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Magnificent and Glorious POWER

I started this blog with a bunch of silly distracting bunny trails and then I asked myself, “Is this really how you wanna go about this?” Not really, I mean the whole point of Apozitude is to raise awareness and bring about clarity, if it can be mildly entertaining along the way, well that my friends is what we call a bonus.

The truth of the matter is EVERYTHING ALWAYS boils down to ONE thing. I know, I know, you don’t have to remind me, I’ve heard the advice against using words like “always” and “every” so bare with me, but ALL the observation I’ve done over the years of myself and others has led me to this one undeniable fact. EVERYTHING always boils down to ONE thing. EVERYTHING we say, EVERYTHING we do always boils down to this ONE thing. Yes, that’s right, OUR ENTIRE EXPERIENCE boils down to ONE thing and that ONE thing my friends is the magnificent and glorious POWER of CHOICE. 

For instance when leaving New Orleans recently, we arrived at the airport very early. Early enough, in fact, to catch the plane departing to Colorado prior to ours. Colorado? NOOOOO, we want to go home. Where’s the Portland plane? I’m sorry to inform you that’s the next flight to depart.

Oh,… ok. What do we do now?

Insert the magnificent and powerful CHOICE!! We can sit at the gate and wait with all of these restless people for the Colorado plane, wait for everyone to deplane, wait for all these people to stand in line, wait for them to board their plane and then wait again for our plane? It was a simple choice. Let’s go get a cup of coffee. What a sense of relief, I felt so much better about waiting for a waitress and a cup of coffee.

See how simple the magnificent and glorious power of choice affected our experience? The secrets to unlocking this magnificent power are very simple too. Check it out:

1. Awareness 

2. Action

Next week, I’ll be sharing a 4 step mindfulness process to assist YOU in mastering the magnificent and glorious POWER of CHOICE. Will you check back in next week? The choice is yours. 

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Change Your Entire Life with One Blog

If breathing is essential for life and it is, right? That would kinda looks like this:

                                                       Breathing = Life

I wonder if we tweaked that equation a bit how it might affect our lives. Consider for a moment adding intention to the equation. Would it seem logical that would look more like this:

                                    intention + breathing = intention + life


                                  intentional breathing = intentional living

I’m by no means suggesting we take the time to be aware of each individual breath. We’d never get anything done. LOL What I am suggesting is taking an increment of time that seems reasonable to you and sitting quietly focused on breathing intentionally. There’s tons of research that supports the fact that focusing on breathing also known as meditation even for a short amount of time such as 10 minutes will help reduce stress, increase happiness, increase your level of satisfaction in life, improve relationships and your career.

With all of those benefits and the fact that it’s absolutely free, I’m left with one staggering question, What are you waiting for? Maybe it seems overwhelming because you don’t feel like you have time or you have no idea where to start.

Well I believe the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this blog is a pretty good sign that you have an interest in creating a life of intention. How often have you found yourself interested in something and there was absolutely no cost and no risk to you for you to pursue that interest?

Think about it. You hold within you the power to choose and with one little click you can begin your journey to a life packed full of happiness and satisfaction. The trick to this is your level of determination. It takes practice and for me, meditation ebbs and flows in and out of my daily routine, but the benefits keep me coming back. I just keep trying.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your life? If a single aspect of your life could be improved and you feel inclined to begin or continue your journey towards a happy life of satisfaction, I invite you to click that one little click above. Go ahead, take ten minutes for yourself. If not now, when? When will you make your sense of satisfaction your #1 priority? You have the power to change your entire life, right here, right now.    

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Do You Realize Your Power?

Life is full of opportunities. The question is are we taking the time to slow that incessant stream of thoughts long enough to see these opportunities. I’ve found that setting aside a time of day to focus on my breathing and practice letting go of whatever pops up in my mind for only 10 minutes, creates space in my mind and allows me more time to BE present in my life. I know it sounds kind of crazy that taking time, makes more time, but if you think about it logically, it really does make sense. Taking 10 minutes a day to practice letting go of all your thoughts creates a clear and peaceful space in your mind for clarity and connection.

Think about your mind as a work space or a creative space, like a desk or table. Now, take all the thoughts flowing through your mind about what needs to be done, what you might have done wrong, how a conversation could have been handled better or how you were wronged by someone, your fears of what’s to come and the unknown, everything that contributes to the busyness of your mind right now, imagine it all sitting on the table in front of you, except these thoughts aren’t just sitting there, still like a stack of papers, each one of those disruptive thoughts is like one of those wind-up toys that hops around mindlessly meandering and bumping into each other.

