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BE YOU!!! Everyone Else is Taken

What’s the ONE thing you can count on in your life? Think about it for a moment. Whatever your answer is now, I guarantee you that with time your answer will change and the reason I know this to be true is because in all honesty, the #1 thing you really can count on is change. When you pause for a moment you begin to see how your “right now” experiences will create change in you from the person you were to the person you will become.

I know we live in a fast paced world of answers in the palm of your hand, but when you Google “sense of peace” and read what the internet claims the definition of this term to be, does it create a sense of peace within you. Even if I provided the definition for you here and you were able to read the meaning right this moment would a spark of clarity and peace ignite within you? It’s not very likely and the reason is because a sense of peace is not something you can download, upload or snap into reality. Peace is a way of life. Peace is clearing your mind of the clutter. Peace is being kind to yourself and others.

The other day during my guided meditation, I was instructed to focus on my breath. Focus on the very beginning of your breath where your awareness is the strongest. I always focus on the feeling of my breath coming and going through my nose. Focus on the beginning of your breath as it enters your body and without forcing your breath or changing it in any way, pay attention to the natural flow of your breath. Once you inhale, you’ll feel the middle of your breath just before this breath transitions to an exhalation there’s a brief pause. That pause is the middle of your breath and then when the breath leaves your body you come to the end of this breath. To help you focus on breathing, as you practice keeping a quiet mind you can say beginning, middle, end. I tried doing this. Beginning, middle, end, beginning, middle, end, beginning, middle, end. I quickly discovered for me this was changing the natural flow of my breathing, so I changed it to: b, m, e, b, m, e, b, m, e. After just a couple breaths I realize in a manner of speaking I was chanting; be me be me be me. I could feel a grin of satisfaction form on my face because this is what a sense of peace feels like.

Regardless of how I change over time and whatever mood I’m in at any given moment, I know I’m free to be me. Yes, I believe I’ll continue my practice of meditation. I love living aware.

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Let the Cursor Blink, Wisdom Will Flow

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently came to a realization that I may be standing in my own way. What does this mean exactly? How can I stand in my own way? Well, it’s a funny thing how clarity is so crystal clear when peeking over into the life of someone else, but when evaluating your own situation it’s like your vision goes blurry and your mind just keeps drawing a blank.

In fact, I find myself drawing a complete blank right now as I sit here pondering this situation and watching the cursor on my screen blinking at me as if it’s paused in a yielding position just waiting for the wisdom to pour out onto the screen. Well, I’m sorry little blinking cursor, I have no wisdom to share at the moment.

All I know, is what I know and it’s really very simple. Everything I need, I have full access to when I allow myself the time and space to quiet the busyness and chatter of my mind. For the last several weeks I’ve been practicing the art of meditation and I’ve come to realize a quiet mind is an amazing luxury. It is my sincere intention to continue the practice of meditation in an effort to deepen my sense of connection and increase my level of peace and happiness.

I believe the continuation of this practice will inherently unveil the value in myself that I seek. Quieting my mind of clutter and distractions helps me to clearly see the value I have in the world. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond, it’s the kindness I share, the awareness I broaden and the lives I touch with genuine love that ripples beyond the point of contact and in a manner affects a far greater scope than I’m able to see.

Could it be? Just like that, I discovered my own value? My heart is saying, YES and it is 100% rewarding. Thank you for your patience blinking cursor, turns out the wisdom was ready to flow.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Adventures in Life

Over this last weekend Keri and I were invited to go on a snowshoeing adventure up on Mt. Hood. Some friends of ours rented a cabin right on the Salmon River where we planned on staying for the night. We had a breath taking view of the river through some moss covered trees and were surrounded by ferns and beautiful plants.IMG_0145

