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It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

Someone at my office the other day mentioned in conversation that we spend about 70% of our day at work and that staggering percentage sparked some curiosity in me. I did a little research and The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a pie chart to represent how the average day for an employed person ages 25-54 with children spends their day. I’m not all that great at replicating pie charts and not all of that information is relative to my point so I’ll just tell you that they determined 8.8 hours a day were spent working. That works out to be about 53% of your waking hours for the average person. This information got me thinking and I asked my office manager if I could share something from Apozitude at our next staff meeting. She said write something up, let me review it and I’ll let you know.

I shared the statistics in what I wrote for her to review and went on to write the following:

I value happiness and I value your happiness. I believe if we’re going to be spending this much time together working toward a common goal of providing excellent service to our patients, excellent service to our employer and excellent service to each other, perhaps we could make 4 simple agreements with ourselves and to each other. I got these 4 agreements from a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called The Four Agreements and they are:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personal

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

I bring these agreements to you because I’ve found I need to be reminded of these agreements I’ve made with myself and if you’re interested in having these agreements with yourselves as well, I was thinking we could assist each other in the greatest part of our day to allow the best versions of ourselves to come forward. No body is making anyone of you do any of this. You are free to choose. This was just an idea I came up with because like I said I value happiness, mine and your. Nobody is perfect and I will need reminders and I’m open to being held accountable.

My office manager approved the writing and of me sharing this message with my fellow co-workers. In doing so it reminded me how writing is far easier than speaking, LOL, but I loved it. I felt receptivity from the group and I’m excited to continue on the path of my dreams. I intend to continue my writings with Apozitude and share my passion of cultivating a happy life where ever I go and one day in the not too distant future I will be speaking to groups about this passion of mine. I’m loving where I am and eager for more. Looking forward to the future.

What are your dreams?  



© 2017 Angel Zamudio

So, You Like Surprises. Is that right?

Well, I had no idea when I wrote my newsletter this past Sunday that when I announced that Tuesday’s blog would be a surprise that it would, #1 be coming to you this late in the day and #2 be announcing that I, Angel Zamudio, posted a video to Facebook today for the intention of reaching Oprah. Yes! That’s what I said, Oprah herself has been invited into my realm of awesomeness.

WOW!!!! Is my mind blown or what??? I am so excited!!! I’m living my life on purpose with the intention of allowing all of my wildest dreams to come true. (Can’t you just hear the voice of Pedro Sanchez? LOL) HAHAHAHA

Wait, what’s that? Did I hear you think a question? OH my goodness I am magic!!! You wanna know what my wildest dream are? Well, that ‘s really very sweet of you to be so interested in my wildest dreams, but I’m here to tell you that it’s very possible that MY dreams coming true very well could have a direct and positive affect on your dreams. Now, I’ve really got your interest, haven’t I???

img_3451How can my dreams coming true affect your dreams coming true? Hold on to your hat cuz I’m pulling all the stops and this could get bumpy. So listen to this,… What’s coming true for me is that I just took a very brave and bold step recently. What I did was this, I created a whole bunch of space in my life for new things to filter in. I freed up my future for dreams to come true and I did that by quitting my job in dentistry. No, it was not planned, it was an impulse decision that to be honest with you I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time because I’ve known deep in my heart that I was meant to be doing something else. Something that made my heart sing and that something else started with this blog and then it grew into coaching for Beachbody. My whole dream is to take Apozitude and Beachbody and blend them together into one coaching business where I can coach people on all aspects of life whether physical health, emotional health or spiritual health. So, there it is. Out there for all to see. I’m a coach! I am a life coach and soon you’ll be hearing Oprah talking about me and my amazing story about how I discovered the meaning of blind faith.

Blind faith is not blindly moving forward. Blind faith is complete trust. You’re standing on the leading edge and can’t see any ground in front of you, but because you KNOW what you know, you step off the cliff and just keep on trucking that way, one step at a time until you reach your destiny. I know you have an idea in your mind of what that step would look like for you. I know exactly what my step of faith looks like because I just did it and it feels AHHHH-mazing!!!

