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What’s the #1 Most Important Message

Recently, I was asked a thought-provoking question about my blog. “If you could only get ONE message out to all of your readers, what would that message be?”

After a short bit of thinking, I came to this conclusion. The #1 most important message would be to live 100% authentic to yourself. This would incorporate all the blogs I’ve written about choice, happiness, passion, following your true bliss and living completely free.

Living true to yourself is saying what you want to stay, doing what YOU want to do, sharing your life with the people you choose. Living true to you is an active choice to live your life on purpose. Loving deeply and looking beyond the small humanness of people and seeing the bigger part of people, seeing the soul. Embracing the bigger part of yourself and allowing the bigger part of others to flow as well. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

I’ll live true to me and you live true to you.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Creating a Positive Spin

I absolutely love the creative process. I love how ideas spark out of the most simple interactions that at the time, seem like nothing at all and then with creative nurturing these little sparks turn into flames. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you find yourself tending fires that fuel true happiness.

In my office this past week, a couple of us were learning how to send secure e-mails. The discussion was a simple interaction to clarify whether or not parentheses or brackets were needed around the word secure in the subject line. I inquired of the 3 people I knew who had successfully sent secure emails on how they achieved the task. One of them, simply typed, secure, another placed brackets around the word, {secure} and yet another used parentheses, (secure). Therefore, I concluded and stated aloud, “If it works without brackets or parentheses, why not eliminate two key strokes for efficiency?” Jokingly, one of my co-workers (the one who uses parentheses, by the way) replied, “Don’t eliminate the parentheses! The parentheses will feel left out!!” She happen to be standing and I was sitting, so when she replied, she had placed her clenched fists on her hips, bent at her waist and furrowed her brow for emphasis as she replied.

I stood up, mimicked her stance and asked, “Who are you the defender of parentheses?” SPARK!!! Just like that, a super hero was created in my mind. My co-worker’s arms, from shoulder to fist, looked similar to parentheses and I didn’t really notice it until I mimicked her. I told her I was going to create a drawing of this super hero this weekend, named Defender of Parentheses.

As I got to thinking about the “Defender of Parentheses” and the mission of Apozitude, I had to rethink this hero’s name because if you’ve been reading this blog for very long at all, you probably already know it’s about raising awareness of the power of choice and living life with a positive attitude. We all have this ability to shift our focus towards something positive. It takes some practice, but this simple act of making an intentional choice to focus on the positive is a life changer, if you chose it and practice it.

Yes, I will eventually reveal the improved name of my super hero, but check out a couple of examples of shifting towards the positive. Simple things really, but which feels better to you?

1. Don’t forget ,….


2. Please remember,…

Can you feel how “don’t forget” seems like someone is shaking their finger at you and doubts you’re ability to remember on your own, but “please remember” has a friendly empowering feel to it? It’s more than a feeling though, it’s actually supported by science.  I’ve attached one of many articles I found on-line that reinforces the improved results, not only in memory, but in receptivity as well.

Another example of this idea is the defend vs promote scenario. It’s pretty easy to see how “defending peace” is a contradictory phrase. Generally speaking,  when you think about defending something, images or thoughts of fighting for or standing up for something are generated, right? So, when you think about it, fighting for peace goes directly against the intended or desired result. Right? However, promoting peace, has a more civil feel to it, don’t you think? Promoting peace sounds like an ebb and flow conversation, conversely defending peace sounds more like a heated argument.

Promoting vs defending feels like the difference between having a choice and being told what to do, similarly with please remember and don’t forget. Leading with positivity and providing options creates feelings of empowerment and cooperation.

It was so much fun creating this little challenge for myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Now you understand why my super hero was aptly renamed “Promoter of Parentheses” who by the way was created exclusively with parentheses, with the exception of his head. I left some of the raw edges still visible so you could see how the rows of stacked parentheses were used to create the image. Pretty cool, huh?

Whether you’re a first time reader or a long time reader, if this particular blog has shifted your awareness towards the possibility of positivity, please remember to share it with whomever you chose. You hold the power of choice. You hold the power to change your life and potentially someone else too. Thank you for your time today and for sharing my journey of tending this fire that fuels my true happiness. I love writing and drawing for this blog, it brings me such joy all on it’s own, simply by creating it, but especially when I hear from you that you’re enjoying it or have shared it with someone else.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

Someone at my office the other day mentioned in conversation that we spend about 70% of our day at work and that staggering percentage sparked some curiosity in me. I did a little research and The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a pie chart to represent how the average day for an employed person ages 25-54 with children spends their day. I’m not all that great at replicating pie charts and not all of that information is relative to my point so I’ll just tell you that they determined 8.8 hours a day were spent working. That works out to be about 53% of your waking hours for the average person. This information got me thinking and I asked my office manager if I could share something from Apozitude at our next staff meeting. She said write something up, let me review it and I’ll let you know.

