As I See It

It’s such a joy to live life with constant curiosity. I’ve come to realize when I take time to let go of the clutter in my mind, I’m open to new possibilities. My practice of meditation has allowed me to open up a part of myself that I’ve longed for my entire life. A confidence in myself to be me 100% authentic.

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity I would have shied away from in the past. I found myself standing face to face with someone new who held a very strong opinion of how they see the world that’s starkly different from mine. I was able to say, “I disagree” and other poised  things such as, “Tell me more about that,…”

It was an amazingly peaceful conversation of disagreement and acceptance of each other and how we choose to operate in the world as we see it differently. I’m so grateful for my vision of the world being full of love and kindness. I see evidence of my vision everyday. My heart is full and my mind is at peace.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

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