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The Ultimate Formula for Life

If there really is such a thing as the Law of Attraction (and there is) and based on this law: like energies attract like energies, when you really stop and think about it, it places each and every one of us in an amazingly powerful place in our lives. If you’re not quite clear on how this is true, let me see if I can help provide some clarity about this law in your mind. As I was doing some research for this blog, I stumbled across another blog called Stop Drop Allow, VERY COOL!

In one of the posts in that blog, I found the formula for the Law of Attraction. I’m not 100% certain why knowing this formula solidified the concept of the Law of Attraction for me, but it did and I’d like to share it with you. I know I write a great deal about the power of choice and the reason is embedded within this formula. Check it out.

|E| = (D x B) / R

I’m certainly no math wizard, but I do know a few algebraic symbols, one being the symbol for the absolute value of a variable, which is a vertical line on either side of a it such as |X| or in the equation above |E|. The variable E in the above equation represents Experience. So, the absolute value of your Experience equals your (Desire multiplied by your Beliefs) / divided by your Resistance. The power of choice lies within that last bit and really all through out the equation, but look at it this way, you have the power to hold on to or let go of what causes resistance in your life, in your day to day life. Minute by minute you can choose to shift your focus towards thoughts and experiences that make you feel good or not. When you think of something that feels good, you feel better than you did when you were focused on the other thing that didn’t feel so good. You, I, we, all as individuals have ultimate power of choice in our lives.

WHOA!!!!! The Law of Attraction conceptualized!!! My mind is blown!!! Remember the Universe doesn’t know how to differentiate your focus at any given moment. The Universe reads vibrations. So, let’s say you’re dreaming of meeting your soul mate and when you imagine your soul mate you have a high vibrational frequency because it makes you feel good to imagine this dream boat person, but then some jerk cuts you off in traffic and nearly pulls right into your car. You swerve to avoid a collision and you get pissed off. Suddenly the high vibration you were cultivating when you were imaging your desired soul mate is obliterated, but not to worry because you have the power to choose and with that power you can choose to shift your focus back towards the good feeling thoughts or new good feeling thoughts.

You see, you absolutely have the power to lessen your resistance, thus improving the absolute value of your experience. ūüėȬ†Now that you have the ultimate formula for life go forth and create your ultimate life experience. Please remember to be gentle with yourself and others, we’re all practicing new life skills all the time.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Be The Master

Hey, I’ve got a question for ya. Do you actually look at yourself in the mirror? I mean, most people check out how they’re presenting themselves to the outside world, but I’m talkin’ about something beyond grooming. Do you really look at yourself? Do you wonder? Do you spend time reflecting with yourself? Do you think about who you are, what value you provide yourself and your community, where you intend to guide yourself, why you’re here or how you fit in the world. When you look in the mirror do you see a person who you shower with love, acceptance and kindness or do you see a person you criticize, judge and pick apart little by little? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle on the broad spectrum of self-love, but the reason I’m asking is for the purpose of raising awareness. Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of self-love please know the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. The cool thing about indifference is there’s something you can do about it.

Check it out. So, there you are, listening to the complaints and/or judgements that keep repeating in your head about how you’re not good enough. Are you tired of beating yourself up with your own words? Well, my friend the time has come to STOP the madness of listening to yourself and begin talking to yourself. If you’re the slightest bit interested, take a look at your calendar and mark this day down as the day you decided to step up for yourself. Today is the day you’re going to take notice, when you find yourself listening to harsh or unkind words, you’re going to stop listening yourself and you’re going to start talking to yourself. It may sound like I’m encouraging you to take on the role of “that crazy who walks around talking to himself” but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about catching yourself listening to the mindless chatter¬†of your mind, taking an active role inside your mind and start talking to yourself in a kind and loving manner.

I started thinking of myself as a person in training and when I make mistakes, I gently say to myself, “That’s ok. You’re doing your best. Try again. You can do this.” The only difference between a master and a beginner is a master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried. We tend to be so hard on ourselves, criticizing ourselves in our own minds over and over for not being good enough. By judging and doubting ourselves we’re slowly picking apart the greatest part of ourselves, our own self-worth. Our ability to love ourselves and to treat ourselves with kindness is the best gift we can give to ourselves. You have a choice to set your indifference aside and care enough about yourself to take action. Sometimes though, the act of taking action is more about doing less and spending more time BE-ing. Simply by sitting in silence the soul collects wisdom, because you quiet the incessant thoughts enough to allow spiritual guidance to flow.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

WHAT? No beer???

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is when some one starts talking about a particular challenge in their life and they are totally ready to be inspired. You can totally tell when someone is ready to be inspired because every encouraging thing you say to them makes perfect sense to them and they are nodding in agreement the whole time you’re talking to them.

I encountered this delightful situation this last week when one of my friends and co-workers started talking to me about starting a new eating regimen for the purpose of reversing her lactose intolerance. I can not speak to the validity of this cleanse because I’ve not done any research on the subject, but what I can speak to is this young woman’s enthusiasm for making a positive change in her life.

