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Expanding Awesomeness!!! Join in the fun!!!

Do you remember that awesome community project I was invited to participate in a couple of weeks ago? The web site is Elevate Awesome!

The mission:

Elevate Awesome is a community.  We elevate awesome in ourselves and people around us with kindness.

Are You A Love Ambassador? What is a Love Ambassador?

A Love Ambassador is someone who believes that there is goodness in every person.

We are part of the movement that is creating a culture of kindness.

We Elevate Awesome in ourselves and those around us through acknowledgment.

 The global community of Love Ambassadors is causing sparks of connection as we take our microcosms and happily bump into others.

How to Participate in Creating a
Culture of Kindness

1. Look for awesome…especially where you don’t see it.

2. Acknowledge it!

3. Follow your inspiration!

How to Play:
The “Elevate Awesome” Game

There are 3 EASY ways to participate!

1. Email a card to someone you think is awesome!

2. Share a card below or make your own card to tell someone they’re awesome!

3. Use #ILoveHowAwesomeYouAre to tell someone they’re awesome on social media!

Then share your experience with the world!

We’re trying to get cards into every US state!  Check the list of states remaining by clicking this link. If this in any way resonates with you please contact me or reach out to the elevate awesome folks through any one of the links provided. Maybe you know someone who would love to participate, if you’re inclined to do so, please share or volunteer to participate and expand awesomeness in our communities.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Unlimited Awesomeness

The honor of being asked to participate in a community project called Elevate-Awesome because the creator of the project views you as a Love Ambassador is  the epitome of success in my mind.

I was asked to participate on Saturday March 4th and the project was explained to me as a movement that’s creating a culture of kindness, partnership, and trust. In an effort to do so, these cards were made to share with people to elevate their awesomeness by acknowledging the awesomeness within them. When I accepted the invitation to participate, I was asked how many cards I wanted. Without placing any pressure on myself I allowed a number to come to mind. 500. I asked for 500 cards. Perfect! Arrangements were made for the cards to be delivered to me on Thursday March 9th.

The Universal Law of Attraction indicates that you attract into your life whatever you focus on. So, according to this Law it totally makes sense that if you participate in a project called elevate awesome, more awesomeness will be attracted into your life, right? Well, I have living proof.

I was so excited to be apart of this project I wrote a blog about it on Sunday March 5th and scheduled it to post on Tuesday March 7th. However, I also announced in the Apozitude Newsletter that posts on Mondays that I’d be sharing a blog about the project on Tuesday. I sent a text message to my friend sharing a link to the blog letting her know I shared a link to her site within the blog.  I shared in my excitement regarding my participation in her project in my newsletter as well. Guess what happened next!! She showed up at my office on Tuesday day morning with 500 of these #ilovehowawesomeyouare cards.

The coolest thing happened that day. I met a 15 year old transgender boy who just changed his name legally from female to male. I was so excited for him to be at this momentous point on his awesome and brave journey. I took the opportunity to share with him and his mom feelings I’ve had for a very long time and couldn’t quite figure out how to share. I still wonder, how do you go about sharing support of a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the doctor marked on their birth certificate and honoring their journey without drawing attention to them? I mean, I assume a person who lives a transgender experience wants nothing more than to blend into society as the gender they identify with internally, therefore what feels like a compliment or a form of support from me, may actually do the opposite by drawing attention to them. I still don’t know how to handle this in the future, but on this day it just felt right to congratulate him on his legal name.

Then it suddenly occurred to me, I have 500 #ilovehowawesomeyouare cards right here with me. I reached down, unwrapped one of the bundles and wrote a message of congratulations on the card and gave it to him. What better way to celebrate and elevate his awesomeness? I’m still beaming from the experience and that was only the first card I gave away. I decided to keep a miniature composition notebook with me as I hand out these cards, so I can keep track of who I give them to and to help me remember for the sharing aspect of the project. I’m also sharing pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #ilovehowawesomeyouare. My Instagram name is angel_apozitude if you’re interested in checking it out, but for now I close this blog with a feeling of expanded awesomeness and honor. See you in the real world. More on that subject later.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

20,000 Views Coming to Me

I was shocked when I jumped over to the site stats tab on this blog the other day. It blew my mind to discover I had approximately 19,000 views. Wow! Little’ol Apozitude.com is growing up. I’m so excited. I got this crazy notion to set a goal. Wouldn’t it be cool if my blog got to 20,000 views by the end of March?

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.01.15 AMI’ve been rolling some ideas around in my little noggin about writing a blog about this goal I have. I’ve been thinking it might be cool to ask for help to achieve this goal. Well, yeah but who would I ask. I would ask anyone of you reading this blog today who has felt like this blog has helped them have a better day or if this blog has helped you see something a little bit differently than you used to, if this blog has made you smile you might want to share those opportunities with your friends and loved ones. YOU could help me reach my goal and infuse YOUR world with the messages of Apozitude.com.

You wanna know a super cool little secret??? I hadn’t even written this blog yet, had made no mention of this goal and I popped on to Facebook over the weekend and one of my friends, Michelle Wallace, was already doing this very thing. She went to her favorite Apozitude blog and posted it to her wall telling her friends about it. That’s so awesome. Thank you Michelle.

IMG_3267I hadn’t even asked yet and the universe was delivering on my thoughts. Amazing!!! That my friends is evidence of the Law of Attraction at work. I’m so grateful and excited to know what I know. You’d think I was getting paid to write write this blog, but it’s just the pure and simple joy of self reflection, personal development and hoping to help someone else have a better day. I write it because it makes me feel better and if it helps you feel better too, chances are it just might do the same for your neighbor or your cousin. You can share Apozitude with anyone you want!! I think the more love we have in the world and share with each other the better off we all will be.  So, thank you so much for your love and support of me and this passion of mine. Sending oceans of love out into the world.