We arrived on Saturday morning around 10am and it was simply a gorgeous day. One of the most beautiful days I’ve seen. Perhaps it was just a regular day like any other, but it seemed extraordinary to me because I was truly connected to the eternal creative spirit. I stood in this one spot next to the river where I could feel the warmth of the sun and all the simple beauties around me. I saw sunlight glistening on the fibers of a spider web. I saw sunlight shining on the motion of the river flowing by. I heard the rhythmic hypnotic flowing of the river and I felt life flowing in and out of me with every breath I took.IMG_0148


Adventures in Meditation

As I stood there gazing up at the beautiful blue sky and the contrast of colors I took a few pictures. I was thinking about the snowshoeing adventure we were about to embark upon and how fun it was going be. I’d never been snowshoeing, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought about how distracting adventures can be, because sometimes when you’re so busy with activity it makes it more challenging to be quiet and just BE with yourself. I took this picture of a fern and posted it to Facebook with the comment, Adventures in meditation. The reasoning behind the picture and the comment was to serve as a reminder to write this blog.

If you think about it there really is adventure in meditation because when you take the time to sit with yourself and really get to know yourself, you learn how to deal with things that come up in life. When you know yourself so well that you know what you’re willing to put up with and where you ultimately draw the line it makes life so much more enjoyable. It’s a joy to live life.


We had a blast.

I loved that time I spent by myself next to the river. I intentionally stood out there in the beauty of the day soaking up the connection to the bigger part of myself, the eternal spiritual part of myself and I felt the connection. It was an amazing time and I loved every minute of it. When it was time to head out for the snowshoeing I was ready. I was connected to nature and to myself. I think that time by the river made the adventure of snowshoeing much more enjoyable.


FedEx Delivers

I am always so very intrigued when I stumble upon a book or a talk about the art of nothing. So intrigued in fact that it seems this “stumbling” that I have so described these findings would be more accurately described as a personal anthropological search.

That feels like a very big word and I’m not 100% certain that it’s even the right word, but what I mean by that description is that I search these things out. I believe in the power of silence. I believe that often our minds are heavily burdened with thoughts of what needs to be done, how much time we have left and what everyone else is thinking and or doing.

It seems when we actually take the time to quiet our minds to the point of silence we are able to reach a level of peace that takes us far beyond the ramblings that constant thought could ever achieve.

Relinquishing the idea that we can figure it all out by going over it repeatedly in our minds is actually the key to freedom. So, the next time you are plagued with a worry, a problem or feelings of being overwhelmed take a moment to clear your mind and focus on something as simple as your breath and let all the stirring thoughts drift out of your brain.

Think of it as clearing space in your mind for clarity to filter in. Kinda like having a table cluttered with old junk mail, newspapers and unwanted flyers. If you don’t clear away the clutter you won’t have room to bring in that new thing that just arrived via Fedex.


What City?

Laying on the couch for a bit of a rest yesterday after ALL the walking around NYC to find the noise of the city surrounding me. A subway was thundering along below me. People were chattering and roaring by my windows. The sanitation truck was swooshing down the street and around the corner. Upstairs neighbors were stomping up and down my ceiling.

Not much rest was to be had under such conditions, so I reached for my phone and changed the conditions. I opened YouTube to reveal my “watch later” files where I found my sense of peace, my take me away from it all, my Tibetan Meditation music.

A harp is strummed slowly into a mellow melody over a consistent harmonic overtone of singing bowls. In the distance, a soft and steady waterfall is flowing into the rhythm of a slow and easy river drifting along. Occasional twittering of distant birds and a faint happy cricket. My breathing went from slightly frustrated sighs to very slow deep and totally relaxed jaw breathing as I drifted peacefully into slumber.

What city?


Having the Time of My Life

A little while back I decided to take a vow each day to offer the best of myself today. Part of that process involves spending time each day setting the tone for the day by dedicating at least 15 minutes of focused energy on creating the day that I desire. I have been focusing on the positive things I see in my life and around me and I have noticed more and more like minded people are appearing in my life. More and more cooperation is flowing into my life and it seems that everything is always working out for me.

I am loving my life. I am not only content with where I am, I am quite pleased with where I am and not only eager for more, but feel a peaceful and anxious anticipation to see how the next big piece of this grand puzzle gently floats into place like a feather in the breeze.


No Half Assed Meditation Here.

Throughout my life I have sort of been a half-assed meditator, meaning I would meditate when I was stressed, angry or upset. I have had some amazing paradigm shifts in my life as a result of mediation in those times of distress. I can remember shifting beyond caring about what a bully in my life thought and then reveling with delight to myself when that particular person made another attempt to bully me. What a sense of relief to move past such a consuming feeling of being small and inconsequential. I felt as if I grew 6 feet that day.

In other times of extreme pain, I’ve meditated to get beyond it and it worked. I’m not saying the meditation took away the pain completely, but it certainly did take the edge off. Ultimately, though, meditation did take away the pain because the clarity I gained from being so focused, opened my mind to the idea that I had choices. I could choose different doctors with different philosophies and receive more intuitive care. The intuitive care lead to resolution, so I would be completely remiss to not credit the mediation at all. Don’t you think?

Anyway the point is if meditation could assist me in such times of pain or mistreatment, why was I not utilizing this amazing tool when things were going well? Doesn’t it make sense if things are shitty and you want them to be better, meditate? Well, why not meditate when things are going well to create opportunity for something amazing?

Well guess what!!! Things were going well and Keri said she wanted to start meditating 15 minutes a day and I said, Hell yes! Me too. As a result the most amazing things are happening in my life. My car accident that lead me to believe that my little silver bullet was going to be totaled has been restored and returned to me. I am feeling tremendous love and adoration for my wife, not that I wasn’t before, it’s just going so well, I thought I’d mention it. 🙂 I am feeling a sense of fulfillment in my job as a manager at the dental office that I am truly enjoying my work. My blog is growing and reaching more people, which is leading to my dreams coming true.

I am surrounded by random amazing strangers who really aren’t strange at all. Like the Orgonite gifter I wrote about in my Happy Father’s Day post and Jonna the amazing shoe sharer from my, It’s just the way I see it post. Then there’s the amazing dude named Ed that delivers a dose of true connection every time he frequents my office to keep our textiles fresh. We mustn’t forget David from the Shimmering Pools of Butter post.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Isaac. He came by today to repair our garage door. The spring broke, so the opener would not work and he fixed it. Thank you Isaac for the door and the true connection.

I simply can not even tell you all of the big and small amazing things that have been coming up in my life. They are too numerous to mention them all, but let’s just say that I have come to believe that meditation is a life changer. It’s kinda like this, when you begin meditation and clear your mind of the static and clutter, it creates space for divine wisdom. Guidance. Intuition.

I am grateful for my knowing.


It’s the Apozitude Challenge!!!

According to my news feed on Facebook a fairly good number of folks have accepted and participated in the Ice-bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS, also known as, Lou Gehrig’s disease and I can not deny that it has been successful. Honestly, I didn’t know what ALS was the first time I saw an Ice-bucket challenge video posted to FB, so in that regard I have to agree that it has been undeniably successful. I also agree that raising awareness is a big part of what Apozitude is ALL about. The passion behind Apozitude is awareness. It is my passionate intention as the author of Apozitude to raise the awareness in the individual. An awareness that you as an individual have absolute control over your life.

If you are reading this and you are doubting your ability to have control over your life then it is I, Angel Zaumdio, that challenges you to the Apozitude challenge. I came up with this idea as I was soaking myself in a hot bath of eucalyptus and spearmint epsom salt. I had just watched a documentary entitled Stress: Portrait of a Killer on Netflix. Amazing research and documentary by Robert Sapolsky. A must see in my book.

Anyway, after watching this documentary about how stress is a killer, I decided this was the perfect time to take the epsom salt soak I had been planning. I stepped into the hot salty water and turned on my well-being meditation. I laid there in the water breathing in and breathing out as the meditation guided me to allow alignment and releasing resistance. I could feel the stress dissolving from my body and the cells of my body returning to their natural state of balance. Once I was guided to listen to the music and let it guide me to a deeper realm of relaxation, I decided to sink deeper into the water as well.

I sunk down to the point where my ears were under water and I could hear the beating of my heart echoing through the water and in the muffled distance I could also still hear the music of my meditation. I decided I would test the theory that deep intentional breathing could help relieve stress. As I listened to the rhythm of my heart, I deliberately slowed my breathing even more and I could actually hear the pace of my heart begin to slow. All of a sudden the Ice-bucket challenge popped into my mind. I thought what a drastically different effect that water would have on me than the current water I was relaxing in and that is when it occurred to me that I could create a challenge of my own for my readers.

So, how long did it take you or someone you know to get the water and ice bucket together? Add to that the time it took to find someone to record the Ice-Bucket challenge video. Now add the amount of time it took to record the video and change out of the soaking wet clothes. Plus the amount of time it took to post it to FB. How much time do you think all of that took? Let’s just guess for the sake of this blog that it took just about 15 minutes. It was probably more, but let’s just say 15 – 20 minutes. Just one more thing though ,… take into consideration how this made you feel. How you felt when you watched your friends video and then heard your name in the list of people they challenged. How accepting the challenge made you feel. How being recorded made you feel. How that ice water made you feel. Think about all those things.

Now! Think about the Apozitude Challenge. Oh yeah, I haven’t challenged you yet. Ok, I challenge YOU to take less than the amount of time it took you or your friend to do all that stuff for the Ice-bucket thingy and dedicate 15 minutes to yourself. No distractions, simply undivided attention for 15 minutes to your breathing. I challenge you to put yourself first for 15 minutes and prove to yourself that you can have a deliberate affect on your level of stress by slowing down long enough to reduce your heart rate and focus on a sense of peace. Really focus on how that sense of peace feels in your body and know that anytime you want to you can deliberately reconnect to that sense of peace even if for just a moment here and there throughout your day.

You are an amazing person. Take time and spend it with yourself and bless the world with the best of yourself. The payback is wonderful.


I kinda look intense, but I was really relaxed. 🙂

Free and Easy

It seems I often find the most amazing things in life are the most simple things in life. I am so in love with my life. I can gaze for extended amounts of time at the contrast between the big beautiful blue sky and any number of things, the greens of a grassy hill, sunlight on the leaves, the vibrant reds and deep purples of the leaves in the trees, the skyward reaching dark silhouettes of the hundred year old pine trees around my neighborhood against the evening sky, the blue of the sky and the white puffy clouds.

A loving touch from my wife as we laugh at all the silly things we laugh about, noda mean? Listening to the laughter of friends joyously conversing with each other. I love the nonsensical laughter of young children. I love the sound and feel of the rhythm of Waffles’ breath in my ear when I am hugging him and rapping him on the side of his ribs. I love watching clouds transform from one shape to another.

Why am I telling you all these things I love? Because like I said before these are very simple things and yet the most amazing things in my life. The few things I’ve mentioned here are just a fraction of the things that capture my attention. I love watching a smile reach across someone’s face when I tell them how much I appreciate them or the smile of a stranger when I compliment their smile.

These are mindful choices and I choose to focus upon these things because they are the things that provide the richness of my life. Simple, easy pleasures. It’s a form of meditation and a way to bring alive the specialness of this very minute in time. I love to observe the truly beautiful moments in life. A baby learning to hold his head up. A mom learning to empower her young children. My wife lovingly peering at our sweet little Waffles Bear. A co-worker feeling peace, security and happiness. Tears of joy rolling down my counselors face as she tells me that she believes I no longer need her assistance. The sound of relief on the other end of the phone when someone new realizes they won’t be judged for their lack of dental care. Creating resolution and a sense of peace in the lives of others. Being at a free and easy point of my life and the desire to share this way of life with you.

These are the riches of my life and the moments that fulfill me.