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The #1 Way to Build Self Confidence

“Tend fires that fuel true happiness.” -Angel Zamudio, author of Apozitude.com

In addition to being the author of this blog, I’m also a health and fitness coach with an amazing company named BeachBody. The reason I bring my health and fitness coaching into the picture here is because I have to give credit to this amazing company that has done so much to change so many lives. Right within their mission statement BeachBody claims, “It’s our mission to help you become the person you want to be.” The founders of BeachBody believe in progress not perfection and promise to help you overcome doubts, challenge excuses, and show you that, with a positive attitude, unbelievable change is possible.

I absolutely love this company because their core values align so perfectly with my own. Everything about how they operate fits perfectly with my philosophies in life. I believe with my whole heart that the purpose of Apozitude is to help you become the person you want to be by raising awareness of how you can make change in your life, right here, right now!! I totally support the concept of progress not perfection. Combining my efforts through Apozitude with the efforts of BeachBody I have every reason to believe I AM making a difference in the world.

One of the best ways of making positive change in your life is to build your self confidence. The number one way to do this is by stepping outside our comfort zone and doing something you’ve never done before. Taking a step outside of your comfort zone improves your feelings about yourself because that’s what conquering a “scary” thing does for your morale. It boosts you up. Who wouldn’t feel better after overcoming a fear or doubt. Right? It makes you feel INVINCIBLE!!

IMG_1278The Team I belong to in the BeachBody community is Team Brave and I believe my team is perfectly named because we are all encouraging each other to tap into our bravery to do things we’ve never done before to create better versions of ourselves so that we can help make this world a better place one person at a time starting with ourselves.

Beginnings of a Creed

Apozitude is the blog of one person, the reason I clarify this fact is because I looked up the term blog to be certain I knew what I was clarifying. dictionary.com defines blog as a website containing a writer’s or group of writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. So, I wanted to clarify that this particular blog and all of it’s contents are not written by a group. It is written by me, Angel Zamudio, based on my own experiences, observations and opinions.

Further down the page in dictionary.com the British definition of a blog reads: (informal) online journal and the Contemporary definition reads: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on the web.

When I got together with my mentor and blog guru, Mike, to get Apozitude started he asked me all sorts of questions about how I wanted the blog to be set up. One of the main things I wanted was for the blog to be public, so anyone could read it and share it with others.

My intention with Apozitude has always been to focus on the events of my life and share how I believe having a positive attitude will directly result in having a positive affect on the outcome of my life situations. I have a lifetime of desire to have a positive affect on the people that cross my path. I’m not always very smooth or graceful, because my child like enthusiasm often triggers me to jump into action prior to giving a great deal of thought as to how my action will be received. I get so enthusiastic about positive events I sometimes awkwardly insert myself into situations that don’t really have room for me. I’m learning.

Another main thing I wanted for my blog was to have a comments section, so my readers can share their thoughts on any given blog. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received and continue to welcome others thoughts feelings and perspectives.

The design of the Apozitude logo was created and hand drawn by me with the thought in mind that when we focus our thoughts in a positive direction it will lift our hearts to a higher level of love.

I’m sharing this with you because this is my attempt to start an Apozitude creed. Stay tuned as I continue the process of formulating the final creed and as always feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

You Matter

I think it’s pretty easy to state things in a positive manner, but I have been practicing for a very long time. Here’s a fine example. I like the way, “Please remember” sounds as opposed to, “Don’t forget”. Personally, I am more inclined to remember something when it’s phrased in this manner. Perhaps it’s because, “Please remember” feels like a polite request and a considerate reminder. Where as, “Don’t Forget” feels more like a doubting order.

When I meet someone new or learn their name after I’ve known them for a while and I want to remember their name, I say their name, “Meredith” and then I say, “I will remember your name is Meredith”. It really helps me. It is important to me to remember a person’s name.

It seems to me when you’re able to call someone by their name it creates value in the relationship. It says to someone, “You matter….” and I like cultivating that feeling in people.

IMO, They’re ALL Love Songs

I kinda have a funny way of listening to songs. I only pay attention to the lyrics that I like. I could be listening to a very sad break up song and all I hear is the “how much I love you” parts. I don’t even pay attention to the “you’re gonna miss my love” parts.

Sometimes the way I sing love songs or think about them is very different than what they are intended, but I like the way I take a Richard Marx song and turn it into a spiritual awakening. The song Hold On To The Nights is very powerful to me, because when he sings the line, “I am helplessly aware that the person I’ve been searching for is right there”, in my mind I am singing to a reflection of myself in the mirror.20140720-180829-65309376.jpg

It kinda seems like this may be perceived as a little self absorbed to sing to myself that I am the person I’ve always been looking for, but really it’s not. I mean aren’t we all on an endless journey of self discovery? Every time we grow or expand our awareness and our point of attraction changes. So, really, it only makes sense, that the person you are always searching for is right there in the mirror.

