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Row with the Willing

I’m writing today to offer up a concept. I don’t know if I actually thought up this idea myself or if it was presented to me in some fashion in the past, but it’s something I’ve carried with me for many years now and it’s helped me clarify and simplify my life. So, I’d like to share it with you now to mull over and see if it might be applicable in your life somehow.

Regarding relationships, people often say, it’s 50/50, but I’d have to disagree because I believe in a relationship of any sort we feel our best when we offer our best.

I’ll give you 100% of myself as long as you do the same. I don’t expect your best or my best to be the same every day, because our best will vary from day to day based on a myriad of variables, but picture this: if we’re in a relationship with each other that means we’re in a figurative row boat together and though we may have different ideas about life and our life paths may be different, but one thing is certain and that’s the fact that we’re in this boat together.

In this boat we have a shared goal of getting to shore or where ever it is we’re going and you have my word that I’ll give 100% of myself to reach that goal.  What that means is I’ll have both my oars in the water and I’ll be rowing. Since we’re in this boat together, I’ll expect you to be doing the same my friend.

I’ve rowed a boat by myself before with someone else in the boat. Do you know how exhausting that can be? In fact, it felt to me as if they had their oars in the water and just weren’t rowing. What a drag!!!

You don’t have to be an expert at rowing, we all have room for improvement, but if you’re willing to learn, grow, expand and give your best along the way, let’s row this boat ashore baby otherwise, walk the plank.

My take away from this blog has been I love working with open, receptive people who are willing to grow and change and give it 100% all along the way.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

A Blip in the Record of Happiness

There’s a great deal to be said about the tools and practices of living life with a positive attitude, being self-aware and choosing the manner in which you navigate your way through life. I’ve written many blogs and given many talks about how to live a happy life. I’d venture to guess anyone you spoke to who knows me would say I’m a happy fun-loving person, mostly.

I’m able to find joy in the slightest of things, such as the feel of writing with a good pen, the feel of a smoothly sanded bamboo stick (aka as an Apoziwand) , a default smile of someone driving by noticing how cute my dogs are as I’m walking them, watching a flag dance in the wind, looking in awe at all the colors of the big beautiful sky, merging in and out of the flow of traffic with ease (this really happens for me – honest truth),  hearing a good beat in a song and much more.

In fact, I’ve wondered about the validity of depression in the past because I’ve always been able to shift my focus and create a better feeling. However, recently I experienced a seemingly uncontrollable spiral downward. I’m not 100% certain what triggered the deluge of tears, but regardless of what I tried, I just couldn’t shake it. I didn’t like the way I felt. I was embarrassed and felt helpless, but you know what I noticed? #1 – I could use some coaching in the art of asking for help. #2 – Even though I didn’t directly ask for help, help was there. In fact, I was surrounded by help and support. After a full night of rest I was able to reflect on the situation and see it in its entirety. The first words I spoke upon reflecting on the flood of support that followed my flood of tears was, “That was amazing”.

I decided to share this blip on my record of happiness because it’s important to note that regardless of the tools and practices we develop to increase and secure our happiness, we must remember that we’re never alone and sometimes the best thing for us is to let go of the reins and allow others to step in and assist us on our journey. That being said, anyone know a good “ask for help” coach?

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

The BEST Mind Trick Ever

The secret to winning at life is to find your way to your own personal YES. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, says or does. When it comes to BEING YOU, YOU are the ultimate and final authority. It’s more than just saying YES to yourself though. Ya know? It’s about spending time with yourself discovering what it really means to BE you and then doing whatever it takes to be that ultimate version of yourself, 100%.

What is it you really want? Do yourself a favor and take some time to think about it. Don’t worry over time what you really want will change, because every single one of us is constantly changing and evolving. Just take some time each day to let go of all the limits and barriers and imagine it the way you would like it to be. Investing time in your dreams will not only feel good,  it will also create an alignment for those dreams to come true.

In a world full of NO find a way to be a YES.

YES, I am. YES, I can. YES, I will. YES, I do.

Believing in yourself is the BEST mind trick ever and believe me, that confidence in yourself is kinda sexy.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

What’s the #1 Most Important Message

Recently, I was asked a thought-provoking question about my blog. “If you could only get ONE message out to all of your readers, what would that message be?”

After a short bit of thinking, I came to this conclusion. The #1 most important message would be to live 100% authentic to yourself. This would incorporate all the blogs I’ve written about choice, happiness, passion, following your true bliss and living completely free.

Living true to yourself is saying what you want to stay, doing what YOU want to do, sharing your life with the people you choose. Living true to you is an active choice to live your life on purpose. Loving deeply and looking beyond the small humanness of people and seeing the bigger part of people, seeing the soul. Embracing the bigger part of yourself and allowing the bigger part of others to flow as well. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

I’ll live true to me and you live true to you.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Soy Sauce Ninja says I’m Taller

I drew this Ninja in my left over soy sauce with one of my chopsticks

I love embracing that part of myself that’s forever playful and curious. I love sharing my child like ways of viewing the world and encountering people. I still play in my food and see imaginary animals and made up creatures in the patterns of wood grain in tables, doors and floors. I love the sense of endless possibilities and limitless creativity. This is where I live, in a world of ANYTHING is possible and it feels amazing.