What’s your next step?

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

BE Your Own Yaysayer

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 8.33.01 AMGiven the right amount of time, I always find a way to look at the bright side. I’m an eternal optimist.

I’ve noticed throughout my life as an eternal optimist, it can be annoying to others at times and that’s ok. I’m honing my skill of dialing down the sharing. Notice, I don’t dial down the optimism…

It’s just that sometimes I get a feeling of resistance from people who haven’t processed their feelings yet and seem to choose to live in the unrest a bit longer, I simply respect their choice and dial down the sharing of my optimistic views. I understand. There’s nothing more irritating when you’re pissed off than to hear someone else crowing on about how everything is always working out. I know, I’ve lived both sides of the situation. What I’ve learned for myself is, there’s no other option. I know how to help myself feel better and it’s just that plain and simple for me. I want to be happy and what makes me happy is looking at the bright side.

This isn’t just my silly little pollyanna attitude, there’s science behind my choice. When you are interested enough to become the creator of your own reality check out the following article, Is There Scientific Evidence for the “Law of Attraction”?

I was given one life and I’ve decided to live my life for the only person I can, and that person is me. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and I looked directly into my eyes with intention and purpose. I said aloud to myself, “I’ve got two things to say to you today.

#1 If you’re going to take the time to dream, dare to dream BIG!!

#2 There will be “nay sayers” don’t listen to them. BE your own “Yay sayer”

That’s the take away and the title for this blog.

Thank you for your Support

There’s a grocery store within walking distance of my house and I’ve lived in this house for 13 years. 
Why does this matter? I’ll tell you why.
About six months ago that grocery store changed from an Albertson’s grocery store into a Haggen grocery store. The significance of that is relevant to this blog because it proves a point in the telling of this story. You see my wife and I walk our sweet little (big) puppy, Marbles, past that grocery store fairly regularly because there’s a park on the other side of it and even though it has been a Haggen store for the last 6 months, we STILL call it Albertson’s. 
What’s my point? My point is change takes time. Sure, that store seemingly changed from an Albertson’s to a Haggen over night, but what is it in my mind? It’s still an Albertson’s. 
Why am I so concerned about calling that grocery store by the proper name? I’m not really. The whole reason I’m writing about this is to prove a point. 
It takes time, consistency and patience to create change. It takes unbending faith in a dream to make it come true. It has taken me two and a half years of writing this blog for you and your friends to know about Apozitude. Do you think I started out with over 15,000 views? No, but I wrote every day regardless of the fact that there were only one or two of you out there reading my blog. Now, I have multiple subscribers and even more followers, because I believe in this message I’m willing to do the work it takes  to get it out into the world.
My dream is alive and people are positively affected by the blog I’ve created. I’m infusing the world with Apozitude and thanks to all of you who read it, follow it and share it, you’re supporting my dream. Thank you for being part of making this dream come true.      


Is Your Dream Bigger than Your Fear?

My dream IS bigger than my fear! My dream has been in my heart and in my soul for a very long time. I’d say WAY longer than my coaching career has been with Beach Body. I feel that I’ve been attracting this opportunity to me over the last, oh let’s just say around 10 years. 
The last decade of my life I’ve been tweaking my goal, making little refinements along the way. I became aware of the idea of having a mission statement for my life about 10 years ago, maybe more, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that a dream was created inside of me back then to positively affect the lives of people around me. I wanted my reach to be broader than just my circle of family and friends.
I love being creative and I thought my mission would be to become an artist, well I am an artist. I discovered I have a pretty amazing talent for painting. So, I started working on getting my art into galleries around the Portland, Oregon area, which I did do. I sold quite a few pieces, but it wasn’t creating the affect on people I knew I could have. I know I’m a passionate person. I know my passion creates a very influential vibe and I’ve been told I’m a very inspirational and motivating person. I FEEL IT!!! DEEPLY!! 
When art was not providing the affect I so deeply desired, I shifted my focus towards becoming a inspirational speaker. How the hell do I break into that business??? I wondered. My wife suggested I begin writing a blog. Like everything I try, I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back. The dream is to create a book from this blog, get it selling and begin the speaking portion of my dream. So, I’ve been diligently plugging along with this blog and all of a sudden the work outs I’ve been doing over the last 15 years bubbles up into a coaching opportunity. 
WHAT??? You think I could be a coach??? My heart literately lifted out of my chest and my face was glowing like a lighthouse. This is it!!! The Beachbody coaching opportunity is the platform for me to launch my rocket into space. I see myself speaking at a Super Saturday meeting,which is a meeting of thousands of Beach Body couches that come together in cities all over the United States and Canada for a training focused meeting. Successes are acknowledged and celebrated. Potential coaches can learn about the opportunity that’s available with this amazing company, Beach Body.  

