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Let the Cursor Blink, Wisdom Will Flow

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently came to a realization that I may be standing in my own way. What does this mean exactly? How can I stand in my own way? Well, it’s a funny thing how clarity is so crystal clear when peeking over into the life of someone else, but when evaluating your own situation it’s like your vision goes blurry and your mind just keeps drawing a blank.

In fact, I find myself drawing a complete blank right now as I sit here pondering this situation and watching the cursor on my screen blinking at me as if it’s paused in a yielding position just waiting for the wisdom to pour out onto the screen. Well, I’m sorry little blinking cursor, I have no wisdom to share at the moment.

All I know, is what I know and it’s really very simple. Everything I need, I have full access to when I allow myself the time and space to quiet the busyness and chatter of my mind. For the last several weeks I’ve been practicing the art of meditation and I’ve come to realize a quiet mind is an amazing luxury. It is my sincere intention to continue the practice of meditation in an effort to deepen my sense of connection and increase my level of peace and happiness.

I believe the continuation of this practice will inherently unveil the value in myself that I seek. Quieting my mind of clutter and distractions helps me to clearly see the value I have in the world. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond, it’s the kindness I share, the awareness I broaden and the lives I touch with genuine love that ripples beyond the point of contact and in a manner affects a far greater scope than I’m able to see.

Could it be? Just like that, I discovered my own value? My heart is saying, YES and it is 100% rewarding. Thank you for your patience blinking cursor, turns out the wisdom was ready to flow.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Wear Your Kindness on the Outside

You never know when you might come across someone who is right in the perfect place to receive the blessing of your kindness. I stopped by the gas station down the street from my house last week to fill up. I went to this particular gas station because I wanted to check in on a guy I met there the last time I got gas.

Not this most recent time, but the previous time, I pulled in and rolled down my window to discover this sweet faced scruffy haired man with what looked like a bite right through his bottom lip. Being the curious sort that I am, I asked him, “Oh Man!!! What happened to your lip?” and without a second thought he told me about his seizure disorder.

He recently had a grand mal seizure and bit down on his bottom lip, almost all the way through. I cringed a bit and said, “Oh geez! I am so sorry. That looks really painful. I have a seizure disorder too and I have never had that happen”. He was very sweet and open about his condition as was I and I told him I sincerely hoped he found the right combination of meds to get control. He thanked me and I went on my way.

I have thought about him often ever since. When I pass the gas station I look for him because when someone has a seizure disorder and their condition isn’t under control you just never know what might happen. Nobody is promised tomorrow and a seizure disorder kinda increases your odds, ya know?

When I realized I needed gas I knew exactly where I was going. My hope was that he would be working that day and as luck would have it, he was there. I pulled up to the pump, rolled down my window, turned the radio down and made my request for a fill up. He said, “Coming right up”.

Once he started pumping the gas he turned away from the car and I checked to insure I was the only car there and then poked my head out the window. I said, ” I think of you every time I drive by here” with a friendly smile. He spun around and tilted his head in a inquisitive manner and gestured towards himself as he clarified, “You mean the station or me specifically?” I let him know it was him specifically and reminded him about our conversation.

He updated me on his seizure activity and said, “Every day I wake up, I just keep coming to work and try to focus on the good in my life”. I took that as the perfect opportunity to let him know about this blog. I gave him one of my cards and explained what Apozitude was about and he shared some other challenges with me that I will respectfully keep to myself. I told him to keep his chin up, not in those exact words, but to remember that more people than he realizes are pulling for him. He told me he has heard some pretty amazing things and that the big guy upstairs was good to him.

I hope he looks up this blog and sees that he has touched someones life.


The Kindness Game

David Arquette and The Kindness Game, FINALLY!!!! The reason I’ve been subjected to Howard Stern ALL these years!!!!20130829-200033.jpg

I can not tell you how much I have practiced allowing something to be as I have listened to the Stern show over the last 15 or 16 years, but it certainly has been an earnest effort.

My partner for some reason LOVES the show and has for many years. I have been subjected to it all these years and granted there are some interviews and performances that have captured my interest. And besides, what lesbian do you know that would turn down a chance to see naked boobies? As if the boobies weren’t enough of a pay off for my efforts, all of a sudden I’m hearing about a really big pay off when I was hearing about the Kindness Game.

This, by the way, is the second time in the last several days that I feel like I won the fuckin’ lottery. Towards the end of last week I had this realization that this blog of mine feels like I’ve won the lottery and it is the FEELING of winning the lottery that just keeps giving. I am multimillion dollar winner, because it just keeps paying off.

I love the feeling of being excited and living on purpose. Right now, my purpose is to infect as many people as I can with an Apozitude and I am so stoked that David Arquette is on board too with his version of Apozitude called The Kindness Game.

Dead pizza

When you think opportunistic, what pops in your head?

People? Businesses? Infection?

Well, for me the first thing I think of is a murder of crows. It seems rather self explanatory, right? But let me paint a quick little picture for you to shed some light on why I am even bringing this up,…

Today as I was leaving Costco with my groceries I was waiting at the light to pull out of the parking lot with 5 or 6 other people. While waiting I noticed a couple cars ahead of me someone had left their recently purchased pizza on the top of their car. You can see where this is going, right?

Yup, as we rounded the corner pulling out onto the street, sssssshhhhhhhhoop! There goes that pizza sliding off the top of their car. I say that pizza because it wasn’t theirs anymore. Nope! By the time the car in front of me had passed it and I had passed it well, that dead pizza,.. it now belonged to the crows.


I looked in my rearview mirror and there was probably about 7 or 8 crows jumping around chowing down on their brand new pizza.

Not a blink of an eye, not a single, hey mister you dropped something, they were at the right place at the right time and they jumped on it.

I have to admit I find myself feeling a little envious of the crows and their lack of concern for the previous owner and his feelings over his lost pizza, but I think that is because I’ve always been a rescuer.

I can take care of that! Here let me help you. I can do it! Yup! I got it! No! No, worries I can take care of this for you. Excuse me did you drop this?

But you know what? I love that about me! I love helping people and I love surprising them with extraordinary kindness.

I just also need to be extraordinarily kind to myself.

My pizza!!!