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The BEST Mind Trick Ever

The secret to winning at life is to find your way to your own personal YES. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, says or does. When it comes to BEING YOU, YOU are the ultimate and final authority. It’s more than just saying YES to yourself though. Ya know? It’s about spending time with yourself discovering what it really means to BE you and then doing whatever it takes to be that ultimate version of yourself, 100%.

What is it you really want? Do yourself a favor and take some time to think about it. Don’t worry over time what you really want will change, because every single one of us is constantly changing and evolving. Just take some time each day to let go of all the limits and barriers and imagine it the way you would like it to be. Investing time in your dreams will not only feel good,  it will also create an alignment for those dreams to come true.

In a world full of NO find a way to be a YES.

YES, I am. YES, I can. YES, I will. YES, I do.

Believing in yourself is the BEST mind trick ever and believe me, that confidence in yourself is kinda sexy.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Yo-Yo, Confidence!!!

Since our son, Garrison, and his girlfriend, Makayla, moved to Oregon last month I was reminded of a funny story about when Keri, Garrison and I first moved to Oregon back in August of 1999. There’s a long story here, evident by the first draft of this blog being almost 900 words before I even got to the end, but the funny part I wanted to share is centered around the fact that Keri had a job when we moved and I was planning to look for work once we arrived. We had saved enough money to pay for our move, take care of our initial move-in expenses and cover a month of living expenses with only one income. So we were prepared.

Once our apartment was settled, Keri started her new job and Garrison started his new school, all that remained was for me to find a job. I looked everyday. I went to temp agencies. I applied for a job driving a forklift in a warehouse. I didn’t want that job. I applied for a position at the Made in Oregon Store at Washington Square Mall. I didn’t really want that job either. I had been a dental assistant in Oklahoma, but the assisting license requirements were different in Oregon than in Oklahoma, so I was looking for a new start. I didn’t get discouraged and I looked everyday, which as we all know can be a tiresome and spirit draining process.

The funny part about this was everyday I looked for a job, I also made time for something I really wanted and that was to learn yo-yo tricks. Fortunately, Garrison had a small collection of yo-yos and a book of yo-yo tricks. I yo-yoed every single day. I learned so many tricks and I was having a blast. I yo-yoed so much I had to put a band-aid around my finger for protection and eventually I had to wear a leather work glove to continue my daily practice. My yo-yo finger was so sore and the palm of my hand was all bruised up from all the attempts at different tricks. But do you know what? I. WAS. HAVING. FUN.

I’m sure it really tested Keri’s patience to come home from work to find me all excited about the newest yo-yo trick I had learned, but you know what? I don’t even remember her expressing frustration or irritation over it. I was on the job hunt everyday and the yo-yo kept me happy. I still remember it. It was a Duncan Bumblebee, bright sunshine yellow and ink black, it had a badass bumble-bee on either side of it and it felt so good to master those yo-yo tricks. I believe the joy and confidence I gleaned from that experience helped me get the job I ended up getting.

I remember walking towards the exit from my interview and the guy that interviewed me was following me to the door, right when I got to the door, I turned to say good-bye, I stuck out my hand to shake his and with all the conviction I could muster I said, “Hire me. I’m the right person for this job.” He said he had a couple more interviews to do, but would let me know his final decision. A couple of days later, I got the call. I was hired. After about a week or so on the job, my boss told me, “Ya know, it was the certainty of your words and that final hand shake that got you this job.” I had zero experience in the sign business and didn’t even know vinyl lettering existed, but it was my confidence in myself and my ability that got me that job. It was the, “I conquered the yo-yo” confidence.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

What Do You Know for Certain???

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a bunch of posts on Facebook documenting the “first day of,….” whatever grade the little one is entering. The ones that really touch my heart are the “first day of Kindergarten” posts. It’s a whole new beginning of uncharted territory not only for a child, but for a parent as well.

I saw a post this week where a mom posted a picture of her daughter’s first day of Kindergarten and someone commented that it was bittersweet. The expression on the little girls face was one of uncertainty and her body language spoke clearly of her doubt, but what I saw in the background was a couple of unsuspecting onlookers who were captured in the shot as well. They unknowingly had added a layer of certainty to the shot as they smiled in response to what I’m certain was the sound of the mother’s voice reassuring her daughter as she captured the last picture before their departure from each other. The mother noted that they both cried and it reminded me of Garrison’s first day of Kindergarten.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-6-52-40-pmI informed my employer that I would be late to work because I was going to be taking Garrison to his first day. He had his “packpack” full of all his supplies, he had combed his hair with a perfect part to the side of his forehead, tucked in his shirt, buckled his belt and made certain his socks matched his shoes. Such a dapper kindergartener he was. On the way to school we listened to his favorite song, “We are the Champions”. How do I remember that? I remember that because that was the song we listened to every single day on the way to school kindergarten through second grade. He loved it!!! I loved it that he loved it!!! Therefore, we did it every single day, because it felt good!!!

