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Soy Sauce Ninja says I’m Taller

I drew this Ninja in my left over soy sauce with one of my chopsticks

I love embracing that part of myself that’s forever playful and curious. I love sharing my child like ways of viewing the world and encountering people. I still play in my food and see imaginary animals and made up creatures in the patterns of wood grain in tables, doors and floors. I love the sense of endless possibilities and limitless creativity. This is where I live, in a world of ANYTHING is possible and it feels amazing.

I was at Trader Joe’s recently and saw one of the friendly clerks and she said, “I haven’t seen you in a while. Where have you been?” All of a sudden I felt like a little kid, like when I used to be greeted with something like the following, “I haven’t seen you in a while, look at how much you’ve grown” except since I’ve been a full grown adult, I can’t remember the last time someone has noted my growth. Which is kinda a bummer, ya know? Cuz I’m still growing.

So, I asked her, “Do I look taller?” She looked at me kinda puzzled and said, “Not really, why? Have you grown?” I said, “I’m always growing, ya know spiritually,…”. She paused to ponder the notion and said, “Yeah I guess we’re still growing I guess. Hopefully, anyway.” I said, “Yup! Look at me I’m spiritually taller” She tilted her head back with laughter as she restated what I had said, “I’m spiritually taller,…. oh that’s great.” To be completely honest with you guys, I’m actually physically shorter. Last time I was measured, my doctor logged 5’7″ even in my chart. I’ve been 5’8″ in the past, and I’ve been hanging on to that height in the 5’7.5″ range, but had to totally come to terms with being shorter when I measured in at 5’7″ even. That’s ok, I’d rather be spiritually taller.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Fun with Words

     Sometimes I like to write about a funny little exchange between Keri and I just because I love the levity it provides. Plus, it gives a bit of insight into some of the quirkiness of our relationship. 

     Over the weekend we were running around getting errands done and exercising our puppy. When it came time to decide what to have for lunch, Keri asked me what I was feeling like eating. 

     I thought for a moment and replied, “Hmmm, that’s a very good question” she said,”Yes, I know, that’s why I’m asking”

     I thought a bit more and said, “Bugger! I don’t know!!! You pick and I’m sure I’ll be able to find something wherever you decide” 

     In her very logical way, she offered this solution, “Well, we’re headed over to North Plains after we eat, so we need to go somewhere west of here” We were at Meat for Cats and Dogs, our favorite place to pick up food and treats for Marbles. We’ve known the owner, Heidi, for years, she and her staff are awesome because they’re so caring and helpful. 
     Anyway, back to the story. Keri says, “Hey, how about Dick’s Kitchen?” and I reply, “Oh yeah! I love Dick’s.” 

     “Really? That’s interesting” Keri replied with a cute little grin. 

Keep Them Guessing

This last weekend we took a trip to the beach and one evening we were totally surprised by what we observed. We were enjoying the view of the sunset from our beach rental and right in front of our bay windows we watched a white SUV park in the look out area provided in front of our rental.

It was a Cadillac and very nice. We watched as the driver got out of the car. She was an older woman and once she got out of the vehicle we watched her reach back into the car for something. As we watched her step back from the vehicle, I wondered if she was by herself or if there would be others piling out of the SUV.

It turned out that she was alone. She stood in the grassy area next to her Cadillac and watched the ocean waves come and go for a little bit and then to our surprise she whipped out a bottle of bubbles. We watched as she dipped the wand into the soapy water and slowly raised her arm so the wand would reach her lips. The little wand shook just a bit as she held it in front of her lips, then she let out a deep exhalation. She set free several bubbles from the wand. She did this repeatedly.

I told Keri she should take her picture and Keri said, “You do it.” So, I hustled over to my flip-flops with my iPhone in hand and at the edge of the drive way I stood balancing my camera/iPhone propped up on a fence post and snapped her picture several times. I seemed as though she noticed me because she turned my way and blew bubbles in my direction. I hollered across the street to her, “I love it!!!”. She didn’t respond verbally she just kept blowing her bubbles.

I went back inside and watched her blow a few more bubbles and then as if it were nothing at all she just got back in her car and drove off. It was interesting. It created a little stir in me. It made me want to be an interesting person that surprises people and then I remembered something I did over the weekend. I realized I already am an interesting person that surprises people. I’ll share that story in another blog.