realize this, but it was 3 years ago today that I published my very first blog. Happy Birthday Apozitude!!!! Oh man!!! What an exciting journey this has been and I’m just getting started. Picture me with the biggest, happiest smile you’ve ever seen and gleefully rubbing my hands together with enthusiastic anticipation of what’s to come.IMG_3728

I started this blog because I have a dream and I’m guessing because you’re here reading this post that you’ll be happy to know, the dream is very much alive and well. In fact, the dream is expanding and thriving!!!!!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to provide people with a reason to laugh and feel joy. As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my first memories were of becoming a clown. I’ve always enjoyed being in the center ring and in the spotlight. I’m goofy, playful and love to make people laugh. Why? Well, because it FEELS good to me and it seems others enjoy it as well.

A little further into my childhood, I became a bit more practical and considered a career in nursing or a physical therapy. Not only did I want to create laughter and joy, I wanted to provide a sense of relief in unfavorable circumstances. I also wanted to be an artist because I love the “hands in the clay” creative process and bringing beauty into the world. It’s easy to see how all these desires lead me to creating a blog called Apozitude. When asked what my blog is about, I simply explain,

“It’s about living life with a positive attitude”

So, you may be wondering when I’m going to get to the part I mentioned earlier about expanding and thriving. I know it’s very exciting and I’m anxious to tell you too. So, here it is. Apozitude now has a newsletter. You’re welcome to think of it as Apozinews!!! You’re also welcome to sign up for the newsletter. Why? What’s the difference between subscribing to the Apozitude blog and signing up for the Apozitude newsletter? Well, that’s an excellent question!!! I admire your curiosity and eagerness to know more. Therefore, your hunger and inquisitive nature will be rewarded with information. See how this is already working for you??? Rewards!!!

The blog will continue as it has over the last 3 years to provide insights, tips, stories and cute little cartoons about how to live life with a positive attitude. These benefit of the tips provided in this blog will continue to be simple and easy to implement whenever you’re ready, you can apply these methods to your life. The Apozitude newsletter will introduce what’s new and hot off the Apozipress (LOL) and just because you’re a loyal subscriber and supporter of my blog, I’ll give you a sneak peek into what will be announced in a future newsletter. I’m getting so excited because every day I’m one step closer. Closer to what???? I can feel your anticipation and I appreciate the energy you’re adding to the momentum of expansion that I’ve already got going. OK. OK. Here it is!! Really!!!

I am closer and closer every day to the GRAND OPENING of the Apozitude online shop!!! Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe I just typed out those words!!! It’s so exciting!!! I bet you’re wondering what’s going to be in this amazing Apozitude online shop. I’d be wondering too and that’s where the newsletter comes into play. See? That’s news!!

I’m still in the early stages of development, but like I said, I’m closer and closer every day, so sign up for that newsletter and be the first to learn what I’m so excited to share with you. If you’ve already signed up for the newsletter and I know a few of you have, Thank you so much for your support. I’m beyond words with excitement that you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio