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Living Peace

People will wonder how you live such a happy life. People will want to know what you know. People will want to be like you. People will want to sit beside you at social gatherings.  People will doubt your sincerity. People will question your motives. People will dislike you for the connection you have because they haven’t quiet found yet. People will feel conflicted about how much they like you and yet how much you bug the shit out of them because you’re so damned happy all the time. All the while you’ll love them just the same, because you have been where they are before. You know how it feels to be lost. You know how it feels to be searching. You know how it feels to be grasping for connection. You know how it feels to try to fill the void within with anything you can get your hands on. Food, shopping, vacation, alcohol, drugs, sex and all providing nothing more than a false sense of self.

All my life I’ve searched for a sense of peace and I’ve found it many times. There are so many pathways to peace and various types of peace to be felt. Every level of peace I’ve achieved, I’m always amazed at how there’s another depth of peace and clarity to be achieved.

There’s a great sense of peace in knowing yourself. Knowing your value. Knowing your worth. What an amazing experience to feel and know your own sense of true connection. Honestly, there really are no words to describe exactly how it feels, but what I do know, is when you FEEL it, you KNOW it with complete certainty.

True connection to our authentic self is what provides a sense of peace that passes all understanding.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Snowy Reflections

I love realizations and clarifying moments. I’m not a huge fan of winter weather, especially when snow falls in the city and causes such a stir of emotion and uncertainty in the people around me. I choose to believe that everything will be ok and that everything happens for a reason.

I feel BEST when I remain calm and rest on my beliefs that everything is always working out for me. A couple of weeks ago we had some snow in the Portland metro area causing closures of schools and businesses. My office closed early and I was able to arrive home safely with the help of a chipper co-worker of mine and one of my bosses. They happily and rather quickly helped me put the chains on my tires and that simple gesture of kindness allowed me to drive home with confidence. Thank you my friends.

fun-in-the-snowOnce I arrived home my wife and our puppy where ready to get out in that snow and romp around (mostly,…well completely the puppy’s idea). We went to the park and Marbles got his time to run around the park, romp through the snow and be his adorable fun-loving self. On our walk home, Marbles was in the lead of course and Keri was holding the leash, leaving me last in line. Our walks often happen this way for a couple of reasons, 1. Keri is usually holding the leash and is on the task of getting exercise for the puppy and 2. I’m usually lagging behind gazing up at the sky and the clouds or checking out flowers, leaves, trees, or kids playing soccer or skateboarding. I usually have to jog a bit to catch up throughout our walks.footprints-in-the-snow

On this snowy day I was focused on all the foot prints in the snow on the sidewalk and even though we were the only ones there at that moment, it felt as if the sidewalk was busy with people as I was walking and watched their footprints go by. It gave me a good feeling inside to think about all the people I wouldn’t necessarily think of otherwise because there’s no way to note that they had been there, but with their footprints left in the snow, I felt a warmth and a sense of connection knowing we’re never really alone. We’re all on this path of life and I like to think that if any one of those people appeared where their footprints were left behind that we’d walk together and enjoy each others company.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

The #1 Way to Determine Connection

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about nearly being in a car accident and how shocked I was at how close of a call it was. I mentioned in that blog several times how, “Nothing happened”, but then I realized something did happen. I knew I had experienced divine intervention, because I was in total alignment with my Ultimate Creative Source as I was cruising down the road singing, Make It Happen, by Mariah Carey. I also mentioned in that blog that I felt like my Dad who had passed away in January of 2006 was right there with me.

The reason I’m bringing this up again is because I didn’t get a chance to share with you the amazing thing that happened the following day. I had maintained this high vibrational frequency and was feeling very connected to the spiritual realm, even into the next day. It was a Friday and one of my all time favorite Friday activities is to go to the community center in my neighborhood to watch my best friends girls have their ballet lessons.

This particular Friday I walked into the community center and little Taylor ran up to me with an excited look on her face, “AUNTIE ANGEL!!!” I squatted down, opened my arms and picked her up as she threw her arms around me.

What an amazing feeling!!!

I carried her over to where her mom and sister were chatting with another mom and little dancer. I sat down on the floor; Taylor plopped down right next to me and the first thing she said to me was, “What’s your daddy’s name?”

IMG_0021I had a puzzled look on my face, I’m sure, as I turned to her with curiosity and asked, “Why are you asking about my daddy’s name?” She replied very sweet and innocently, “Cuz I don’t know hims name”. I replied, “Oh, ok. Well, his name is Gary”. She popped up in my lap like any other day, faced me and said. “My great grandpa died and he’s up in heaven”.

