Ketchup and RAIN

Hey, look at you. You’re back!!! Already exercising your power of choice. AWESOME!!!

As promised, I’ll be sharing a 4 step mindfulness process to assist YOU in mastering the magnificent POWER of CHOICE, but first I have to say the hardest part about writing this blog is the quiet time of introspection. This blog is about providing awareness and clarity, but it’s hardly a living document of my infinite wisdom. LOL, I wish. More accurately, I’d describe it as a living document of the challenges I’ve faced and what I’m doing to help myself get through those challenges of life, but I don’t want to just get through life, ya know? I want to LIVE my life with intention and a smile of authenticity on my face, truly enjoying the moments of my life as they show up.

So, I asked myself, “What makes you happy, Angel?” and the answer I discovered was being creative and helping people find a way back to themselves. That’s when I started Apozitude because I wanted to share what I’m learning. My hope is that as I’m expanding into the larger part of myself and sharing my journey, I’m able to inspire and guide someone else along their way. It feels like sharing a personal story helps the message to be more relatable and applicable. Ya know? Like when you try something healthy that you don’t really like, but you know its good for you, so you choke it down with a bit of ketchup,…


OK, there we go. Now, we hopefully have a smile on your face and when you’re happy you’re more receptive, right? See, you’re already more agreeable. Last week, I shared the simple secrets of unlocking the power of choice. 

                                      1. Awareness

                                      2. Action

The 4 step mindfulness process is very simple too, IF YOU ARE WILLING to invest the time it takes to look within and expand beyond the current version of yourself. The process has an acronym known as RAIN to help remember it and it breaks down like this:

Recognize what is going on;

Accept the experience to be there, just as it is;

Investigate with kindness;

Non-identification which comes from not identifying
with the experience.

Here’s an example of how I put this process to use. Within the last 4 months, I was given an opportunity to embark on a journey of expansion. As you probably already know, I’m a big advocate of expansion, so to even be considered and then given this opportunity was very exciting to me. I’ve taken this opportunity of expansion very seriously, infusing the journey with  my personal philosophies of warmth and an authentic vibes of open-hearted awareness. Recently, I heard someone share their opinion, indicating they thought it was cold and unwelcoming.

I fell silent as I was processing this startling news. I had to stop and Recognize what was going on. Someone was simply sharing their opinion. I was making my attempts to Accept this experience just as it was, someone else’s opinion. I began to Investigate the situation with kindness asking, Why does this bother me? I realized I was taking it personally. It felt like a small dagger in my heart, but thanks to this mindfulness process, I was able to find my way to a  place of Non-identification. What an amazing transition from shock to curiosity to letting go and rather quickly stepping right into freedom. Oh man, that freedom of non-identification is so peaceful and truly satisfying. How could you not want a higher level of awareness?  


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