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Change Your Entire Life with One Blog

If breathing is essential for life and it is, right? That would kinda looks like this:

                                                       Breathing = Life

I wonder if we tweaked that equation a bit how it might affect our lives. Consider for a moment adding intention to the equation. Would it seem logical that would look more like this:

                                    intention + breathing = intention + life


                                  intentional breathing = intentional living

I’m by no means suggesting we take the time to be aware of each individual breath. We’d never get anything done. LOL What I am suggesting is taking an increment of time that seems reasonable to you and sitting quietly focused on breathing intentionally. There’s tons of research that supports the fact that focusing on breathing also known as meditation even for a short amount of time such as 10 minutes will help reduce stress, increase happiness, increase your level of satisfaction in life, improve relationships and your career.

With all of those benefits and the fact that it’s absolutely free, I’m left with one staggering question, What are you waiting for? Maybe it seems overwhelming because you don’t feel like you have time or you have no idea where to start.

Well I believe the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this blog is a pretty good sign that you have an interest in creating a life of intention. How often have you found yourself interested in something and there was absolutely no cost and no risk to you for you to pursue that interest?

Think about it. You hold within you the power to choose and with one little click you can begin your journey to a life packed full of happiness and satisfaction. The trick to this is your level of determination. It takes practice and for me, meditation ebbs and flows in and out of my daily routine, but the benefits keep me coming back. I just keep trying.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your life? If a single aspect of your life could be improved and you feel inclined to begin or continue your journey towards a happy life of satisfaction, I invite you to click that one little click above. Go ahead, take ten minutes for yourself. If not now, when? When will you make your sense of satisfaction your #1 priority? You have the power to change your entire life, right here, right now.    

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Need Help Staying Positive?

Hi, my name is Angel and I’m the author and illustrator of this blog. I named it Apozitude because I wanted to provide a consistent flow of information about living life with a positive attitude, that being said, I’d like to confirm that I’m not a robot and am only human just like everyone else. There have been times in my life and within this blog when I’ve shared some things that weren’t exactly positive. However, it’s something I take very seriously and have a strong point of intention to maintain my sense of positivity.

I’ve intentionally steered clear of sharing anything remotely political because of how polarizing it is and I feel, in our current situation, sharing any political view would be counterproductive to my whole mission in life and with Apozitude.

I, recently, posted a live video to Facebook entitled “Broadcasting Love” because I was beginning to feel like I was surrounded by hate and I have a very strong aversion to feelings of hate or exclusion. I’ve written about this in the past, but to refresh and retell, my aversion to the expression of hate stems back to when I was a child. My Dad had said, “No” to me for some reason that now I can’t remember, but I wasn’t pleased and I yelled at him, “I hate you!” He quickly responded that he hated me too. I burst into tears and as quickly as he responded, he reached out and grabbed me with his great big daddy bear arms and hugged me. He soothed me and explained, “I don’t really hate you baby girl. I love you very much, but I wanted you to know what it feels like when you say those awful words to someone.”

Needless to say, that experience has had a lasting affect on me. I never for a second doubted my father’s love for me and I’ll always appreciate that valuable lesson because it helps me to maintain an open mind and an open heart to others.

Regardless of who “they” are, we all are one human race and a couple of quotes from one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle, really brings some clarity to the situation.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

We all have this Beingness underneath the thinker of ourselves and that is where you find the goodness in everyone and a way to love the person. To love a person doesn’t mean you agree with or support their actions, but it certainly creates space in your heart for love and that feels a whole lot better than having space in your heart for hate.

Would You Carry a Dead Frog Around with You?


This picture of Queen’s Bath looks like it came from a website detailing amazing places to visit in Hawaii, but its not. I took this picture with my iPhone as we were leaving from our swim in that very pool. It was amazing.

What an amazing vacation we had in Kauai. We did a whole bunch of sitting on various beaches watching the waves roll in, swimming in the waves, watching the birds (yes, including chickens) flitter about in the sand, watching the wind flow through the leaves of the beautiful towering palm trees, watching how every sober person was made to look drunk as they tried strolling in against the waves of the  ocean, hiking down a steep muddy hillside to a lava rock landscape housing one of the most beautiful lava pools I’ve ever seen in my life, Kauai’s Queen’s Bath. There was much more, but I think you get the picture.


The peak of the Poipu Shoreline Sandstone hike. I had to walk past a dead frog to reach this point.