Her name is Courtney and she is the one that has done the research. She is the one that has decided to make a change in her life. She was talking to me about the restrictions she has decided to place on herself in an effort to reverse her intolerance and was sharing some of the details. The next 5 months (starting after Christmas) she will cut out breads, sugars (even natural sugars (so no fruit), no beer or wine, and honestly, I don’t remember all the details, because once she said, “No Beer”, I kinda went into shock.

I’m kidding about the shock, but serious that I don’t remember all the details. Once Courtney mentioned how hard it was going to be, I shifted into inspiration mode. I said, “It will be as hard or as easy as you decide to make it on yourself”. She agreed and came back with, “That’s right and if I don’t ever do it. I’ll be lactose intolerant for the rest of my life”.

Yes, that’s right. As long as we remain unwilling to make a shift, we can only hold ourselves in place of responsibility for the circumstances that exists in our lives.

We talked about situations that are out of our control, such as people bringing treats to the office. I told her about when I had a clarifying moment a few years ago. Some very sweet well intended person brought some yummy goodies to the office and I said to myself, “Who’s the son of a bitch that keeps bringing in the goodies?” and then as if divine wisdom was whispering in my ear, this question came to me, “Well, who’s the son of a bitch that keeps putting it in your mouth?”

Ahhh HA!!!

It was really a very cool conversation. I am very excited for Courtney and the change that she is planning to make for herself. 5 months really is not that long at all. I believe in you. I am not saying there won’t be challenging moments, but with the right mind set it’s going to be much easier. It’s all about choices and how much you really want the change you are seeking. You have control over yourself, your thoughts and your actions.

I believe with the right attitude and desire any one of us could make any change we desire for our lives. We all have the power to make it as easy as we’d like for it to be.


What’s an Emotional Guidance System?

We’re all born with this amazing capability to guide ourselves towards living the very best versions of ourselves. You see when we come into this world, as babies, we are pure positive energy and we are completely free. Free to do exactly what we want at any given moment. Need to pee? Go for it!!! Need to poop? Why wait, you’re wearing a diaper, grunt it out!!! LOL

I know this seems a little bit ridiculous, but it kinda brings you back to remembering that YOU and everyone else was born completely and utterly free. As we grow we’re taught about limits, boundaries and responsibilities and we cry, kick and scream as toddlers as limits are placed on our free time to play. The expressions of crying and screaming are our emotional guidance system (EGS) alerting us that we don’t want to stop playing. That emotional guidance system (EGS) is still alive inside of you and you know it.

Every time you say, yes when your gut is saying no – you’re denying yourself the opportunity to live as your authentic self. Do you remember what it feels like to be 100% authentic to yourself? All I have to say is once you take a chance on yourself, trust your gut and get a taste of life living authentic to yourself, there’s absolutely no going back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 100% of the time I’m 100% authentic to myself, but what I am saying is more and more that’s the case and it feels amazing. If you’re interested in living more authentic to you and stepping out from behind a veil of illusion, take a deep breath and read further.

When you begin to feel resistance in your body when someone is asking you to do something, go somewhere or discuss something, pay attention to that resistance that comes up in your body because that is your EGS alerting you to say NO. No, I don’t want to do that. No, I don’t want go there. No, I don’t want to talk about that. You may not know this, so I’m going to tell you. You have a right to the way you feel. You are the only you there is, therefore YOU are the only one who gets to say what is the “right” way for you to feel. The only happy meter you’re obligated to tend is your own.

So ask yourself, does this potential action spark joy in my life? If your answer is not Hell YES, then the answer is HELL NO!!! Do you want to live authentic to you? I don’t know about you, but my answer is, HELL YES!!!

Happy meter


© 2016 Angel Zamudio

You Won’t Believe How Much Power YOU Have

During my morning meditation one morning last week a flash of clarity came to me. The really awesome news is I’m going to share it with you. The other news,… This is a story or revelation about me and my personal power. More good news, we ALL have this power and as you read this you can figure out a way for you to apply this flash of clarity to you and ignite your own personal power.

THE number one most important relationship in your life is between you and you. It really does not matter what anyone else says about you, thinks about you, or how they respond to you. YOU have complete and utter control over how you allow it to affect you or roll off of you like the nothing that it is.

When someone else is behaving in a manner that is displeasing to you it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. When someone says something about you that doesn’t feel like the truth to you, imagine their words are a purple cloud of ink dust floating in the air.IMG_3710

Now, stop for a moment and ask yourself, Do I want to walk up to that purple cloud of ink dust, wrap my arms around it and own it as if their words have that kind of power over me?


Do I want to stand still and allow that purple cloud of ink dust to simply float away into the nothingness from which it originated?

