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Expanding Awesomeness!!! Join in the fun!!!

Do you remember that awesome community project I was invited to participate in a couple of weeks ago? The web site is Elevate Awesome!

The mission:

Elevate Awesome is a community.  We elevate awesome in ourselves and people around us with kindness.

Are You A Love Ambassador? What is a Love Ambassador?

A Love Ambassador is someone who believes that there is goodness in every person.

We are part of the movement that is creating a culture of kindness.

We Elevate Awesome in ourselves and those around us through acknowledgment.

 The global community of Love Ambassadors is causing sparks of connection as we take our microcosms and happily bump into others.

How to Participate in Creating a
Culture of Kindness

1. Look for awesome…especially where you don’t see it.

2. Acknowledge it!

3. Follow your inspiration!

How to Play:
The “Elevate Awesome” Game

There are 3 EASY ways to participate!

1. Email a card to someone you think is awesome!

2. Share a card below or make your own card to tell someone they’re awesome!

3. Use #ILoveHowAwesomeYouAre to tell someone they’re awesome on social media!

Then share your experience with the world!

We’re trying to get cards into every US state!  Check the list of states remaining by clicking this link. If this in any way resonates with you please contact me or reach out to the elevate awesome folks through any one of the links provided. Maybe you know someone who would love to participate, if you’re inclined to do so, please share or volunteer to participate and expand awesomeness in our communities.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

My #1 tip on How to Change Your Life, RIGHT NOW!

Here’s a little secret. I’m calling it a secret not because you don’t know about it, but rather because not everyone knows how to use it. We’re all born with this super cool high-tech capability. It’s called your emotional guidance system and here’s how it works: You’re beboppin’ along through your day minding your own business and getting shit done when all of a sudden someone or something is introduced into your realm of buzz buzz awesomeness and that someone or something doses up your realm of awesomeness with a little bit of poison, a negative attitude, irritating news or some other undesirable thing happens and your high-tech emotional guidance system kicks into action alerting you of the intruder into your realm of awesomeness.

Once you receive that alert and you will feel some resistance beginning to brew within you, before you get too far down that rabbit hole, begin to notice this feeling because in the early stages before you get too much momentum going, is exactly where you can change your life, because that’s when you have a couple of things to consider. First of all, ask yourself, Can I change this? If the answer is yes, Do it! Whatever “IT” is, DO IT post haste!!! Take brave and bold action. What have you got to lose? The risk is this simple, you could not take the brave action and stay stuck there in that yucky feeling or you could take this brave action and feel better. Even if it doesn’t work out exactly like you thought it might, you WILL feel better because you took action and then you have a basis for how to improve that action the next time. If the answer is no, I can’t change this then get yourself as fast as you can to a point of an improved attitude on the subject.

The hard simple truth is we ALL are in complete control of ourselves, we’re just out of practice. We all have way more power than we give ourselves credit for having. It’s far easier to sit in a state of victimization and blame others while we drown our misery of mediocrity in distractions with too much food, drink, shopping or any other methods to keep ourselves distracted from realizing our full potential.

It can be scary when you realize how much potential you have because when potential is realized, expectations arise and that’s when we have to jump on the hotline to call on our bravery so we can step outside of our comfort zones. So, I’m calling bull shit on all that noise about excuses and burying myself in mediocrity. If you don’t like your life, change it and start NOW, by claiming responsibility for yourself. The circumstances of your life exist because you allow them to, what are YOU going to do about it?

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Today is the last day of March

As this very moment that I am typing this very sentence it is 8:15 on March 30th 2016 and I just checked my number of views of this blog. My goal was to reach 20,000 views by tomorrow. I believe with every fiber of my being in the amazing powers of all that is good and right now I have 19,539 views.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and that means I believe like energy is drawn to like energy. The way that I’ve been feeling lately, so “in the groove”, right on the mark and totally aligned. I have every reason to believe that this blog will reach 20,000 views by midnight tomorrow!!!

To all of my subscribers, you could be a huge part of getting me to my goal, by taking a moment to find your favorite blog and sharing it with your friends!!! You could send it in an e-mail or you could share it to your Facebook wall. You could simply tell someone about Apozitude and how it has made you smile from time to time. We could infuse our world with Apozitude.

Wouldn’t it be cool to reach this goal in the next 12 or so hours??? It would be so cool, but you know what???  I would be totally happy just to have touched your lives in a positive way. Even if I don’t reach that goal by the end of tomorrow, I WILL reach that goal eventually and I’m so happy and excited to be part of making each one of you feel a little bit of hope or positivity in your day. In that I am a complete success.

Thank you in advance for your readership and for all that you have done to make my life the wonderful blessing that it is. IMG_3301

What an Awesome day!!!!

Everything just fell right into perfect place for me today. I made a bunch of progress at work today and made some pretty awesome connections with people. I love sharing love and growing. I love checking in on people who are right in the perfect spot to be guided towards a happy thought. I love it when I reach out to someone and they respond with something like, You couldn’t have picked a better day to check in on me or this is exactly what I needed today, thank you for thinking of me.


I was singing my heart out. The song was Let’s Wait Awhile by Janet Jackson. 🙂

It was THAT kinda of day and when ever I have a day like that it almost always seems like when I’m driving home I’m listening to the most perfect music and I always wanna stay in my car until that perfect song is over. That happened today and I thought of you guys and I thought it might be fun to share that moment with you this evening. So I took a picture of myself. I hope you enjoy it. LOL