OK, now picture yourself sitting there at that table with all of that going and imagine you’ve been presented with an opportunity to having a meaningful conversation with someone you love dearly and they’re sitting across from you at this table. Keep in mind, your loved one can’t see all those annoying little wind up toys (your thoughts) hopping around distracting you from what they’re sharing.  It’s easy to see, given this example how these all these thoughts hopping all around can distract you from this opportunity you’ve been given to listen to your loved one and share a meaningful conversation. The really cool thing about this is you have a choice. You can sit there trying to listen with all of those distracting toys or thoughts hopping around or you can push all it all off the table or out of your mind and focus on your loved one. It seems a bit ridiculous at this point to ask, but which option do you think would increase your chances of successfully producing the desired result of having a meaningful conversation?

It’s easy to see, when the mind is clear, tasks are achieved more efficiently and in a manner creates more time. Investing 10 minutes each day to practice the art of letting go will create clarity of mind and deepen your life experiences. This clarity of mind will create space in your life to see those opportunities you may have been too distracted to observe in the past. You have the power. You have a choice.

Creating a Positive Spin

I absolutely love the creative process. I love how ideas spark out of the most simple interactions that at the time, seem like nothing at all and then with creative nurturing these little sparks turn into flames. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you find yourself tending fires that fuel true happiness.

In my office this past week, a couple of us were learning how to send secure e-mails. The discussion was a simple interaction to clarify whether or not parentheses or brackets were needed around the word secure in the subject line. I inquired of the 3 people I knew who had successfully sent secure emails on how they achieved the task. One of them, simply typed, secure, another placed brackets around the word, {secure} and yet another used parentheses, (secure). Therefore, I concluded and stated aloud, “If it works without brackets or parentheses, why not eliminate two key strokes for efficiency?” Jokingly, one of my co-workers (the one who uses parentheses, by the way) replied, “Don’t eliminate the parentheses! The parentheses will feel left out!!” She happen to be standing and I was sitting, so when she replied, she had placed her clenched fists on her hips, bent at her waist and furrowed her brow for emphasis as she replied.

I stood up, mimicked her stance and asked, “Who are you the defender of parentheses?” SPARK!!! Just like that, a super hero was created in my mind. My co-worker’s arms, from shoulder to fist, looked similar to parentheses and I didn’t really notice it until I mimicked her. I told her I was going to create a drawing of this super hero this weekend, named Defender of Parentheses.

As I got to thinking about the “Defender of Parentheses” and the mission of Apozitude, I had to rethink this hero’s name because if you’ve been reading this blog for very long at all, you probably already know it’s about raising awareness of the power of choice and living life with a positive attitude. We all have this ability to shift our focus towards something positive. It takes some practice, but this simple act of making an intentional choice to focus on the positive is a life changer, if you chose it and practice it.

Yes, I will eventually reveal the improved name of my super hero, but check out a couple of examples of shifting towards the positive. Simple things really, but which feels better to you?

1. Don’t forget ,….


2. Please remember,…

Can you feel how “don’t forget” seems like someone is shaking their finger at you and doubts you’re ability to remember on your own, but “please remember” has a friendly empowering feel to it? It’s more than a feeling though, it’s actually supported by science.  I’ve attached one of many articles I found on-line that reinforces the improved results, not only in memory, but in receptivity as well.

Another example of this idea is the defend vs promote scenario. It’s pretty easy to see how “defending peace” is a contradictory phrase. Generally speaking,  when you think about defending something, images or thoughts of fighting for or standing up for something are generated, right? So, when you think about it, fighting for peace goes directly against the intended or desired result. Right? However, promoting peace, has a more civil feel to it, don’t you think? Promoting peace sounds like an ebb and flow conversation, conversely defending peace sounds more like a heated argument.

Promoting vs defending feels like the difference between having a choice and being told what to do, similarly with please remember and don’t forget. Leading with positivity and providing options creates feelings of empowerment and cooperation.

It was so much fun creating this little challenge for myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Now you understand why my super hero was aptly renamed “Promoter of Parentheses” who by the way was created exclusively with parentheses, with the exception of his head. I left some of the raw edges still visible so you could see how the rows of stacked parentheses were used to create the image. Pretty cool, huh?

