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What Do You Believe?

What a wonderful day today has been. I had the unquestionably exceptional pleasure of making a special and personal delivery today. My very first proper Apoziwand purchase was to my friend, Lori. YAY!!!! When she placed the order, I reached out to her to let her know we were in a very unique situation, because she could choose the method of delivery. I presented the personal delivery option or the anticipation of receiving her wand in the mail. I admonished her to allow her heart to answer.

She decided she wanted a personal delivery and I was so glad she did, because I wanted to see the look on her face when she unwrapped her brand new Apoziwand. It was everything I hoped it would be. She was excited. She loved the blue ribbon I picked out and the star I burned into the end of the wand. Why? because she’s a Dallas Cowboys fan. We hugged. It was a very cool moment for me.

This. Is. Awesome. Loving my new Apoziwand! It helps to remind me that we are creators of our own reality. If you need a "magic wand" to help you visualize that, definitely get one of these. I'm so excited to begin creating!

This. Is. Awesome.
Loving my new Apoziwand! It helps to remind me that we are creators of our own reality. If you need a “magic wand” to help you visualize that, definitely get one of these.
I’m so excited to begin creating! -Lori Z.

Imagine you made something for yourself to help you feel better by reconnecting yourself to better feeling thoughts and higher vibrations. Imagine you believed in it so much that you wanted to make more of them, so everyone you know could own one of these magical things and then they could help themselves feel better too. Imagine your belief in this thing you created was so strong that someone else began to believe it too. Imagine, if you can, for a moment the feelings of joy you would feel having been a part of helping someone feel the magic life has to offer when you open yourself up to what may seem like the impossible to anyone else.

I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. I believe in you and I believe in me. Remember when you see the word impossible think I’m possible.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Want To Feel Honored for Who You Are?

Hello my faithful Apozitude friends. Some of you have been with me, following my journey through this blog from the very beginning and some of you even before this blog even existed. Some of you have joined me along the way as I’ve been writing this blog. Thank you so much for your friendship, your love and support. Then there are some of you who are kinda new to following my journey and I look forward to getting to know you more through comments and connections we make as we move through this beautiful thing we call life together.

No matter where you came into my life, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I’m so happy our paths have crossed. I want to take a moment to thank you for being YOU, for sharing yourself with me and positively affecting my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and we’re all here to grow, become more effective in our communication, reach for better feeling circumstances and find a way to back to our authenticity.

As we go through life we develop these false ideas about the World, who we are and how we fit in and my intention is to provide clarity for myself to live an authentic life and share this idea with others. I invite you all to look within yourselves and feel where you are providing a false sense of you. You know when you are going against what feels authentic to you by feeling frustration, sadness, hurt or anger. When those feelings come up, take a look at what you really want and step in the direction of something that feels better to you. A slight adjustment can make a HUGE difference. Incremental progress is progress.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-7-13-12-amMy hope is that every person I encounter will feel better having met me and that by creating this blog to share these ideas, you will feel there is a space for you to feel honored for your authentic selves.
© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Are You Being Held Hostage?

My personal vision is to expand awareness related to the power of choice. So many wonderful and amazing people feel as if they are being held hostage in their own lives because they don’t realize the freedom they have to make change.

If you’re in a situation and don’t like the circumstances, I’m here to tell you my friend, YOU have a CHOICE. If you can’t change the circumstances, you can change your attitude. A positive point of focus is a very powerful thing and can change everything you see around you. This power is right there within your own mind.

My dream is to connect with people who are open and receptive so I can help them realize they have the magic of miracles right within them waiting to be ignited.

Are you ready to set yourself free?