I shared the statistics in what I wrote for her to review and went on to write the following:

I value happiness and I value your happiness. I believe if we’re going to be spending this much time together working toward a common goal of providing excellent service to our patients, excellent service to our employer and excellent service to each other, perhaps we could make 4 simple agreements with ourselves and to each other. I got these 4 agreements from a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called The Four Agreements and they are:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personal

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

I bring these agreements to you because I’ve found I need to be reminded of these agreements I’ve made with myself and if you’re interested in having these agreements with yourselves as well, I was thinking we could assist each other in the greatest part of our day to allow the best versions of ourselves to come forward. No body is making anyone of you do any of this. You are free to choose. This was just an idea I came up with because like I said I value happiness, mine and your. Nobody is perfect and I will need reminders and I’m open to being held accountable.

My office manager approved the writing and of me sharing this message with my fellow co-workers. In doing so it reminded me how writing is far easier than speaking, LOL, but I loved it. I felt receptivity from the group and I’m excited to continue on the path of my dreams. I intend to continue my writings with Apozitude and share my passion of cultivating a happy life where ever I go and one day in the not too distant future I will be speaking to groups about this passion of mine. I’m loving where I am and eager for more. Looking forward to the future.

What are your dreams?  



© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Don’t Believe Me, Listen to Gandhi

YES!!!! Happiness is a choice!!! You know what that means don’t you???
That means YOU have ALL the power. You have complete control of what YOU believe, what YOU think, what YOU talk about, YOUR actions, YOUR habits and YOUR values. Therefore, you have complete control of YOUR destiny.



WOW!!! Who thought so much “knowing” could come from one little coffee mug with two little words printed on it? This is a MUST HAVE coffee mug for your kitchen, your office, YOUR LIFE.

Happiness Coffee Mug
Happiness Coffee Mug
by ApozitudeStore

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

What Two Words Changed My Life?

Every. Single. Day. I’m thinking about Apozitude. What can I write? How I can share? Oh this experience would make a great blog,…  getting my energy in alignment with my authentic self, waking up at 4am (sometimes earlier) on the weekends, so I can spend time with myself to better understand myself. Do you know why I do ALL of this? I do it because Apozitude IS ME!!! I want to be the best version of myself #1 because it feels good to feel self love and #2 so I can help to shatter the illusions and misconceptions of the world.

I spend a great deal of my free time typing away at this keyboard. I carefully braid together what feels like the perfect blend of words as I’m listening to ocean waves, European spa music and Reiki healing music to keep my mind clear. Clear of the distractions of the world because this is what FEELS good to ME. I have a strong sense of focus on achieving my goal of expanding awareness of the reality that you can choose happiness. This blog is about how I choose to live my life and helping others to feel empowered to do the same for themselves.

I’ve been in dark places in my life. I know how it feels to be lonely and completely lost. I’ve struggled with internal battles of not feeling worthy of love and kindness. I’ve felt so small and insignificant in the past that I thought the world won’t even miss me if I don’t show up for life tomorrow. I’ve questioned of the Universe, What am I supposed to learn from this pain? I tried to live my life to please everyone else and placed myself last. I’ve hated my life and couldn’t even stand to look at my own face in the mirror. Living a false sense of self and pretending to be someone or something that you’re not is a miserable existence.

My passion, my reason to get up in the morning and what fulfills me at the end of the day is to know I’m doing what I can to help others realize they have a choice. You’re not alone. You can put yourself first. It does matter what you think and how you feel. You’re loved more than you realize and you deserve happiness. Two words that changed my life beginning in my early 20’s and still to this day:

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Clarification on How to Create Space for Happiness

I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about how to create more space in your life for happiness. It began with a series of questions: Have you ever felt not quite yourself? Squirmed with discomfort in your own skin during a conversation or a particular situation? Had a strong emotional reaction to something someone else said or did?