Whether you’re a first time reader or a long time reader, if this particular blog has shifted your awareness towards the possibility of positivity, please remember to share it with whomever you chose. You hold the power of choice. You hold the power to change your life and potentially someone else too. Thank you for your time today and for sharing my journey of tending this fire that fuels my true happiness. I love writing and drawing for this blog, it brings me such joy all on it’s own, simply by creating it, but especially when I hear from you that you’re enjoying it or have shared it with someone else.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Don’t Believe Me, Listen to Gandhi

YES!!!! Happiness is a choice!!! You know what that means don’t you???
That means YOU have ALL the power. You have complete control of what YOU believe, what YOU think, what YOU talk about, YOUR actions, YOUR habits and YOUR values. Therefore, you have complete control of YOUR destiny.



WOW!!! Who thought so much “knowing” could come from one little coffee mug with two little words printed on it? This is a MUST HAVE coffee mug for your kitchen, your office, YOUR LIFE.

Happiness Coffee Mug
Happiness Coffee Mug
by ApozitudeStore

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

How Would You Like to Hold ALL the Power?

Having and maintaining a positive attitude is easy when you know how. The trick is leading with a full heart, focusing the lens of your life on goodness and letting go of anything that displeases you.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-6-56-16-pm When you pause for a moment and consider what you are doing to yourself when you hold on to hurtful situations whether intended or accidental, it places you in a tremendous place of empowerment.

You have a choice. Which would you rather do?

A) Harbor it and continue to feel bad or

B) Let it go and feel better

The choice is yours and you hold all the power. 🙂


© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Are You Being Held Hostage?

My personal vision is to expand awareness related to the power of choice. So many wonderful and amazing people feel as if they are being held hostage in their own lives because they don’t realize the freedom they have to make change.

If you’re in a situation and don’t like the circumstances, I’m here to tell you my friend, YOU have a CHOICE. If you can’t change the circumstances, you can change your attitude. A positive point of focus is a very powerful thing and can change everything you see around you. This power is right there within your own mind.

My dream is to connect with people who are open and receptive so I can help them realize they have the magic of miracles right within them waiting to be ignited.

Are you ready to set yourself free?

An Amazing Mind Shift Technique To Try

I have to be honest with you guys, the idea I’m about to share with you is not my original thought, but the analogy I share today is what I came up as I listened and absorbed the idea being translated from Abraham by Ester.

Here’s the idea: Look in the direction of your desire. Click here to listen.

What I thought as I was listening was kinda like an Aha moment. I love it when a complicated yet simple concept finally clicks and make sense. It’s very simple. It’s like driving. You look in the direction of where you want to be rather than where you are. If you sat in the car focused on the stop sign you’d never go anywhere. Yes, the stop sign is there and that’s part of your reality, but you have to look for positive signs that you can move forward on your journey. Right?

IMG_3715Actually, this is a very good example to use when you decide to train yourself into a positive focused lifestyle. Check it out: When you see something in your reality that doesn’t feel good, it’s like a stop sign. Focusing on something that doesn’t feel good stops the good vibes and just like the intersection you have a choice, do you sit there and maintain focus on why your good vibes came to a screeching halt or do you shift your focus back towards your happy journey?

The good news is, it’s all up to you. You can sit there and focus on the negative aspects of life and be stuck OR you can shift your focus towards the positive aspects of life and move on to your desired destination.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio



Let Me See Your Smile

If you knew today was the very first day of the rest of your life wouldn’t you do everything possible to make it an awesome first day,…

Well, guess what!!!

Today IS the first day of the rest of your life! So, make it count!

Do what feels good.

Tell people you love them (if it’s true,…otherwise that’s a lie and that won’t feel good. Lol) send a loving text to your mom or dad. Embrace the place you stand and love it!!

You have the power to make it a great first day and don’t worry if it doesn’t go exactly like you planned, tomorrow is another first day you can try again.

Just know you don’t even have to wait until tomorrow. You can focus your attention on what you see that pleases you in the moment and begin today.FullSizeRender 2

This May Sound Familiar

We all have challenges in our lives and the truth that lies within this statement can be difficult to swallow, but here it is, we are the creators of our own reality. I know it may be hard to see at times or hard to accept, but really it’s only when we fully accept responsibility for ourselves that we are able to reach the freedom we all desire.

The most important thing to remember is the only thing you have control over is you and your focus. As soon as you make a decision to place your focus on something that creates good feelings in you, you will feel better. It really is that simple. I know it can be challenging, but I know you’re a powerful creator and I know you know how to focus on what makes you feel better. When you feel yourself begin to feel better because of intentional focus, you begin to realize that everything always works out. You’re responsible for your happiness. You have a choice and within that choice lies all the power you’ll ever need.


Ponder that for a moment…

Do you want to feel better or do you want to wallow?