When I got him to school, I walked him to his classroom and explained that the next day he would be riding with all the other kids in the daycare van. I squatted down in front of him before I sent him in and I told him, “You’re going to have so much fun. You’re going to make friends and learn so much. I love you and I’ll see you at the end of your day. I want to hear all about your adventures”. I sent him into the classroom and pretended to walk away. I, carefully, peered through the window of the door. I saw him standing by himself next to an aquarium looking at some turtles. He looked around and I stepped away from the window so he wouldn’t see me, another mom saw my tears rolling down my cheeks as I leaned against the wall next to the door and she said, “He’ll make friends faster than you think. He’ll be fine.” She was right! He did make friends, lots of them and he is still doing just fine.  

The #1 thing in my life where I have the most confidence is being this boys mother. I have 100% certainty that he will thrive and he’ll be happy in his thriving. I love you Garrison.  img_2625   

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Whoa dude that’s deep!

Recently, I was chatting in a short little private message on Facebook with a friend and in this encounter, I had a realization. Now, you probably know I’m going to share that realization with you,… but what you might not know is that I’m going to make you wait. I like to build the story, so you can follow along with me as you read. My intention behind this is based on the idea that if I keep the realization under wraps in the beginning, you can possibly feel the A-ha moment yourself as it is revealed.

Whoa dude that’s deep! 🙂

My friend’s name is Tayrn and she shared with me and several others of us that she was very excited and had some amazing news to share with us. She had been working on a project and wanted us all to know about it, so she invited us to a zoom call to make the announcement. She told us she had put a great deal of energy into this big project she had been working on and encouraged us to check it out. So, I checked it out and mentioned to her in a private message that I had checked it out. She asked for my feedback.

The project she had been working on was a website developed specifically for Beachbody coaches on her team, Team Brave. I thought it was awesome. It was perfectly simple, free of clutter that could distract from the content. It was clean and organized. I thought she did a great job. I like the idea of training modules being available all the time. Continuing education is key in  the world of moving forward.

In one of the messages between us she said, “I’m super excited for this and hopeful that it was [a step] in the right direction!” I responded, “There is no hope when you take a step like that, ya know? There is only faith and trust. I’m certain it was the right direction. There are no mistakes in life only steps in the direction of happiness and little tweaks along the way. You’re golden!”

The funny thing is,… just a few bubbles up in the private message thread I had made some mention of what I thought might be holding me back and she had this knowing response, a certainty of my abilities to move forward, She said, “You got this!”

Her certainty of my abilities and my certainty of her abilities got me thinking, Isn’t it funny how we are so certain of others abilities and the knowing we hold within ourselves for others. Then for ourselves we struggle and doubt. This little convo created a shift in me. I decided moving forward when I’m considering attempting something that is weighted a bit on the scary side of the scale, instead of doubting myself I’m going to treat myself like I treat so many others with a knowing of competence. I’m going to nurture my own self confidence. To nurture is to care for and encourage growth or development. In conjunction with this effort to nurture myself, I’m also going to take a mindful moment to acknowledge Taryn Brady Dickey.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 10.33.15 AM

What a beautiful soul. I bet this post gets a like from Bernie. 🙂 Thank you for following and sharing.

Taryn, you’re an inspiration and an amazing confidence booster. Thank you for the effort you put into your team and the coaches who have the life changing opportunity to be nurtured by you and your heart of gold.

Did you feel the A-ha moment?

On my way here

I feel so empowered and confident when I am belting out the words of the song, On My Way Here, by Clay Aiken. It is such a powerful song for me. I literally listen to it every single day. In fact, I am listening to it on repeat right now as I am writing this blog post.

I feel like I can do anything when I am listening to the words, on my way here, where I am now, I’ve learned to fly, I have to want to leave the ground, I’ve fallen hard, but I’ve been loved, and in the end it all works out, my faith has conquered fear, on my way here.

It feels so amazing to feel the power of pure confidence and this song gives me that feeling. When I hear this song, I always imagine myself walking out on to a stage and I begin to give an inspirational talk with the words, I’ve seen the best and I’ve seen the worst, and I wouldn’t change what I’ve been through. I’ve touched the sky, I’ve hit the wall, but I did what I had to, on my way here.

As I look out over a crowd of people I see that they are excited to be here, in my audience. Some have traveled a bit to be here and some are lucky enough to live in the city in which I am speaking. In either case, they all have their notebooks out, eager to write down whatever it is that strikes them as a little nugget of wisdom that has totally shifted their paradigm. It’s that one thing that I am able to say in just the right way that sinks in this time. It seems very familiar, because they have heard something like it before, but just the right Apozitude version of it really makes sense and changes their perspective on life. Sometimes it’s a small little shift that people will feel and other times it changes someone’s life forever, in a way they never even knew was possible.

I have been to conferences that changed my perspective and then ultimately changed my life. I love the feeling of being alive and living in the moment. That is what Apozitude is about for me. Being right here, right now, and feeling the power of total awareness. I am aware that I can make a difference in my life by focusing on the positive. I am aware that awakening other people to this concept is my passion and that is the reason I. Am. Here!!! You are reading this blog post right now, so welcome to the launching pad of a little rocket called Apozitude. We are ready for take off.

I truly believe that in the end it all works out. I believe this dream of mine is becoming my reality and it just may start with you. If you know someone that would like to have an inspiration speaker for an upcoming event, let me know. I’d love the opportunity to speak publicly.