Regardless of what someone else is saying or thinking about you, the only power it really has is the power you allow it to have. It’s easier to wrap your brain around it when you think about it like this,… Let’s pretend what ever “they” are saying about you turns out what “they” are claiming equates to the fact that you are purple. Now, this is simple, right? Because you know you’re not purple and it doesn’t make a bit of sense to argue this point with someone who believes and says something to the contrary, right? The fact that someone says YOU ARE purple doesn’t MAKE you purple,… So who cares. This simplistic example applies to anything anyone says or thinks about you that you know to be wrong. It may seem different, but it really is the same. It takes two people to play tug of war and your knowledge of yourself gives you the power to let go of the rope.


Not you.

Now look who’s on their ass with a lap full of rope.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Field or Coliseum??? You Decide

When you are presented with a new situation which as you know happens every single day. There are two ways to proceed into that new situation. You can enter into that new situation with fear or you can enter into it with faith. I’m going to paint a couple of pictures here with words to help you see how easy it is to change your mind.

Pretend for a moment that you’re about to enter into this new situation. In your mind create this visual,¬†you’re walking outside and approach an open¬†coliseum. You walk into the coliseum and recall all the movies you’ve ever seen about gladiators fighting in a this type of space. You remember trap doors that open from the ground to allow lions into the arena. You remember fighters coming out to fight and you wonder if it’s possible that there could be lions or fighters inside somewhere waiting to be released to attack. Imagine how your body feels not knowing whether or not a lion or a fighter is going to jump out at you or not. Your muscles are tense and you’re guarded. Can you feel the tension? That’s fear.

Ok, this time¬†pretend for a moment that you’re about to enter into this same new situation. In your mind create this visual, you’re walking outside and approach an open field, the grass is green and speckled with a beautiful array of wild flowers. The sky is blue, spotted here and there with big white puffy clouds. This field has a few large trees in it to provide nice shady places for you to sit comfortably if you need a rest. You see a butterfly flutter by, now image how your body feels walking into this completely serene environment. Can you feel the ease? Your breath is slow and relaxed. That’s faith.

Your mind is a very powerful tool. You have the power to create either one of these scenarios. The really cool thing is you get to decide which one works best for you.

Feelings Last, Make an Impression

Every day that we are blessed enough to open our eyes and face another day of life, we’re given an amazing gift of opportunity. The opportunity is this, you can look at challenges that come your way on any given day and you can make a choice. Will this challenge make me or break me?

IMG_3391Asking that question right now as I write reminds me of a poster I saw when I was a kid. I can remember standing in front of that poster, reading the words and feeling like I want to remember this. I read it over and over in an attempt to memorize it. I can never remember all the words, but what I do remember is the feeling it provided deep in my heart. I’m always able to remember the opening line and that has always been enough for me, but for the sake of sharing it with you I utilized my trusty friend, Google, to fill in the gaps. I’ve shortened it and revamped it just a bit, but it goes something like this:

“When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you’re traveling seems all uphill, When funds are low and debts are high, When you want to smile but can only cry, When life is pressing down a bit, rest if you must but don’t you ever quit. Because just beyond your fears and doubt, You’ll find success disguised as failure turned inside out.”

The line that always comes to mind for me is, When the road you’re traveling seems all uphill,…

And the feeling I remember is, Don’t you ever quit!!!

Life is Short, Who Cares What Makes YOU Smile as long as YOU Smile

Every single minute of every single day you have a choice.

Are you going to focus on something that upsets you?  Y or N


Are you going to find something that makes you smile?  Y or N

There’s nothing you can do about what anyone else does, says or thinks, so you might as well focus on what makes YOU happy. Therefore, I added a little sticker to the face of my phone. I look at my phone ALL through the day and this little sticker makes me smile.

I doesn’t matter to me what anyone else thinks about it because what someone else thinks is none of my business. I’m embracing MY source of happiness for ME!¬†IMG_3346

Awareness Boost


Not feeling the joy in life today?

It’s true. We’ve all had days like this. When one thing or another has kicked us off into the weeds. Sometimes, we wallow in it for a bit, but after awhile we begin to realize it doesn’t feel good to not feel good, so we look for ways to feel better.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do something to shorten the length of time that we wallow and don’t feel good? Wouldn’t it be so cool and amazing if we had a choice. We could experience something unwanted or undesirable and without much of a ripple at all we could let that disruption just slip away. Oh man,… Think about how much happier we all would be. Think about how much better we could treat each other if we only had a choice. The world would be such a different place if we could choose to let go of our dissatisfaction quicker and return to a state of happiness.


We turned it and you can too.

I know you know I’m being facetious, but here’s the point I’m trying to make, We do have a choice. We can focus of something that helps us feel better and we can raise awareness. You don’ have to feel bad. You have a choice. You can feel good. You decide. I know I write about this ¬†quite a bit, but I do it because I see evidence around me that the message needs to be repeated until this awareness sinks in. It’s getting better. We do live in a age of greater awareness than we’ve ever lived in before. It is getting better and better is better. That makes me feels good. We say pas it on.