I was at Trader Joe’s recently and saw one of the friendly clerks and she said, “I haven’t seen you in a while. Where have you been?” All of a sudden I felt like a little kid, like when I used to be greeted with something like the following, “I haven’t seen you in a while, look at how much you’ve grown” except since I’ve been a full grown adult, I can’t remember the last time someone has noted my growth. Which is kinda a bummer, ya know? Cuz I’m still growing.

So, I asked her, “Do I look taller?” She looked at me kinda puzzled and said, “Not really, why? Have you grown?” I said, “I’m always growing, ya know spiritually,…”. She paused to ponder the notion and said, “Yeah I guess we’re still growing I guess. Hopefully, anyway.” I said, “Yup! Look at me I’m spiritually taller” She tilted her head back with laughter as she restated what I had said, “I’m spiritually taller,…. oh that’s great.” To be completely honest with you guys, I’m actually physically shorter. Last time I was measured, my doctor logged 5’7″ even in my chart. I’ve been 5’8″ in the past, and I’ve been hanging on to that height in the 5’7.5″ range, but had to totally come to terms with being shorter when I measured in at 5’7″ even. That’s ok, I’d rather be spiritually taller.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Ketchup and RAIN

Hey, look at you. You’re back!!! Already exercising your power of choice. AWESOME!!!

As promised, I’ll be sharing a 4 step mindfulness process to assist YOU in mastering the magnificent POWER of CHOICE, but first I have to say the hardest part about writing this blog is the quiet time of introspection. This blog is about providing awareness and clarity, but it’s hardly a living document of my infinite wisdom. LOL, I wish. More accurately, I’d describe it as a living document of the challenges I’ve faced and what I’m doing to help myself get through those challenges of life, but I don’t want to just get through life, ya know? I want to LIVE my life with intention and a smile of authenticity on my face, truly enjoying the moments of my life as they show up.

So, I asked myself, “What makes you happy, Angel?” and the answer I discovered was being creative and helping people find a way back to themselves. That’s when I started Apozitude because I wanted to share what I’m learning. My hope is that as I’m expanding into the larger part of myself and sharing my journey, I’m able to inspire and guide someone else along their way. It feels like sharing a personal story helps the message to be more relatable and applicable. Ya know? Like when you try something healthy that you don’t really like, but you know its good for you, so you choke it down with a bit of ketchup,…


OK, there we go. Now, we hopefully have a smile on your face and when you’re happy you’re more receptive, right? See, you’re already more agreeable. Last week, I shared the simple secrets of unlocking the power of choice. 

                                      1. Awareness

                                      2. Action

The 4 step mindfulness process is very simple too, IF YOU ARE WILLING to invest the time it takes to look within and expand beyond the current version of yourself. The process has an acronym known as RAIN to help remember it and it breaks down like this:

Recognize what is going on;

Accept the experience to be there, just as it is;

Investigate with kindness;

Non-identification which comes from not identifying
with the experience.

Here’s an example of how I put this process to use. Within the last 4 months, I was given an opportunity to embark on a journey of expansion. As you probably already know, I’m a big advocate of expansion, so to even be considered and then given this opportunity was very exciting to me. I’ve taken this opportunity of expansion very seriously, infusing the journey with  my personal philosophies of warmth and an authentic vibes of open-hearted awareness. Recently, I heard someone share their opinion, indicating they thought it was cold and unwelcoming.

I fell silent as I was processing this startling news. I had to stop and Recognize what was going on. Someone was simply sharing their opinion. I was making my attempts to Accept this experience just as it was, someone else’s opinion. I began to Investigate the situation with kindness asking, Why does this bother me? I realized I was taking it personally. It felt like a small dagger in my heart, but thanks to this mindfulness process, I was able to find my way to a  place of Non-identification. What an amazing transition from shock to curiosity to letting go and rather quickly stepping right into freedom. Oh man, that freedom of non-identification is so peaceful and truly satisfying. How could you not want a higher level of awareness?  


© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Magnificent and Glorious POWER

I started this blog with a bunch of silly distracting bunny trails and then I asked myself, “Is this really how you wanna go about this?” Not really, I mean the whole point of Apozitude is to raise awareness and bring about clarity, if it can be mildly entertaining along the way, well that my friends is what we call a bonus.

The truth of the matter is EVERYTHING ALWAYS boils down to ONE thing. I know, I know, you don’t have to remind me, I’ve heard the advice against using words like “always” and “every” so bare with me, but ALL the observation I’ve done over the years of myself and others has led me to this one undeniable fact. EVERYTHING always boils down to ONE thing. EVERYTHING we say, EVERYTHING we do always boils down to this ONE thing. Yes, that’s right, OUR ENTIRE EXPERIENCE boils down to ONE thing and that ONE thing my friends is the magnificent and glorious POWER of CHOICE. 