On one of these hikes, we had to walk down a dead end street to get to the trail head. Along the way to the trail, we walked past a very flattened very dead frog. I was sad for the frog that his/her life was ended on that street, but you know what? Even though it was displeasing to me to see the evidence of a life ended right there in the middle of the street, I didn’t let that keep me from enjoying the beauty of the hike that we were embarking upon. In fact, I pretty much dismissed it as soon as I acknowledged it. So, if it’s true that I dismissed it as soon as I acknowledged it, why am I bringing it up now?

Well, that’s an excellent question and the truth of the matter is this, not only is it an excellent question, but it’s also an excellent analogy and because I have magic and the law of attraction on my side I intend to share it with you. It will be up to you to decide if it’s worthy of keeping or not. Not everything is for everyone and the most excellent thing about this is, YOU get to decide what to keep and what to let go. For the sake of this analogy, I’ll clarify my intentions and that is to keep my focus on what I want more of in my life and to let go of anything else that’s displeasing to me. Yes, I saw a dead frog on one of my hikes in Kauai and I wasn’t crazy about it, but I didn’t pick it up and carry it with me. I left that dead frog right where he/she was and it didn’t bother me one bit further. 

Henceforth, anything that displeases me will be labeled “dead frog”. I will leave it where I discovered it, allowing it to bother me not one bit further. That makes it sound so much easier to handle, doesn’t it? Yup, and that’s what makes an excellent analogy.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

Why Should You Follow Apozitude?

Only you can answer that question, but let your answer be determined by the way you feel when you read it. I’ll share with you what I intend to do with this blog and my life as well. All I want to do is leave a little bit of love everywhere I go. It is my ultimate goal to be the love in any given moment. In order to maintain my desired position to BE the love of the moment I get to decide what that means to me.

Sometimes being the love of the moment means silently listening and creating a space for someone else to be who they need to be in a particular moment. Sometimes it means sharing a differing opinion for the purpose of expanded awareness. Sometimes it means standing up for myself and establishing a boundary and yet at other times it will mean allowing a different perspective to sink in and expand my awareness.

Regardless of what action I choose, in any given moment, it can certainly be achieved in a manner of respect for my fellow human being. It’s exactly like I used to explain to my son, You and I are different people. I’m certain there will be times in our lies when we’ll have different opinions based on our individual life experiences, however, that doesn’t mean I will love you less. One of our finest agreements was to agree to disagree when needed.

So, the question remains, why should you follow Apozitude? The answer is simple. Only, if YOU feel better in doing so.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio


Knowing and Living

I’ve been giving some thought to this idea that attitude is everything. It’s a saying that’s been around for a long time. I wondered just how long its been around, so I did what anyone in this day and age would do. I googled it.

According to the internet, the saying itself has no origin. No origin? Really? OK, I can accept that, because what that really means is no known origin. Throughout history there are a multitude of references to the importance of attitude. We all KNOW that attitude is everything, so why is it then that we allow ourselves to slip into bouts or fits of complaints?

The reason I’m asking this is  because I’ve recently become aware of the fact that I’ve been allowing myself the displeasure of speaking about things that I find undesirable. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long at all, you know that I write frequently about how we all have a choice. The choices are endless, but what it boils down to this, in every situation and every circumstance we have a choice to focus on the positive or focus on the negative. Personally, I like to think I choose happiness and positivity, but the truth is sometimes I don’t. I get my feelings hurt sometimes and I get upset sometimes about how things turn out, but the other thing I’ve noticed is that more and more my hurt or upset lasts way shorter than it did in the past.

It’s true, I recover much quicker now from being upset. How do I do this? Well, I’m glad you asked because the whole reason I write this blog is because my intention with this blog is to expand  awareness for the betterment of anyone who may stumble upon it. So, the way I’m able to recover from hurt and upset quicker now than in the past is because I not only know that attitude is everything, I also live attitude is everything. When something happens that I find upsetting or frustrating I choose to let it go and not dwell on the details.

A small example of this is actually written within this particular blog. Remember earlier when I wrote that this saying had no origin? At first, I was a little frustrated that no matter how I phrased the question in my google search, I kept coming up with “no origin” and then when I typed it out in this blog, the frustration peeked as I typed the word “Really?” because I was thinking, “something doesn’t just come from nothing”, right? The saying MUST have originated from somewhere or it wouldn’t exist. All of this flashed through my mind so fast that by the time I finished typing the question mark I had already concluded that it was just fine. I began typing my acceptance sentence and by the time I reached the end of that sentence I realized, “no origin” really only means no known origin. My attitude of acceptance helped me let it go. I know this is a small example, but it did happen while I was writing this blog, so I thought it was the perfect thing to share.

How will you live your knowing that attitude is everything today?