What do I see in my future with this company??? I see working from home on my own schedule. I see freedom. I see passion and living my life on fire. I see expansion of my dreams and loving everyday of my life, working to help others live improved lives. It’s all about health and balance. Healthy living is not just about working out and eating well. It’s about balance and emotional stability. It’s about having faith and reaching for something better than our current situation. Life is about the pursuit of happiness and that is what I’m doing. Pursuing happiness.
I freakin’ love this opportunity!!! I drew this opportunity to myself and I know this is it!!! I have no fear in this department because I know it’s for me because I created it. Why do I want this?? I want this because I KNOW I will be better in the having of it!! I know I have a positive impact on the people I come in contact with and I have every reason to believe that all of my wildest dreams will come true. (Spoken in my best Pedro voice from Napoleon Dynamite). The very first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is my amazing opportunity. I imagine it exactly the way I would like it to be and then I just have fun working out, posting videos and writing this blog to encourage others. It’s all working out exactly as I’ve imagined. I’m very happy to be here.

Put Me in Coach

     I don’t know if you all know this or not, but in August of this year I signed up to be an independent coach for a company called Beach Body. I was approached by a friend of mine that I met in a Facebook group. At first it was an invitation to participate in a challenge group (June 2015), which I accepted and loved dearly. The group was full of people who had similar goals as me, to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

     Everyone in the group was supportive and enthusiastic. I jumped in, like I do in most things, feet first. 
I loved checking in daily and adding a bit of encouragement to the other people in the challenge group. It was so fun. I was asked to join again the following month (July 2015) That month was a little rougher, as I gotten a spider bite and was encouraged by Urgent care doctors to minimize my exercise until that infection went down. In August, I was asked again to join the challenge group and also asked if I might be interested in a larger group with a little more involvement. I wasn’t sure I was up for the extra posting and accountability, but I said sure sign me up and I’ll just hang back in the background and see how this works. 
     I found myself drawn in by the positivity and unconditional love and support. Here we are, what seemed to me like group of strangers strung out across the United States and even further, all banding together in a group on-line, committing to ourselves and to each other that we would step up out level of activity and be more conscientious of what we were eating. It was a blast. I loved the support. I loved the encouragement and I was all in. 
     My friend that invited me to these groups sent me a private message, acknowledging my participation and enthusiasm in the group. She said I had all the qualities and comments towards others posts to be a coach. She said I was a natural. I can not tell you how good that made me feel. I have always been an eternal optimist and a cheerleader of sorts, but for someone I’d only known for 2.5 months to see this in me enough to comment and invite me to a business opportunity was amazing. I was high on life. Oh my gosh, a dream come true. I can be a coach.
     Guess what!!! I’m a Beach Body coach!!! No, that doesn’t mean I have a beach body, it means I’m working towards health and fitness and helping others to do so as well. I love the positive culture. I love the training, support and guidance. I love the opportunity to help others. I love this feeling of confidence that Beach Body cultivates. I love the opportunity to see the challenges of life in a different light. I’m super excited about the future and fulfilling my dreams.      


Math to the Rescue

I am coming to a realization that I really would like to apply a very simple math equation to my life. It’s as easy as simple subtraction. Let me show you.

My life – any more shoulds = a happy and content me.

