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Row with the Willing

I’m writing today to offer up a concept. I don’t know if I actually thought up this idea myself or if it was presented to me in some fashion in the past, but it’s something I’ve carried with me for many years now and it’s helped me clarify and simplify my life. So, I’d like to share it with you now to mull over and see if it might be applicable in your life somehow.

Regarding relationships, people often say, it’s 50/50, but I’d have to disagree because I believe in a relationship of any sort we feel our best when we offer our best.

I’ll give you 100% of myself as long as you do the same. I don’t expect your best or my best to be the same every day, because our best will vary from day to day based on a myriad of variables, but picture this: if we’re in a relationship with each other that means we’re in a figurative row boat together and though we may have different ideas about life and our life paths may be different, but one thing is certain and that’s the fact that we’re in this boat together.

In this boat we have a shared goal of getting to shore or where ever it is we’re going and you have my word that I’ll give 100% of myself to reach that goal.  What that means is I’ll have both my oars in the water and I’ll be rowing. Since we’re in this boat together, I’ll expect you to be doing the same my friend.

I’ve rowed a boat by myself before with someone else in the boat. Do you know how exhausting that can be? In fact, it felt to me as if they had their oars in the water and just weren’t rowing. What a drag!!!

You don’t have to be an expert at rowing, we all have room for improvement, but if you’re willing to learn, grow, expand and give your best along the way, let’s row this boat ashore baby otherwise, walk the plank.

My take away from this blog has been I love working with open, receptive people who are willing to grow and change and give it 100% all along the way.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

A Blip in the Record of Happiness

There’s a great deal to be said about the tools and practices of living life with a positive attitude, being self-aware and choosing the manner in which you navigate your way through life. I’ve written many blogs and given many talks about how to live a happy life. I’d venture to guess anyone you spoke to who knows me would say I’m a happy fun-loving person, mostly.

I’m able to find joy in the slightest of things, such as the feel of writing with a good pen, the feel of a smoothly sanded bamboo stick (aka as an Apoziwand) , a default smile of someone driving by noticing how cute my dogs are as I’m walking them, watching a flag dance in the wind, looking in awe at all the colors of the big beautiful sky, merging in and out of the flow of traffic with ease (this really happens for me – honest truth),  hearing a good beat in a song and much more.

In fact, I’ve wondered about the validity of depression in the past because I’ve always been able to shift my focus and create a better feeling. However, recently I experienced a seemingly uncontrollable spiral downward. I’m not 100% certain what triggered the deluge of tears, but regardless of what I tried, I just couldn’t shake it. I didn’t like the way I felt. I was embarrassed and felt helpless, but you know what I noticed? #1 – I could use some coaching in the art of asking for help. #2 – Even though I didn’t directly ask for help, help was there. In fact, I was surrounded by help and support. After a full night of rest I was able to reflect on the situation and see it in its entirety. The first words I spoke upon reflecting on the flood of support that followed my flood of tears was, “That was amazing”.

I decided to share this blip on my record of happiness because it’s important to note that regardless of the tools and practices we develop to increase and secure our happiness, we must remember that we’re never alone and sometimes the best thing for us is to let go of the reins and allow others to step in and assist us on our journey. That being said, anyone know a good “ask for help” coach?

© 2018 Angel Zamudio