I clarified that you don’t have to answer because we’ve all had these feelings and reactions. We’re all human and all come equipped with emotions and most of the time we allow ourselves to get entangled and imprisoned by these emotions and mix ups of misunderstanding. I know it’s uncomfortable, I’ve been there many times. My intention with that blog and with all my blogs really is to raise awareness. What I’ve come to know with absolute certainty is this,

The circumstances of our lives exist because we allow them to exist.

With this knowledge, as always you have choices. You could; choose to get pissed off and cast blame which will likely result in staying stuck OR you could choose to take an honest look at yourself and accept responsibility for your part and get to the business of moving on.

Not too long ago, I was in a situation that felt like I was stuck with zero power. I couldn’t change the behavior of others, I was continually stressed out and upset and I didn’t feel like I had the power to make the changes that needed to be made. I notified a person in authority of the needed changes and he chose to get pissed off and blame others. The writing was on the wall and I knew what was going to happen because this wasn’t an isolated incidence – nothing was going to change and I’d remain stuck in that stressful and upsetting situation UNLESS,… I accepted responsibility for my part. So, I made a choice and I took myself out of the situation.

It was exhilarating to finally feel free of that overwhelming stress. Even during this time of exhilarating freedom, I experienced dips in my enthusiasm that felt in close proximity to fear. I wondered if I had made the right choice, but I knew in my heart it was right because of how happy I felt. For the moments when taking that leap of faith got scary, I kept reminding myself that fear and faith don’t live in the same house. I’d look at myself in the mirror each day and asked myself, “Do you have faith that you made the right decision?” and I’d say, “Yes” and then I’d say, “Ok, then everything is going to be ok, because faith will lead you to your happiness. Faith and fear don’t live in the same house. ANY time fear knocks on your door and even if it gets through the door, kindly remind your unwanted guest, ‘You’re not welcome here because this is a house where faith lives!’ ” It made me feel so much better. Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit crazy, having out loud conversations with myself, but it really helped me remain calm and certain of myself. Certainty of self is definitely a feeling worthy of such a risk.

When you feel frustrated with a situation, it means you’re focused on the problem and you feel powerless and because you’re so focused on the problem, you can’t even see a solution. It’s like listening to a radio station that plays music you don’t like and just complaining about it. What I’m telling you is, you can take action and make a change.

There are multiple levels of making change, it doesn’t have to be ending the relationship or leaving the whole situation like in my case above, but I assure you the way to gain power in your life is to take a deep breath and then take a few more deep breaths. Take as many deep breaths as you need to feel your emotions subside, so you can step back from the feelings of the problem and evaluate the problem from a fact based position.

A couple of weeks ago when wrapped up to make my closing point, my advice was to focus on a solution and even if the solution you come to places you in a position of approaching someone who you felt had caused you discomfort, if you approached them with the intention of understanding their perspective and intention, with a clear mind and an open heart, you may very well be surprised to find the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. I clarified that I thought it was always a misunderstanding. Then I asked, Are you poised enough to guide the situation towards a solution? I believe with desire, determination and practice, you’ll gain the poise needed to guide any willing participants towards a viable solution.

The point I want to clarify now is one very important word, willing, because believe me when I say, if you’re working with someone who has no desire to take a look at themselves and make needed changes, you might as well hang up your hat and call it quits, because HOLY CAT!!! the unwilling, in my experience, are a stubborn and miserable bunch of folks. Personally, I run with the willing. Only you can decide what’s best for you.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Now, THAT Felt GOOD!!!!

It’s so easy to have a positive affect on others and it feels so good too.

The other day as I was helping a young woman check in for her procedure at work, I noticed a happy little skip in her step as she turned to take a seat. I liked it and it made me smile. As she was sitting and I was standing to place her paperwork in the appropriate place, I mimicked her happy little skip. When I turned to return to my desk, we shared a quiet little chuckle as we acknowledged our shared happiness in the moment.

Is it professional for a front desk person in a surgery office to skip around the office? Generally speaking, I’d have to say no, but in that moment one little skip shared between two people will leave a better feeling impression on that young woman than had I maintained a professional demeanor. I’d rather allow myself to be a little bit vulnerable, step outside of what’s “expected” and take a chance on expanding good feelings because in the end I want to be remembered for how I made you feel, not what I did for you.

My personal goal is to leave a little bit of kindness everywhere I go, because happiness is what I choose to leave as my legacy. Joy is the indelible mark I will leave on this world.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio


What’s the NUMBER 1 most sought out achievement? Think about it for a moment,….