For instance when leaving New Orleans recently, we arrived at the airport very early. Early enough, in fact, to catch the plane departing to Colorado prior to ours. Colorado? NOOOOO, we want to go home. Where’s the Portland plane? I’m sorry to inform you that’s the next flight to depart.

Oh,… ok. What do we do now?

Insert the magnificent and powerful CHOICE!! We can sit at the gate and wait with all of these restless people for the Colorado plane, wait for everyone to deplane, wait for all these people to stand in line, wait for them to board their plane and then wait again for our plane? It was a simple choice. Let’s go get a cup of coffee. What a sense of relief, I felt so much better about waiting for a waitress and a cup of coffee.

See how simple the magnificent and glorious power of choice affected our experience? The secrets to unlocking this magnificent power are very simple too. Check it out:

1. Awareness 

2. Action

Next week, I’ll be sharing a 4 step mindfulness process to assist YOU in mastering the magnificent and glorious POWER of CHOICE. Will you check back in next week? The choice is yours. 

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Change Your Entire Life with One Blog

If breathing is essential for life and it is, right? That would kinda looks like this:

                                                       Breathing = Life

I wonder if we tweaked that equation a bit how it might affect our lives. Consider for a moment adding intention to the equation. Would it seem logical that would look more like this:

                                    intention + breathing = intention + life


                                  intentional breathing = intentional living

I’m by no means suggesting we take the time to be aware of each individual breath. We’d never get anything done. LOL What I am suggesting is taking an increment of time that seems reasonable to you and sitting quietly focused on breathing intentionally. There’s tons of research that supports the fact that focusing on breathing also known as meditation even for a short amount of time such as 10 minutes will help reduce stress, increase happiness, increase your level of satisfaction in life, improve relationships and your career.

With all of those benefits and the fact that it’s absolutely free, I’m left with one staggering question, What are you waiting for? Maybe it seems overwhelming because you don’t feel like you have time or you have no idea where to start.

Well I believe the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this blog is a pretty good sign that you have an interest in creating a life of intention. How often have you found yourself interested in something and there was absolutely no cost and no risk to you for you to pursue that interest?

Think about it. You hold within you the power to choose and with one little click you can begin your journey to a life packed full of happiness and satisfaction. The trick to this is your level of determination. It takes practice and for me, meditation ebbs and flows in and out of my daily routine, but the benefits keep me coming back. I just keep trying.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your life? If a single aspect of your life could be improved and you feel inclined to begin or continue your journey towards a happy life of satisfaction, I invite you to click that one little click above. Go ahead, take ten minutes for yourself. If not now, when? When will you make your sense of satisfaction your #1 priority? You have the power to change your entire life, right here, right now.    

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

As I See It

It’s such a joy to live life with constant curiosity. I’ve come to realize when I take time to let go of the clutter in my mind, I’m open to new possibilities. My practice of meditation has allowed me to open up a part of myself that I’ve longed for my entire life. A confidence in myself to be me 100% authentic.

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity I would have shied away from in the past. I found myself standing face to face with someone new who held a very strong opinion of how they see the world that’s starkly different from mine. I was able to say, “I disagree” and other poised  things such as, “Tell me more about that,…”

It was an amazingly peaceful conversation of disagreement and acceptance of each other and how we choose to operate in the world as we see it differently. I’m so grateful for my vision of the world being full of love and kindness. I see evidence of my vision everyday. My heart is full and my mind is at peace.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

ALERT‼️ Game Changer Mind Shift REVEALED‼️

Whoa!! I love it when a moment of clarity POPS into my realm of awareness. YES!!! I’m so excited to share this with you guys!!! Ya know how little changes and slight little tweaks make a big difference in the long run? Well, this very recent realization is one of those things that I foresee making a huge impact on my life and potentially yours too if it resonates with you.

Check it out, I was listening to someone tell a story the other day and I hadn’t noticed this yet, but this person was having a little trouble staying focused on their story and was meandering around a bit over details, ya know trying to remember specific things and they jokingly said to me, “You’re probably thinking, ‘just get on with your story dummy'”. However, #1 it hadn’t even registered in my mind that they were struggling and #2 it’s not my style to rush someone through their story or to call them dummy. I pride myself on being a good and patient listener, so I clarified, “Hey, don’t judge yourself with my mind. That’s not what I was thinkin’ and that’s not fair to me OR to you for that matter to judge yourself with your perception of my thoughts”.


Wait a minute!

Wheels turning,… information clicking into place,… awareness expanding,….


It’s not fair to me either when I allow myself to judge myself with my perception of what others MIGHT be thinking about me and it’s not fair to them. Cue the revelation music please and I’ve noticed over the last couple of days since I’ve had this AHA! moment, I’ve allowed little bits of self doubt and negative self talk to rescind a bit further, enabling my confidence and self assuredness to expand. It’s so cool to me every single time I gain more awareness. I LOVE IT!!! 😍

© 2017 Angel Zamudio