Beginnings of a Creed

Apozitude is the blog of one person, the reason I clarify this fact is because I looked up the term blog to be certain I knew what I was clarifying. defines blog as a website containing a writer’s or group of writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. So, I wanted to clarify that this particular blog and all of it’s contents are not written by a group. It is written by me, Angel Zamudio, based on my own experiences, observations and opinions.

Further down the page in the British definition of a blog reads: (informal) online journal and the Contemporary definition reads: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on the web.

When I got together with my mentor and blog guru, Mike, to get Apozitude started he asked me all sorts of questions about how I wanted the blog to be set up. One of the main things I wanted was for the blog to be public, so anyone could read it and share it with others.

My intention with Apozitude has always been to focus on the events of my life and share how I believe having a positive attitude will directly result in having a positive affect on the outcome of my life situations. I have a lifetime of desire to have a positive affect on the people that cross my path. I’m not always very smooth or graceful, because my child like enthusiasm often triggers me to jump into action prior to giving a great deal of thought as to how my action will be received. I get so enthusiastic about positive events I sometimes awkwardly insert myself into situations that don’t really have room for me. I’m learning.

Another main thing I wanted for my blog was to have a comments section, so my readers can share their thoughts on any given blog. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received and continue to welcome others thoughts feelings and perspectives.

The design of the Apozitude logo was created and hand drawn by me with the thought in mind that when we focus our thoughts in a positive direction it will lift our hearts to a higher level of love.

I’m sharing this with you because this is my attempt to start an Apozitude creed. Stay tuned as I continue the process of formulating the final creed and as always feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

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