Do more people want to be rich and famous or do you think more people want to be doctors and lawyers? I offer these examples simply to acknowledge opposite ends of a spectrum, because there’s “outside the box” careers and then there’s the more traditional ones. I’m not a professional analyst or research person by any means, so this information is merely conjecture. However, what I do know is this, regardless of the most sought out career, the NUMBER 1 most sought achievement is happiness.

No matter where you choose to go, what you choose to do or how to go about it, the bottom line is, you’re making that choice because you believe you’ll feel better when you achieve it. Right? We’ve all said something along the lines of, “If I could just,… then I’ll be happy” or “Oh! I can’t wait until,… then I’ll be happy” . My question then is this, if you can’t wait, then why delay happiness until X is achieved? Be happy NOW. Life is too short to waste one more minute on feeling dissatisfied.

The NUMBER 1 most sought out achievement is right in the palm of your hand and actually it’s even closer, it’s RIGHT there in the thoughts of your mind. When you’re going over something in your mind that bothers you such as, why did this happen? why did that happen? why did he or she say THAT to me? What will happen when,…? Why aren’t they this or that?

STOP! OK? Just stop. Take a breath. Stop and think about how all that speculation makes you feel.

Speculation breeds uncertainty. Uncertainty creates fear and even the smallest amount of fear or doubt is the kryptonite to happiness. So, whether you believe it or not, the fact remains that happiness IS a choice. What are you going to do with YOUR choice? I say, now that you KNOW you can, every chance you get, reach out a grab it!!!

Wait!!! But HOW????

Excellent question my friend!!! Pay attention to yourself. Feel the infinite intelligence of your body and emotions guiding you. When you feel fear or distress caused by the thoughts you’re thinking, your body will give you signs, tighten up and prepare you for that flight or fight mode.

The truth is, there’s no real danger here, you’re simply reliving a stressful situation or speculating a potentially stressful future situation, so instead of perpetuating this feeling, shift your focus to something else. Think about a sitting by babbling brook on a sunny afternoon or whatever helps you feel better. Don’t fall victim to the aimless thoughts of your mind. Stand up for yourself, yes, even with yourself. Be the powerful victor you came here to be. Take control by talking  yourself into a better feeling place.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as you begin the practice of shifting your focus towards the good feeling certainties of your life. I promise with continual letting go of the negative or potential negative and shifting your focus to the positive, you will attain that NUMBER 1 sought out achievement and a beautiful smile will stretch out across your face.

Congratulations! You’re on your way.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

How to Create Space for Happiness

Have you ever felt not quite yourself? Have you ever squirmed with discomfort in your own skin during a conversation or a particular situation? Have you ever had a strong emotional reaction to something someone else did or said without even attempting to understand their intention?

You don’t have to answer, we’ve all had these feelings. We’re all human and we all come equipped with emotions. Sometimes,… well, let’s just be honest here, most of the time we allow ourselves to get entangled and imprisoned by these mix ups of emotion and misunderstanding. I know it’s uncomfortable, I’ve been in those situations and all I’m trying to do here is to raise awareness, because what I’ve come to know without a doubt is this,

The circumstances of your life exist because you allow them to exist.

img_3962When you think of yourself in a frustrating situation you see yourself as powerless and that is because you’re keenly focused on the problem. The way to gain power in your life is to take a deep breath and then take a few more deep breaths. When you can feel your emotions subside a bit, step back from the problem, loosen that kung fu grip you’ve got on your emotions and see if you’re able to actually set your emotions aside. Then you can evaluate the problem from a fact based position. Focus on a solution and even if the solution you come to places you in a position of approaching someone who you “feel” has “caused” you discomfort, when you approach them with the intention of understanding their perspective and intention, with a clear mind and an open heart, you may very well be surprised to find the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. It always is a misunderstanding. The question is are you poised enough to guide the situation towards a solution? With desire, determination and practice, I promise, you will gain the poise needed to guide any willing participants towards a viable solution.

Now, not only have you made steps in the direction of creating more space for happiness in your life, you may have just freed up some space for someone else as well and that feels a whole lot better than squirming around in your own skin, don’t you think?

You have power in your life, will you dare to be brave enough to use it? I believe you will. The reason I believe you will is because we all came here to be happy and happy feels SOOOO much better than, well,… anything else.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio