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What’s the #1 Most Important Message

Recently, I was asked a thought-provoking question about my blog. “If you could only get ONE message out to all of your readers, what would that message be?”

After a short bit of thinking, I came to this conclusion. The #1 most important message would be to live 100% authentic to yourself. This would incorporate all the blogs I’ve written about choice, happiness, passion, following your true bliss and living completely free.

Living true to yourself is saying what you want to stay, doing what YOU want to do, sharing your life with the people you choose. Living true to you is an active choice to live your life on purpose. Loving deeply and looking beyond the small humanness of people and seeing the bigger part of people, seeing the soul. Embracing the bigger part of yourself and allowing the bigger part of others to flow as well. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

I’ll live true to me and you live true to you.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

Someone at my office the other day mentioned in conversation that we spend about 70% of our day at work and that staggering percentage sparked some curiosity in me. I did a little research and The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a pie chart to represent how the average day for an employed person ages 25-54 with children spends their day. I’m not all that great at replicating pie charts and not all of that information is relative to my point so I’ll just tell you that they determined 8.8 hours a day were spent working. That works out to be about 53% of your waking hours for the average person. This information got me thinking and I asked my office manager if I could share something from Apozitude at our next staff meeting. She said write something up, let me review it and I’ll let you know.

I shared the statistics in what I wrote for her to review and went on to write the following:

I value happiness and I value your happiness. I believe if we’re going to be spending this much time together working toward a common goal of providing excellent service to our patients, excellent service to our employer and excellent service to each other, perhaps we could make 4 simple agreements with ourselves and to each other. I got these 4 agreements from a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called The Four Agreements and they are:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personal

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

I bring these agreements to you because I’ve found I need to be reminded of these agreements I’ve made with myself and if you’re interested in having these agreements with yourselves as well, I was thinking we could assist each other in the greatest part of our day to allow the best versions of ourselves to come forward. No body is making anyone of you do any of this. You are free to choose. This was just an idea I came up with because like I said I value happiness, mine and your. Nobody is perfect and I will need reminders and I’m open to being held accountable.

My office manager approved the writing and of me sharing this message with my fellow co-workers. In doing so it reminded me how writing is far easier than speaking, LOL, but I loved it. I felt receptivity from the group and I’m excited to continue on the path of my dreams. I intend to continue my writings with Apozitude and share my passion of cultivating a happy life where ever I go and one day in the not too distant future I will be speaking to groups about this passion of mine. I’m loving where I am and eager for more. Looking forward to the future.

What are your dreams?  



© 2017 Angel Zamudio

What Two Words Changed My Life?

Every. Single. Day. I’m thinking about Apozitude. What can I write? How I can share? Oh this experience would make a great blog,…  getting my energy in alignment with my authentic self, waking up at 4am (sometimes earlier) on the weekends, so I can spend time with myself to better understand myself. Do you know why I do ALL of this? I do it because Apozitude IS ME!!! I want to be the best version of myself #1 because it feels good to feel self love and #2 so I can help to shatter the illusions and misconceptions of the world.

I spend a great deal of my free time typing away at this keyboard. I carefully braid together what feels like the perfect blend of words as I’m listening to ocean waves, European spa music and Reiki healing music to keep my mind clear. Clear of the distractions of the world because this is what FEELS good to ME. I have a strong sense of focus on achieving my goal of expanding awareness of the reality that you can choose happiness. This blog is about how I choose to live my life and helping others to feel empowered to do the same for themselves.

I’ve been in dark places in my life. I know how it feels to be lonely and completely lost. I’ve struggled with internal battles of not feeling worthy of love and kindness. I’ve felt so small and insignificant in the past that I thought the world won’t even miss me if I don’t show up for life tomorrow. I’ve questioned of the Universe, What am I supposed to learn from this pain? I tried to live my life to please everyone else and placed myself last. I’ve hated my life and couldn’t even stand to look at my own face in the mirror. Living a false sense of self and pretending to be someone or something that you’re not is a miserable existence.

My passion, my reason to get up in the morning and what fulfills me at the end of the day is to know I’m doing what I can to help others realize they have a choice. You’re not alone. You can put yourself first. It does matter what you think and how you feel. You’re loved more than you realize and you deserve happiness. Two words that changed my life beginning in my early 20’s and still to this day:

© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Tips on How to Live your Life on Purpose

What am I doing here? Does my existence make a difference? What’s my purpose?

Questions I’ve wondered many times in my life and I know I’m not alone, so I’m going to address these questions.

In the past when I’ve wondered these things I realize now that I was lost because I didn’t have the answers. I thought there has to be more to life than going to work, earning money, saving money, planning short vacations to escape the stress of the work I have to do to earn the money, so I can do the whole thing over again. What a drag!!! That doesn’t feel inspired,…

How many of us work to live? How many of us are settling for the “ho-hum” of life? I know I’ve wasted time in the past crying over my lack of purpose, begging to know the answer to the question, What the hell am I doing here??? I’ve worked many years of my life in the pursuit of someone else’s dream and to be honest, I’ve grown tired of pouring my energy into someone else’s “dream” and that doesn’t feel good at all.

Over the years, as I’ve poured my energy into someone’s dream, I discovered something about myself. I discovered I have a passion for knowledge and expansion. I love helping people and I have an abundance of love and support to give. I’m patient, compassionate and understanding. I discovered MY passion! So, to answer the question, What am I doing here? I’m writing this blog to help raise awareness in the lives of the people around me. There’s something to be said for consistency and my hope is that I can write enough and talk enough about YOUR inner power to improve your life in a single moment that you’ll begin trying it out.

Spending time alone can allow you an opportunity to take a good hard look at your life. Are you living a life on purpose or settling for the "ho-hum"?

Spending time alone can allow you an opportunity to take a good hard look at your life. Are you living a life on purpose or settling for the “ho-hum”?

The simple truth of the matter is, words don’t teach. What this means is: it doesn’t matter how much you read about ways to make change happen in your life. Change occurs in your life when you begin making attempts to implement change in the way you think, behave and react. When you first begin, you’ll find that you slip out of an awareness perspective and into older habits of thinking, behaving and reacting, but when you take positive actions you’ll begin to have the life experiences to support the words you’re reading. You’ll see improvement in your life and you’ll begin to catch yourself in the early stages of old behavior. You’ll begin noticing you feel better when you make choices based on awareness. This is the difference between “knowing” something and “LIVING” it!!! You will feel love for yourself.

Does my existence make a difference? I never wonder this anymore. I know I’m making a difference in the world by affecting the lives of people around me. I am a lifter of spirits, a giver of hugs and a lover of life. We’re all deserving of love and I’m grateful to be a giver of love. One positively focused person is more powerful than a million negatively focused people.

What are you doing here? What is your purpose? Does it make your heart sing? We all came here to be happy and we have one life to live in these physical bodies of ours, so remember this: Every second of your life spent not being true to YOU, you’re robbing the world of your own special uniqueness that ONLY you possess.

If you find yourself feeling lost, sad or out of touch, I HIGHLY recommend unplugging from the social world and spending some time with yourself quieting the thoughts of your mind and asking some serious questions about your purpose. There are tons of resources to help guide you through this process. I’m currently reading, You Are a Badass By Jen Senciro   and have Eat That Frog By Brian Tracy in my queue. I’ve also read Great by Choice by Jim Collins. The list goes on and on. Why? Because there are so many people wanting to live their life on purpose and the people who are living their lives on purpose, love the way it feels and want every one to know the amazing feeling of living your life on purpose.



Keoki’s Paradise

This last week when we were in Kauai, Keri and I found a little place we liked to go for happy hour, Keoki’s Paradise. The atmosphere was casual. All the outer edges of the establishment were open allowing a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape and a light breeze to flow through. 

As one might expect, there were lots of palm trees, big colorful flowers, bamboo and plants with huge leaves. I’m not kidding even a little bit. The leaves on some of these plants were bigger than my head. I know, I know. Roll on with the jokes about the size of my head. 

Anyway, one day while we were sitting at the bar enjoying the view and our tropical beverages, I noticed in my survey of my surroundings, an older man and woman sitting at a table near by. I say older because they both had white hair and they were, well,… older than me. 

I was busy chatting with Keri, sipping my pineapple Mojito (YUM) and turning on my bar stool to get the full 360 degree view of the place. I hadn’t really considered this before, but now I realize in my turning to see everyone and everything around me, I also provided the opportunity for others to get a full view of me. The reason I realized this was because the woman of the older couple mentioned my Ganesha tattoo on my right shin. 

“I couldn’t help but notice you have Ganesha tattooed on your leg. Have you been up to the Hindu Monastery?” It was kinda loud in there, so I got up from my bar stool and sat at their table. These two were very passionate about the monastery and were trying to tell me as many details as they could. They were adorable. We connected almost instantly. They highly recommended us making the trip, if our time on the island allowed for it.

The woman told me she tells her children all the time, “Everything happens for a reason”. I told her I had the same belief and asked them for their names. The woman replied, “My name is Linda”. I turned to her companion and he replied, “I’m Bartholomew, you don’t find many of them around anymore”. I said, “Well, my name is Angel and I thank you kindly for your recommendation. We’ll, certainly, check it out.” and returned to my perch and my beverage. 

Once seated, Bartholomew approached me, handed me a coin in a sealed plastic wrapper with a tag stapled to it and said, “Since you believe everything happens for a reason I wanted to share with you that I carry this Angel coin with me at all times. It protects me and keeps me from harm. The police in NYC carry these Angel coins”. I thought it was really cool that he had a coin in his wallet with my name on it. 

I thanked him for sharing with me, gave him his coin back and handed them one of my Apozitude cards. I told them how much I enjoyed connecting with them and I was very much looking forward to visiting the Hindu Monastery. I hugged them both as they were leaving. It was amazing. Who knew the paradise we would find at Keoki’s? 

More about the Hindu Monastery, later. 

This is My Practice

Focused on happy, healthy, honest, compassionate, connected, supportive, fun, abundance and creativity. 

Focused on happy 

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy 

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

There really are only two feelings, the good ones and the bad ones. There are many different labels for these two feelings, but really what it boils down to is, does it feel good? Or does it feel bad? 

I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks excerpt on YouTube the other day, like I do most mornings and Ester was channeling Abraham. They were talking about a new moments resolution rather than a new years resolution. They said, “Don’t wait for the New Year, this one just got here and you already screwed it up. Make a new moments resolution. Stop the momentum BEFORE you get caught up. You don’t have to get caught up.” 

I really like this idea of “turning it around” the moment you become aware that you are focused on something that doesn’t feel good. It takes practice. Believe me, I know. I just keep adjusting my focus to something positive, because sometimes that thing that makes you feel bad, really pisses you off and you just wanna keep rehashing it. Talking about it, over and over, to try and make some sort of sense of it, even though it doesn’t make you feel good to do it.

Now that we have permission to turn it around, we really don’t have to get caught up.          

Focused on happy

Focused on happy 

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy 

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy

Focused on happy


I just keep practicing. 

Focused On Alignment

In this moment, I’m right smack in the middle of my alignment. I’m feeling a connection to my Ultimate Creative Source that I intend to carry with me through my day. I am worth it. My happiness is worth the effort it takes to avert my attention from situations, people, attitudes, beliefs of others and things that don’t serve my greater good. 

I believe,… no scratch that. I KNOW I am on my true path. It’s my intention to live my life with passion, the passion with in myself and it’s my vow to myself to live the rest of my days as my authentic self. 

This doesn’t mean, I will be showy and in your face if we don’t see eye to eye. Why? Because I have come to realize that you are where you are and I am where I am and that is ok. I intend to calmly march forward in a positive direction and anyone who cares to join me is welcome. 

Please know that our passions may not be in alignment with one another and that’s ok. What that means to me is, by extending an invitation to join together and march forward in a positive direction that is true to our individual selves, may find us moving in different directions. Simply because our paths to our own passions may diverge and that’s ok too.

All I know is I intend to live my life focused on alignment because that’s what feels best to me.       

More of This

I am so excited. I recorded my first test run podcast. I have to admit I will need pointers on how to present better, but over all I am very pleased with the result. Much to my surprise I was able to talk for 11min. and I’ve listened to the recording a couple times and I don’t hate it!!!

I am looking forward to learning more about podcasting and offering another layer of myself through Apozitude. It’s kinda cool to listen to a podcast rather than read a blog because you can listen to it in your car on the way somewhere and I think hearing someone’s voice creates a familiarity and closeness with that person.

I am all about creating closeness and bonding. I love connecting with people and expanding myself through experiences and offering an opportunity for other to expand as well. This is a very exciting time in my life. I feel like I’ve discovered my passion. I’ve found my reason for getting up in the morning.

Being a positively focused person and allowing positivity to flow into all areas of my life is my dream. It is my intention to allow my positive energy and my positive focus to grow in my life and to infuse positivity where ever it is welcomed and allowed. I love clarity and genuine relationships. I am loving my life and the clear path that Apozitude has provided for me. I am happy and content with where I am and eager for more.

So look forward to more of this from me. I am just getting started.


Math to the Rescue

I am coming to a realization that I really would like to apply a very simple math equation to my life. It’s as easy as simple subtraction. Let me show you.

My life – any more shoulds = a happy and content me.

This idea of subtracting “should” from my life has occurred to me in a number of areas in my life and I will reveal some of these areas in a moment, but 1st I’d like to discuss the reason. To elaborate and for clarity, I looked up the meaning of “should”. Here is what I found: should – used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions: he should have been careful

In my efforts to live my life on purpose and with intentionality I have found that doing things out of a sense of obligation or duty never “feels” right. When things don’t “feel” right, you can’t really put your whole heart into it. Doesn’t that make sense?

I can remember in my early twenties feeling obligated to visit my grandma. To be clear, it wasn’t just a feeling, it was an intentional guilt trip that was placed upon me. When I say, “it was an intentional guilt trip” I am not placing blame on my grandma, because I knew she was doing to me what had been done to her.

I was about 22 years old, married and had a 18 month old son. Somehow, I allowed myself to see this exchange with my grandmother rather clearly and when she asked me in her syrupy sweet Texan accent, “Wha’s more important than comin’ to visit with your grandma?” I remember saying something along the lines of, “Well, Grandma, right now tending to my son is more important”. She seemed to take it well. I don’t remember a dispute.

What I do remember is the feeling that question generated in me. It stuck with me for a long time, my entire life so far, I guess. Right? From that point forward I knew with the utmost of certainty that I never wanted anyone to visit me or do anything with or for me out of a sense of obligation. I only want people in my life who truly desire to be there.

I am in no way claiming that obligation is a negative thing, but in this context, I find it undesirable. I think if the same undesirable feeling goes with, Should I strive to dress more fashionably? Should I try to wear make up? Should I try to appear more feminine or Should I work out right now? Then the answer, in my mind is no. I don’t think we “should” do anything that doesn’t feel like it aligns with our true self.

I believe a better question would be, Do I want to dress more fashionably? Yes, sometimes I do. When I don’t feel like it, I will wear my comfy jeans, sweats and t-shirts. Do I want to wear make up? Yes, I do sometimes. It’s ok to say yes and it’s ok to say no, additionally, it’s ok to change your mind.

Do I think you should subtract “should” from your life? I think a better question is, Do you want to subtract “should” from your life? It doesn’t matter what I think about you and your life. What truly matters is what we think and feel about ourselves and our lives.

My desire is to lessen my critical thoughts about myself. I want to be supportive and encouraging to myself and it is my belief that what you think about is what you talk about and words have power. So that means what you talk about is what you create and you came here to live out your dreams. Should you make an attempt to increase your self supportive and self encouraging thoughts? That, my friend, is all up to you.