My Intention

It is my intention to focus on letting go of things that are out of my control. In this effort I intend to create more balance in my life for the purpose of being the best version of myself that I can be. Like an X-Acto blade my focus is sharp and cutting out things and situations from my mind that don’t serve me well.

It would be a far shorter list for me to provide for you the things that are in my control rather than the opposite. Therefore, I will now share where I’ll be practicing to hone my focus. My focus is on The Four Agreements written by Don Miguel Ruiz. I will list the agreements here, but I highly recommend clicking the link to learn more.

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personal.

3. Don’t make assumptions.

4. Always do your best.

These are things I can control. This is my focus. This is my life.




Is Your Dream Bigger than Your Fear?

My dream IS bigger than my fear! My dream has been in my heart and in my soul for a very long time. I’d say WAY longer than my coaching career has been with Beach Body. I feel that I’ve been attracting this opportunity to me over the last, oh let’s just say around 10 years. 
The last decade of my life I’ve been tweaking my goal, making little refinements along the way. I became aware of the idea of having a mission statement for my life about 10 years ago, maybe more, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that a dream was created inside of me back then to positively affect the lives of people around me. I wanted my reach to be broader than just my circle of family and friends.
I love being creative and I thought my mission would be to become an artist, well I am an artist. I discovered I have a pretty amazing talent for painting. So, I started working on getting my art into galleries around the Portland, Oregon area, which I did do. I sold quite a few pieces, but it wasn’t creating the affect on people I knew I could have. I know I’m a passionate person. I know my passion creates a very influential vibe and I’ve been told I’m a very inspirational and motivating person. I FEEL IT!!! DEEPLY!! 
When art was not providing the affect I so deeply desired, I shifted my focus towards becoming a inspirational speaker. How the hell do I break into that business??? I wondered. My wife suggested I begin writing a blog. Like everything I try, I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back. The dream is to create a book from this blog, get it selling and begin the speaking portion of my dream. So, I’ve been diligently plugging along with this blog and all of a sudden the work outs I’ve been doing over the last 15 years bubbles up into a coaching opportunity. 
WHAT??? You think I could be a coach??? My heart literately lifted out of my chest and my face was glowing like a lighthouse. This is it!!! The Beachbody coaching opportunity is the platform for me to launch my rocket into space. I see myself speaking at a Super Saturday meeting,which is a meeting of thousands of Beach Body couches that come together in cities all over the United States and Canada for a training focused meeting. Successes are acknowledged and celebrated. Potential coaches can learn about the opportunity that’s available with this amazing company, Beach Body.  

What do I see in my future with this company??? I see working from home on my own schedule. I see freedom. I see passion and living my life on fire. I see expansion of my dreams and loving everyday of my life, working to help others live improved lives. It’s all about health and balance. Healthy living is not just about working out and eating well. It’s about balance and emotional stability. It’s about having faith and reaching for something better than our current situation. Life is about the pursuit of happiness and that is what I’m doing. Pursuing happiness.
I freakin’ love this opportunity!!! I drew this opportunity to myself and I know this is it!!! I have no fear in this department because I know it’s for me because I created it. Why do I want this?? I want this because I KNOW I will be better in the having of it!! I know I have a positive impact on the people I come in contact with and I have every reason to believe that all of my wildest dreams will come true. (Spoken in my best Pedro voice from Napoleon Dynamite). The very first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is my amazing opportunity. I imagine it exactly the way I would like it to be and then I just have fun working out, posting videos and writing this blog to encourage others. It’s all working out exactly as I’ve imagined. I’m very happy to be here.

Honor The Magic

     On this 4th day of July 2015, I am reminded, again, of the amazing power of manifestation. You may or may not have read or remember my blog from this time last year. So, I’ll give you a quick refresh. 

     Keri and I went to Yachats, Oregon for the July 4th weekend and on the way out there as we were driving through the mountains that separate the valley from the coast, I made a statement to Keri.

     “I’m looking to find a particular piece of wood this weekend and I’m telling you so you can help me find it”. You’ll find the full blog here, You Know It Feels So Good. July 8th 2014.

     The exact piece of wood that I described to Keri on the way to Yachats, I had in my hand, not a full 48 hours later. So, there IS something to this, “Ask and it is Given” thing. Am I reminded of this because we in Yachats again this 4th of July? Was it because we were at the same small town parade and festivities, the La Dee Da Parade?

     The answer to those questions is no. The reason I’m reminded of the power of manifestation is because this year instead of being focused on a piece of wood, I had something else in mind because this year instead of staying in Yachats, we rented a house in Mapleton right on the Siuslaw River. No, I don’t know how to properly pronounce it, but what I do know is that I had strong intentions to do some rock balancing in the river. The kind of rock balancing I did when we were in Kauai. 

