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A Blip in the Record of Happiness

There’s a great deal to be said about the tools and practices of living life with a positive attitude, being self-aware and choosing the manner in which you navigate your way through life. I’ve written many blogs and given many talks about how to live a happy life. I’d venture to guess anyone you spoke to who knows me would say I’m a happy fun-loving person, mostly.

I’m able to find joy in the slightest of things, such as the feel of writing with a good pen, the feel of a smoothly sanded bamboo stick (aka as an Apoziwand) , a default smile of someone driving by noticing how cute my dogs are as I’m walking them, watching a flag dance in the wind, looking in awe at all the colors of the big beautiful sky, merging in and out of the flow of traffic with ease (this really happens for me – honest truth),  hearing a good beat in a song and much more.

In fact, I’ve wondered about the validity of depression in the past because I’ve always been able to shift my focus and create a better feeling. However, recently I experienced a seemingly uncontrollable spiral downward. I’m not 100% certain what triggered the deluge of tears, but regardless of what I tried, I just couldn’t shake it. I didn’t like the way I felt. I was embarrassed and felt helpless, but you know what I noticed? #1 – I could use some coaching in the art of asking for help. #2 – Even though I didn’t directly ask for help, help was there. In fact, I was surrounded by help and support. After a full night of rest I was able to reflect on the situation and see it in its entirety. The first words I spoke upon reflecting on the flood of support that followed my flood of tears was, “That was amazing”.

I decided to share this blip on my record of happiness because it’s important to note that regardless of the tools and practices we develop to increase and secure our happiness, we must remember that we’re never alone and sometimes the best thing for us is to let go of the reins and allow others to step in and assist us on our journey. That being said, anyone know a good “ask for help” coach?

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

20,000 Views Coming to Me

I was shocked when I jumped over to the site stats tab on this blog the other day. It blew my mind to discover I had approximately 19,000 views. Wow! Little’ol Apozitude.com is growing up. I’m so excited. I got this crazy notion to set a goal. Wouldn’t it be cool if my blog got to 20,000 views by the end of March?

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.01.15 AMI’ve been rolling some ideas around in my little noggin about writing a blog about this goal I have. I’ve been thinking it might be cool to ask for help to achieve this goal. Well, yeah but who would I ask. I would ask anyone of you reading this blog today who has felt like this blog has helped them have a better day or if this blog has helped you see something a little bit differently than you used to, if this blog has made you smile you might want to share those opportunities with your friends and loved ones. YOU could help me reach my goal and infuse YOUR world with the messages of Apozitude.com.

You wanna know a super cool little secret??? I hadn’t even written this blog yet, had made no mention of this goal and I popped on to Facebook over the weekend and one of my friends, Michelle Wallace, was already doing this very thing. She went to her favorite Apozitude blog and posted it to her wall telling her friends about it. That’s so awesome. Thank you Michelle.

IMG_3267I hadn’t even asked yet and the universe was delivering on my thoughts. Amazing!!! That my friends is evidence of the Law of Attraction at work. I’m so grateful and excited to know what I know. You’d think I was getting paid to write write this blog, but it’s just the pure and simple joy of self reflection, personal development and hoping to help someone else have a better day. I write it because it makes me feel better and if it helps you feel better too, chances are it just might do the same for your neighbor or your cousin. You can share Apozitude with anyone you want!! I think the more love we have in the world and share with each other the better off we all will be.  So, thank you so much for your love and support of me and this passion of mine. Sending oceans of love out into the world.