I’m sure you can imagine the utter amazement I was experiencing in that moment. I hadn’t said a word to her about any of what I had been experiencing. I mean why would I, right? She’ll be turning 4 in July. If this isn’t a sign that we naturally have a connection to the spirit realm, I don’t know what would be. I love this story and I will carry it with me in my heart forever.
© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Peace be with you

There are no words to describe the amazing feeling of connection I’ve been feeling lately. Words are just words. I think I usually do a pretty good job of selecting a good group of words to string together to describe how I feel, but,…. can anyone really know or understand the feeling of clarity in another person?

I guess there really is no certain way to know if anyone else can FEEL the peace of MY knowing. It seems reasonable that we can only FEEL the peace of our own knowing and clarity. Right?

Otherwise, we’d be living a totally different reality. Right? Oh well,… I’m grateful for the clarity I know and my hope of hopes is that by living and sharing my own truth and clarity that it will assist others in finding their own truth and clarity.

The Puzzle and the Missing Piece


I was walking down the street with Keri and Marbles one day a couple weeks ago when I discovered something. I had to stop. I told Keri, “Go on. I’ll catch up. I need to take a picture.”



They continued walking and I stopped to take this picture. I finally found the missing piece!!! No, I don’t literally have a puzzle that’s missing a piece. It struck me as odd to find a random piece to a puzzle laying by the sidewalk. I just thought I gotta take a picture. I don’t have a puzzle, but that one stray puzzle piece just caught my eye. I took the picture on an impulse. I didn’t really know what it was going to be and I didn’t question it. I just took the picture.

As time went on, that puzzle piece kept rolling around in my mind. Why was I so happy to get a picture of a random missing piece of some random puzzle? Thoughts began clicking and all of a sudden I realized, I’m the puzzle.

I have been searching all my life for a place to fit in, a place to feel connection or a sense of belonging and all of a sudden this random puzzle piece provided me with some clarity.

Yes, I’m the puzzle AND I AM the missing piece. I am my own solution. All of my answers are right here within me and my connection with the bigger part of me.

It doesn’t always have to make sense, but follow your bliss and all the pieces will fall perfectly into alignment.

Love Power

I looked at my phone yesterday and found a text message that read, “May I ask you a question?”
I replied, “Sure”
“May I call you?”
I wanted to respond, “Is that really your question?” but before I could respond my phone was ringing, so I answered instead of texting my witty response. 
“What’s up?”
Basically this person was asking me how to handle a situation she didn’t think she knew how to handle, but she knew. She just forgot she knew. So, I reminded her. 
I could tell she was feeling a bit anxious by the tone of her voice. So, I claried, “First of all you’re a little too wrapped up in your emotion right now to even hear what I have to say. You’ll have to settle yourself before you’ll even be able to hear my advice. She said, “I don’t know how” and I said, “Yes, you do.”
Take 5 – 10 slow deep breaths. Breathe in to the count of 5. Breathe out to the count of 5. As you begin to slow your breath, you will find yourself growing more and more calm. Once you begin to feel the calm, you’ll remember that there’s no power or love greater than the power or love of the Ultimate Creative Source. Focus your energy on that powerful source of love and when you’re aligned and connected to Source all fear, doubt, worry or concern will melt away.
We spoke a bit longer, but I could immediately tell she got the message loud and clear. I could hear the calm in her voice. 
We all have access to this amazing yet very simple power.  


Working on Better

Sometimes I have a difficult time getting a blog started. This morning in fact I’ve sat here in my chair with my iPad in my lap waiting to be inspired. I looked at FB, no inspiration. I looked at Twitter, I found a dull flicker, like a fluorescent bulb that’s on it’s last bit of life. I checked in on my YouTube channels, not quite right either.
I didn’t really get frustrated, I just was curious, because I’m usually able to find inspiration everywhere. Usually, I can get 2-3 ideas from one song or one encounter. Then it dawned on me,… I wasn’t getting my usual inspiration because I wasn’t in my usual energy space. I was the missing piece. 
It seems like I come to this sort of realization all the time, so why do I keep forgetting to look at me first? Well,… I don’t really know. I guess it’s kinda like when you’re working along and all of a sudden start having some computer issue that you can’t figure out, so you call an I.T. person, and they advise you to turn it off and turn it back on. Presto!!!! Your computer is fixed. I really don’t understand computers, but that’s a whole different blog all together.