     I tried a couple times, but an 8 month old golden retriever bounding with excitement over playing in the river is hardly conducive to the relaxing meditative art of balancing rocks. He was VERY interested in every single rock I pulled out of the water. I did manage, at one time, to get a stack of 3 rocks, but Marbles had to sniff it all up and down and in the process, knocked it right over. Keri was doing her best to keep him distracted by throwing sticks in the river for him to swim after, and he did retrieve them, but every return of the stick was accompanied with curiosity in the rocks.    

     Angel this is not sounding like, Ask and it is Given,…. what gives? Where’s the connection? Well, it’s very interesting you see we decided to drive up to Yachats for the 4th of July from Mapleton. It’s about an hours drive. I had intended to do some writing at a coffee shop in town while Keri and Marbles went to do the beach thing and suddenly I remembered this would be his first time to “do the beach thing”, I didn’t want to miss it. So, I scrapped the original plan and went with Keri and Marbles.

     Besides sharing the joy of seeing Marbles’ reaction to the waves rushing in after him for the first time and other moments of joy experienced from the simplicity of walking on the beach together, we also stumbled upon a couple of dudes toting rather large pieces of driftwood across the beach. As we approached, I spied several small towers of balanced rock and in my usual Angel manner I walked up and started talking to them. I was in awe! They had created a beautiful display of exactly what I had intended to do over this weekend, well close enough to meet my expectation, river/beach whatever.  

Look! He’s not one bit interested in these rock.

     The two dudes, Guy and James, were now in the midst of creating an archway out of the large pieces of drift wood they were collecting. They were preparing a space for a wedding. It was beautiful. I didn’t stay of course, but I got the idea. I asked if I could take a picture and I asked their names because I knew I was going to be writing about this amazing experience. I told them I wanted to give proper credit for their creation. They claimed they wouldn’t have cared if I took the credit, but I believe that would take away from the magic of the whole experience.          

Offensive or True to Self

If it’s true, that we ALL are entitled to our own opinion and it is, then who gets to decide what’s offensive? For those of you who read my blog often, you know I sometimes use cuss words and in my personal life, I sometimes use them more. 

So, the question remains. Cuss words – true to self or offensive? In my opinion, and let’s face facts here, this is my blog, so ALL of this is my opinion right? Therefore, I believe what it boils down to is, what’s the intention?

Look out!!! More of my opinion coming up,…

I believe my intention is to lift people up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my hope is that anyone I encounter will part from such an encounter feeling just a little happier, have a little more hope, or feel a little bit better about themselves. I intend for people to feel loved and accepted. 

So, if a few cuss words kick you out into the weeds, consider yourself alerted, because a few slip in to my content now and then. I think the important things to note here are #1- the intent of my message is bigger than a few cuss words could detract from and #2 – I don’t over do it. 

Hopefully, I have not offended anyone here with this explanation, but if I did, please know I am solid in my knowledge that we ALL are entitled to our own opinion.   

Beginnings of a Creed

Apozitude is the blog of one person, the reason I clarify this fact is because I looked up the term blog to be certain I knew what I was clarifying. dictionary.com defines blog as a website containing a writer’s or group of writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. So, I wanted to clarify that this particular blog and all of it’s contents are not written by a group. It is written by me, Angel Zamudio, based on my own experiences, observations and opinions.

Further down the page in dictionary.com the British definition of a blog reads: (informal) online journal and the Contemporary definition reads: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on the web.

When I got together with my mentor and blog guru, Mike, to get Apozitude started he asked me all sorts of questions about how I wanted the blog to be set up. One of the main things I wanted was for the blog to be public, so anyone could read it and share it with others.

My intention with Apozitude has always been to focus on the events of my life and share how I believe having a positive attitude will directly result in having a positive affect on the outcome of my life situations. I have a lifetime of desire to have a positive affect on the people that cross my path. I’m not always very smooth or graceful, because my child like enthusiasm often triggers me to jump into action prior to giving a great deal of thought as to how my action will be received. I get so enthusiastic about positive events I sometimes awkwardly insert myself into situations that don’t really have room for me. I’m learning.

Another main thing I wanted for my blog was to have a comments section, so my readers can share their thoughts on any given blog. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received and continue to welcome others thoughts feelings and perspectives.

The design of the Apozitude logo was created and hand drawn by me with the thought in mind that when we focus our thoughts in a positive direction it will lift our hearts to a higher level of love.

I’m sharing this with you because this is my attempt to start an Apozitude creed. Stay tuned as I continue the process of formulating the final creed and as always feedback is welcomed and encouraged.