This idea of subtracting “should” from my life has occurred to me in a number of areas in my life and I will reveal some of these areas in a moment, but 1st I’d like to discuss the reason. To elaborate and for clarity, I looked up the meaning of “should”. Here is what I found: should – used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions: he should have been careful

In my efforts to live my life on purpose and with intentionality I have found that doing things out of a sense of obligation or duty never “feels” right. When things don’t “feel” right, you can’t really put your whole heart into it. Doesn’t that make sense?

I can remember in my early twenties feeling obligated to visit my grandma. To be clear, it wasn’t just a feeling, it was an intentional guilt trip that was placed upon me. When I say, “it was an intentional guilt trip” I am not placing blame on my grandma, because I knew she was doing to me what had been done to her.

I was about 22 years old, married and had a 18 month old son. Somehow, I allowed myself to see this exchange with my grandmother rather clearly and when she asked me in her syrupy sweet Texan accent, “Wha’s more important than comin’ to visit with your grandma?” I remember saying something along the lines of, “Well, Grandma, right now tending to my son is more important”. She seemed to take it well. I don’t remember a dispute.

What I do remember is the feeling that question generated in me. It stuck with me for a long time, my entire life so far, I guess. Right? From that point forward I knew with the utmost of certainty that I never wanted anyone to visit me or do anything with or for me out of a sense of obligation. I only want people in my life who truly desire to be there.

I am in no way claiming that obligation is a negative thing, but in this context, I find it undesirable. I think if the same undesirable feeling goes with, Should I strive to dress more fashionably? Should I try to wear make up? Should I try to appear more feminine or Should I work out right now? Then the answer, in my mind is no. I don’t think we “should” do anything that doesn’t feel like it aligns with our true self.

I believe a better question would be, Do I want to dress more fashionably? Yes, sometimes I do. When I don’t feel like it, I will wear my comfy jeans, sweats and t-shirts. Do I want to wear make up? Yes, I do sometimes. It’s ok to say yes and it’s ok to say no, additionally, it’s ok to change your mind.

Do I think you should subtract “should” from your life? I think a better question is, Do you want to subtract “should” from your life? It doesn’t matter what I think about you and your life. What truly matters is what we think and feel about ourselves and our lives.

My desire is to lessen my critical thoughts about myself. I want to be supportive and encouraging to myself and it is my belief that what you think about is what you talk about and words have power. So that means what you talk about is what you create and you came here to live out your dreams. Should you make an attempt to increase your self supportive and self encouraging thoughts? That, my friend, is all up to you.


Emotionally attached to the 70’s? Me? Yes! I think so.

Keri and I watched Saturday Night Fever last night. I LOVE that music!!! The movie has some pretty sad ideas in it, but you kinda have to paint a sad picture sometimes to create a feeling of hope and provide a sense that Tony Manero will over come his dismal life experience as a paint store clerk and weekend disco dancer. He does eventually become a fantastic broadway dancer, but you don’t even realize this is going to happen unless you also watch the sequel, Staying Alive.

The reason I love the disco music of that movie so much is because it reminds me of my youth. I remember going to the movie theater with my mom in 1977 and watching the dances in that movie and fantasizing that I could have a dance partner like Stephanie. Unlike most girls who, I imagine, were probably fantasizing about Tony. (Did you watch the link connected to Stephanie? It’s pretty dreamy)

I can remember my mom playing the record in our apartment and I would practice walking like Tony Manero during the intro of the movie when he’s got that big’ol grin on his face and he’s strutting the streets of Brooklyn. My mom was really diggin’ it. I can still hear her saying, “You’re stuttin’ just like Tony!”. It seemed to me that she was squealing with delight and in my little 7 year old mind, as I was struttin’ and being egged on by my mom I was thinking, “I could get a girlfriend like Stephanie. Look at me strut!” Can’t you just imagine a little 7 year old Angel struttin’ around with a big’ol smile on her face?

Now imagine me at 44, struttin’ my stuff because I got myself that girlfriend and made her my wife. I get a big’ol smile on my face every time I hear, Ain’t No Woman Like the One I Got by The Four Tops from 1978. That little 7 year old’s dream has a life and I am living it!! Dreams do come true.