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Living Peace

People will wonder how you live such a happy life. People will want to know what you know. People will want to be like you. People will want to sit beside you at social gatherings.  People will doubt your sincerity. People will question your motives. People will dislike you for the connection you have because they haven’t quiet found yet. People will feel conflicted about how much they like you and yet how much you bug the shit out of them because you’re so damned happy all the time. All the while you’ll love them just the same, because you have been where they are before. You know how it feels to be lost. You know how it feels to be searching. You know how it feels to be grasping for connection. You know how it feels to try to fill the void within with anything you can get your hands on. Food, shopping, vacation, alcohol, drugs, sex and all providing nothing more than a false sense of self.

All my life I’ve searched for a sense of peace and I’ve found it many times. There are so many pathways to peace and various types of peace to be felt. Every level of peace I’ve achieved, I’m always amazed at how there’s another depth of peace and clarity to be achieved.

There’s a great sense of peace in knowing yourself. Knowing your value. Knowing your worth. What an amazing experience to feel and know your own sense of true connection. Honestly, there really are no words to describe exactly how it feels, but what I do know, is when you FEEL it, you KNOW it with complete certainty.

True connection to our authentic self is what provides a sense of peace that passes all understanding.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Should We Upgrade Ourselves?

My favorite thing about life right now is being green. Not to be confused with being environmentally conscious, however, I do place a great deal of value on such a consciousness. In this particular scenario I’m talking about, ironically, the metaphor of being a plant.


I’d rather be green and growing than ripe and rotting.


I love knowing I’m incomplete, this doesn’t imply, I feel I’m not whole. It means I feel I’m perfectly incomplete, content with my current OS (operating system) and consistently providing feedback to my developer, eager for an upgrade. Current OS: (45.4)


I love learning and growing. It’s so exciting.

Still Learning

I love the little things in life that shine a new light on a situation. I love the opportunity to change my perspective. I love awareness and expansion. All of these things are true and the thing that occurred that brought this thought to my mind is a funny little situation between Garrison and I.

As you know he has been in town visiting for the holidays. We set him up in the guest room that was his room when he lived with us most recently, as an adult. While looking through the stuff in there, he found my red fuzzy Viking hat that I got from the Warrior Dash I ran back in September.

Garrison came out into the hall wearing the Viking hat and announced that he was going to be taking it back to Oklahoma because the mascot of his school is a Viking. He said he was going to wear the hat to games and stuff. I responded, “Oh I can’t wait to see that”.

He looked at me a little confused and said, “What do you mean? You can see me right now?” I clarified, “I mean I can’t wait to see it on Facebook in real life”. Garrison said, “This is real life mom, FB is not real”. I meant a real life situation.

Of course I realize that FB is not real life and that we are experiencing real life in this moment, but this situation created a new level of awareness for me. On one hand, FB does provide a glimpse into the lives of our friends and loved ones, near and far, however it really only provides a glimpse of what they are willing to share, but really I guess that’s always the case.

How well do we really know those closest to us? Only as well as they allow us. Maybe an even better question is, how well do we really know ourselves? As for me, I know myself better than I used to and I am still learning.

My hope is that I will continue to grow and expand my ideas and concepts about life. In this process of life I hope I am evergreen and growing.


Hmmm,… That’s very interesting.

What an amazing realization I’ve had today!!!

Try to guess what I’m going to do. Guess! C’mon,… just guess. Ok, I’ll tell you. Here’s what I’m going to do. I am going to share this realization with you. Yes, I am because that’s just the KIND of person that I AM. Before, I might just blurt out this amazing realization, but today I am going to preface it with a disclaimer and I’ll explain why.

Have you ever been explaining something to someone and they respond to you repeatedly during the conversation with, “I know” or “Yes, I know,… but”? Like when you tell your friend, “Your boyfriend is mistreating you. You deserve better. You have a choice. You can draw a line in the sand” and he or she says, “I know, but if I,… blah blah blah then maybe he’ll see how much I love him”. This response is the perfect example of someone saying I know, but actions speak louder than words. You SAY ‘I know” your actions holler out, “I have no idea what I am doing and why this KEEPS happening”. The difference is “knowing” something and “living” something. Knowing is a totally different thing all together than living.

The reason I provided this example is because the amazing realization that I had today is one of those things for me. I have been knowing what I am about to share with you and I’ve been spouting off about it for a good long time, however I felt a huge shift in my awareness today like the knowledge sunk in deeper and with this shift I vow to myself to LIVE the realization. You’re dying to know what it is, aren’t you? I know, hee hee

The amazing realization I had today was this, I have been given a gift. That gift is this day. What will I do with this gift? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to enjoy it. I am going to enjoy it no matter what the external conditions include. I know we’ve all heard it before, Today is a gift, that is why we call it the present. BUT in the past I knew it. Yeah yeah, I know! (dismissively)

Today I will LIVE it!!! Today and every day for the rest of my life. My day, my choice, my gift, my happiness. The totally cool thing about this is, if you are reading this right now, you have been given this gift too. Your gift, your day, your choice. What will you do with yours?

I recommend a celebration. Celebrate you! Celebrate your ability to make a choice. Celebrate your decision to celebrate. Dance around and get giddy. If you don’t like it, that’s ok, IT IS your choice.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!


Destination – Tranformation

I feel like I have just experience a huge paradigm shift. Last week I was feeling stuck in some very old thought patterns that were not serving me at all and I felt desperately lonely. From where I am sitting now I can not even imagine that I ever felt those feelings, BUT I am so glad that I did and of course I can say that now becasue I am beyond it, but if I didn’t experience it I couldn’t be beyond it. I could not be on this other wonderful side of it and I can not believe how amazing it feels to just let go of those horrible feelings.

I carried them with me for a very long time and now they are gone. I love the idea of expanding beyond something that was troubling you because once you have gotten beyong it you never have to go back. Awareness is the most amazing thing ever.

I am KNOWING that I am untethered and I am very excited about the path that is revealing it’s self before me. I am stepping into the very next huge thing for me and I have been refining my preferences for a while now and I am ready for the next bit to unfold.

Look out you’re just about to witness and amazing transformation.


I am an instrument

I have to give credit for this post to Abraham-Hicks, but it’s too good not to share.

“Your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything who has anything to do with you. For your thoughts absolutely equal your point of attraction, and the better you feel, the more everything and everyone around you improves. In the moment that you find an improved feeling, conditions and circumstances change to match your feeling. . . .

Playing the Which Thought Feels Better? Game will help you begin to realize the power that your own thoughts have to influence everything around you.”


Yes, I am posting this from my bubble bath. 🙂

Sometimes when I think about this concept my “thinking brain” doubts that it’s true, however my “knowing brain” doesn’t even comprehend the concept of doubt, that’s because my thinking brain is attached to the human aspect of myself and my knowing brain is attached to the spiritual aspect of myself.

Hmmm, let’s see do I trust the knowing? Uh, yeah! I think I do. I mean, Yes! I do trust the knowing.