I don’t know who the I.T. person would be in this particular scenario, perhaps Universal Source or God, reminding me to get my connection lined up first and then attempt do the writing. It all boils down to the very simple and true fact that you can’t give what you don’t have. 
How can I inspire anyone from a point of disconnection?          

I’m Watching

One of my all time favorite things to do on the weekend is to get up early, like when the sun is just coming up, birds are chirping and mostly people are still sleeping. I like to sit in the still quiet morning air with a delicious cup of coffee and feel the morning air.
It feels like I am sitting down with simplicity, it feels like peace. My mind goes blank as I listen to the birds and watch them hop around living their lives. They flap their little wings and peck at what they suspect might be food.  
I love to watch the birds approach a tiny little branch and then land on it. I love the balance of the bird and the bowing and swaying of the branch. It’s really cool when a bird lands on a really tall piece of grass. It’s amazing to me that a blade of grass can hold the weight of a bird. I’m talkin’ rather large grass, but amazing none the less. 
We live in a world full of miracles. I love being still and watching. 


 I intended this blog to be about my yummy coffee, but inspiration took me somewhere else. Isn’t it interesting how IN-SPIRIT-ATION directed me towards such a peaceful message. I love being connected.               

You Get What You Give

It is my mission to create space for more love and understanding. I, often, find myself wanting to do any and everything I can to expand the idea that we are all here on this planet doing the very best that we can.
Each and every one of us is created from love, regardless of how we were conceived. The greatest love of all, loved us into life and the essence of each of us is love. 
We all have our challenges and I believe if we take a moment to place a bit more effort into seeing the love light within each one of us, we can see beyond defense mechanisms, coping tactics and walls built in an effort to protect ourselves. We can open our ears, our minds, our hearts and our arms. 
Make an effort to embrace someone who simply may need a little extra love today, even if it’s only in your mind. I absolutely love hugs. I pass them out freely. I give mental hugs too. It feels good to love and be loved.         
Perhaps, that person is you. It’s totally cool to start with yourself. 

Keoki’s Paradise

This last week when we were in Kauai, Keri and I found a little place we liked to go for happy hour, Keoki’s Paradise. The atmosphere was casual. All the outer edges of the establishment were open allowing a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape and a light breeze to flow through. 

As one might expect, there were lots of palm trees, big colorful flowers, bamboo and plants with huge leaves. I’m not kidding even a little bit. The leaves on some of these plants were bigger than my head. I know, I know. Roll on with the jokes about the size of my head. 

Anyway, one day while we were sitting at the bar enjoying the view and our tropical beverages, I noticed in my survey of my surroundings, an older man and woman sitting at a table near by. I say older because they both had white hair and they were, well,… older than me. 

I was busy chatting with Keri, sipping my pineapple Mojito (YUM) and turning on my bar stool to get the full 360 degree view of the place. I hadn’t really considered this before, but now I realize in my turning to see everyone and everything around me, I also provided the opportunity for others to get a full view of me. The reason I realized this was because the woman of the older couple mentioned my Ganesha tattoo on my right shin. 

“I couldn’t help but notice you have Ganesha tattooed on your leg. Have you been up to the Hindu Monastery?” It was kinda loud in there, so I got up from my bar stool and sat at their table. These two were very passionate about the monastery and were trying to tell me as many details as they could. They were adorable. We connected almost instantly. They highly recommended us making the trip, if our time on the island allowed for it.

The woman told me she tells her children all the time, “Everything happens for a reason”. I told her I had the same belief and asked them for their names. The woman replied, “My name is Linda”. I turned to her companion and he replied, “I’m Bartholomew, you don’t find many of them around anymore”. I said, “Well, my name is Angel and I thank you kindly for your recommendation. We’ll, certainly, check it out.” and returned to my perch and my beverage. 

Once seated, Bartholomew approached me, handed me a coin in a sealed plastic wrapper with a tag stapled to it and said, “Since you believe everything happens for a reason I wanted to share with you that I carry this Angel coin with me at all times. It protects me and keeps me from harm. The police in NYC carry these Angel coins”. I thought it was really cool that he had a coin in his wallet with my name on it. 

I thanked him for sharing with me, gave him his coin back and handed them one of my Apozitude cards. I told them how much I enjoyed connecting with them and I was very much looking forward to visiting the Hindu Monastery. I hugged them both as they were leaving. It was amazing. Who knew the paradise we would find at Keoki’s? 

More about the Hindu Monastery, later.