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Your Buck Doesn’t Stop Here

I’ve only known Nikki for about 5 and half months, but in that short amount of time she has shown me kindness, acceptance and support. She has provided me with much appreciated assistance during a transitional time in my life and all in spite of the life threatening challenge she faces daily.

You see 7 years ago Nikki was convinced it was safe to move forward a decision because she was assured she would be safe with FDA approval and multiple guarantees of the safety and relative simplicity of a breast implant procedure. However, as she has come to discover, along with thousands of other women that the FDA approved implants cause a rapid decline in heath. Nikki’s body is working over time to battle the toxicity these implants have caused her, robbing her of the energy to fully enjoy her life, but she’s not hosting a pity party, in fact she’s doing everything in her power to help raise awareness of this illness now known as Breast Implant Illness.

When I tell you, your buck doesn’t stop here, what I mean is that your support of Nikki in her time of need will have a meaningful and positive affect on her life as well as the lives of all the women she’s making such a great effort to reach. Her efforts are not in vain, since she’s been raising awareness several women she knows have reached out to her thanking her for sharing her story because they realize they have some similar symptoms. Now those women have a glimmer of hope that they too could make a plan of their own to restore their health.

Nikki has a beautiful spirit and is trying so hard to do her best to get herself back to good health so she may better enjoy time with her adorable daughter and her fiance. She would never want to impose on anyone and so I’ve taken it upon myself to ask on her behalf. She and her family need your help to help cover the costs associated with restoring her health.

You can help Nikki and thousands of other women. Your support is key in helping Nikki. 

Would you consider making a donation to help her achieve her mission?

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to help cover the cost of Nikki’s medical bills and ex-plant surgery that insurance won’t cover and in her health she will continue her mission to raise awareness. You can donate online at Nikki’s GoFundme. Please feel free to share this blog with someone you may know who may be fighting this illness. You could be the person who saves her life.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio


There are so many wonderful and inspiring things going on right now that I want to share with you guys, but I have to decide for ME what has the highest priority in this moment. When I take the time to make a mindful decision, it’s easy to choose.

As faithful followers of Apozitude, you know my mission is to raise awareness, because as I’ve quoted Peter Matthiessen in the past, “The purpose of our life is to help others through it” and with Apozitude my mission is to help others through life by shining a light on the fact that we are empowered with the ability to choose. We can’t always control the circumstances of our lives, but we certainly can control our reaction to those circumstances. Even in what seems like a horrible situation, we can look for the good and focus our attention there.

A wonderful example of this is my friend Nikki who has been struggling with a decline in her health over the last 6 years. I realize you may be scratching your head with bewilderment as to why I’d refer to my friend’s declining health as a wonderful thing, so let me clarify the wonderful thing she’s doing with her discovery. As her symptoms increased, she was desperately trying to figure out what the hell was happening with her body and without the help from the various doctor’s appointments she’s attended over the last year, she discovered through her own research that she is suffering from Breast Implant Illness. She has decided to take action and an explant surgery has been scheduled. Nikki is bravely taking action for others as well by sharing her story, the stories of others and articles on her Facebook page to raise awareness of this toxic and totally preventable illness. She has an amazing positive attitude regarding her return to health after her surgery and though the situation is very serious she’s finding her own way to bring levity to her life, “Moving forward, I’m gonna join the itty bitty titty committee😂explanting April 13th👍🏻💪🏻💞 thank you for your love and support.

“The list of illnesses goes on unfortunately and there are many, including autoimmune diseases that have affected thousands and thousands of women… “YES there is proof and we’ve got it. Remove your hand from OUR mouth and let OUR VOICE speak out!”-Nikki Sattler💞

In the spirit of Apozitude, please take a moment to raise your awareness by reading Nikki’s story and consider supporting her cause. You may know someone who’s struggling in the dark with their health and this could be the light that sets them free. All positive energy and donations are greatly appreciated. I believe with Nikki that she will resume her healthy life because I see her positive attitude even during some of her toughest moments of dealing with the pain of Breast Implant Illness (BII). Nikki believes in her health despite what the medical professionals report and I support her in her efforts to raise awareness regarding the dangers of these toxic and horrible implants. Don’t get me wrong, I love 😍 boobs, just not toxic fake ones and not at the cost of my friends health or any other persons health for that matter.

Thank you for your following and sharing Apozitude.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio