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Let the Cursor Blink, Wisdom Will Flow

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently came to a realization that I may be standing in my own way. What does this mean exactly? How can I stand in my own way? Well, it’s a funny thing how clarity is so crystal clear when peeking over into the life of someone else, but when evaluating your own situation it’s like your vision goes blurry and your mind just keeps drawing a blank.

In fact, I find myself drawing a complete blank right now as I sit here pondering this situation and watching the cursor on my screen blinking at me as if it’s paused in a yielding position just waiting for the wisdom to pour out onto the screen. Well, I’m sorry little blinking cursor, I have no wisdom to share at the moment.

All I know, is what I know and it’s really very simple. Everything I need, I have full access to when I allow myself the time and space to quiet the busyness and chatter of my mind. For the last several weeks I’ve been practicing the art of meditation and I’ve come to realize a quiet mind is an amazing luxury. It is my sincere intention to continue the practice of meditation in an effort to deepen my sense of connection and increase my level of peace and happiness.

I believe the continuation of this practice will inherently unveil the value in myself that I seek. Quieting my mind of clutter and distractions helps me to clearly see the value I have in the world. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond, it’s the kindness I share, the awareness I broaden and the lives I touch with genuine love that ripples beyond the point of contact and in a manner affects a far greater scope than I’m able to see.

Could it be? Just like that, I discovered my own value? My heart is saying, YES and it is 100% rewarding. Thank you for your patience blinking cursor, turns out the wisdom was ready to flow.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

How a Shift in Perspective Can Change EVERYTHING

Life is an amazing thing. It really is and I’m so grateful to be exactly where I am in this very moment. I love knowing that there are millions of tiny little miracles occurring all around me and they’re all happening so fast I can’t even keep track. It’s also very comforting to know that there’s absolutely no reason to keep track. Being able to recount or retell the miracles occurring around me simply doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’m aware that it’s all happening right NOW.

Not too long ago, like a month or so, I claimed the song, Make It Happen, by Mariah Carey as my theme song and it was an amazing feeling to feel that alive energy pulsing through my body, knowing I was conjuring and developing the energy to propel my dreams forward. What I didn’t really realize at the time was that I still was trying too hard. I was trying to MAKE something happen and I can pinpoint the exact moment that the shift in awareness clicked in my mind, because I’ve been listening to Abraham-Hicks for many years. I’ve been practicing meditation and allowing myself to get connected to my Ultimate Creative Source and even though I’ve been aware of this concept referred to as the Art of Allowing for a while now, I was still challenged by maintaining the feeling of connection. I’ve had some brilliant moments of clarity that were so profound and eye-opening that it’s become crystal clear to me that I am IN FACT a deliberate creator. However, I still found myself distracted by nagging details of reality. That DAMN reality just kept kicking me out of my happy zen place of clarity. I was determined to find a way to keep myself vibrating at a higher frequency.

So, I’ve been practicing and paying attention to my emotional guidance. When I feel negative emotion, it’s like my body is sending me a notification and I switch my focus towards something that creates better feelings.  I’m beginning to realize my tolerance for negative emotion is getting smaller and smaller. It just feels too damn good to be happy, to stay stuck in an icky spot.

The moment of clarity regarding allowing something to flow into my reality versus making it happen occurred when a friend of mine shared a video in a chat group that I’m in for my health and fitness coaching. She has no idea the affect that one simple act has had on my life. So I’d like to take a moment to say Thank you to my friend Lori for sharing this video in our team chat. I also want to take a moment to thank Prince Ea for creating the video. This simple song and change in perspective has changed my awareness of allowing to a practice of allowing. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but in the long run it makes a world of difference. I know you’ll be watching, so pay attention to the changes that are coming up in the world of Apozitude and you’ll see a difference. I already feel it.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio