Added Value


Photo credit goes to Marne Lucas and Beth Dixon of OpalinePictures.

One of my favorite things about tooling around town with my gorgeous golden retriever, Marbles Bear, is the default smiles I receive. No matter where we walk and no matter where we drive he gets smiles and compliments galore.

I was driving into down town one day to pick up Keri and Marbs had his head out the back window. We stopped at a red light and the pick up truck next to us had a couple of 20 something dudes in there and they were just a little bit behind me. I had my window up so I don’t know if they thought I couldn’t hear them or what but they were talking to Marbles in baby voices. It was so funny. I rolled down my window and started chatting with them. They thought he was the best looking dog they had ever seen. It was cute and on that same road a woman on a bicycle on the other side of our car was talking to him too.

It’s an everyday occurrence and I love the added value of receiving the default smiles. Naturally, when people smile at Marbles they generally look up at Keri and I and smile at us too. It’s like the whole world can feel the love and the joy we have in our lives. We’re a very lucky little family.

2 thoughts on “Added Value

  1. Sam

    Very lovely story! I really enjoyed reading it. It made me smile! Yes you
    Have a great family, so blessed!


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