You’re the one that has all the right answers for yourself anyway. Who else is going to know better what feels right for you? Only you. Start asking yourself some questions and be easy with yourself if you don’t know the answers yet. Focus on something fun and all of your answers will be revealed. Soon you’ll realize that everything is always working out.


When you’re ready,…

Just about every time I talk to someone about my blog, I get the same question. What is Apozitude about? I usually say something along the lines of it being about my life experiences and how having a positive attitude affects me and my life, but recently I gave this explanation to someone and she asked in return, “Is that really all it’s about?” She continued, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve read your blog and it seems to me it’s not just about having a positive attitude, but more about being helpful” I’ve been giving that idea some thought and I’d have to agree. I don’t always have a positive message, but it is my intention to be helpful.

I have a strong desire to be helpful and that is a big contributing factor as to why I write this blog. I was thinking about this concept of being helpful today and it occurred to me that I really do not care how my loved ones receive life changing messages. I simply want them to be exposed to the types of messages that create paradigm shifts in their lives. I want them to feel like they have choices and that they have the power to make decisions. I want them to feel comfortable about making mistakes. I want them to feel the awesomeness of taking risks and feeling success. I want my loved ones to feel love. I want them to know a sense of peace that passes the realm of understanding and I am not attached to the way they receive these messages, meaning it doesn’t have to come from me.

The thing about wanting all those things for the people that I love is that I can not want it bad enough for them to receive it. They have to want it, and they have to want it enough to seek it out for themselves. All I can do is want it bad enough to seek it out for myself. I want to be happy. I want to be in a good mood. I want to have a peaceful mind. And guess what! I am happy. I am in a good mood and I do have a peaceful mind.

Whenever you are ready to attain it, it shall be yours as well.


Different stroke for different folks

It really does NOT matter what life brings into your experience. The only thing that matters is how you choose to deal with what is placed in front of you. The right attitude can change a situation from seeming quite grim into a situation that provides complete freedom. It all depends on your attitude and perspective.

Notice, I did not say a positive attitude. You might expect the author of Apozitude to say a positive attitude can make the difference and though that is true for me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the truth for everyone. It is important to understand what is right for you.

What might be right for me may not be right for you.

A positive attitude for me, can change a gloomy atmosphere into a miniature dance party, even if there is no music what-so-ever and even if I am the only one dancing.

You do what is right for you and I’ll do what’s right for me.


It really can be that simple

Sitting in my writing chair today and trying to get to a place of still mind enough to begin writing. I’ve got my head phones on and I am so busy scanning my brain for a point of positive focus that I could not even hear the words streaming into my ears. It took me about 2 and a half minutes to slow my thoughts long enough to realize that Kool and the Gang was on and were singing directly into my ears these exact words: Cherish the love we have, We should cherish the life we live. Cherish the love. Cherish the life.

Search no more. Right?

It is all very simple. Cherish the love. Cherish the life. You get to decide what that means for you.


Raise your hand if you’ve had a pretend crush

Forty five is young and I’m only 44. HA! It’s a fantastic age to be. I am in love with my life and NOT just because it rhymes, but also my wife. I’m just cheesy like that. Maybe I should call this blog Cheesitude,… No, I like Apozitude MUCH better.

One of the many reasons I love my life is directly related to this blog. I really am surprised how much I love writing, although I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve kept a journal of some sort all my life. The first journal that sticks in my mind is one I kept when I was 12. It had a red and green plaid fabric cover. Oh how I wish I still had that preteen drama love struck filled book, alas, I can distinctly recall throwing it in a dumpster long about 18 years old.

The only reason that particular journal sticks out in my mind is because of a single entry. I remember on my 13th birthday I wrote in red ink. I was wrought with so much conflict and unrequited love. Seventh grade is difficult for most people and I am not saying that my seventh grade experience was more difficult than others, but from my confused perspective it sure did seem like it. I was in love with one or two of my friends and both of them were, of course, interested in boys. One of them, in fact, had a crush on the boy that I was pretending to have a crush on to blend in and divert attention away from my true feelings towards my friends.

One night one of those friends (true crush) was spending the night at my house and the boy I was pretending to have a crush on called my house. He asked to speak to my friend and before they got off the phone they were going together. Talk about a broken heart. Pretend crush boy asks real crush girl and she says yes. 12-10-1982 – Broken hearted little confused gay girl writes in red on her 13th birthday how she doesn’t think she can go on living this painfully confusing life. I tried to think of ways to end my life and I even tried, but I just didn’t have quite enough torment to follow through. I had my coping mechanisms that helped me get through those tough times.

Luckily, my mom was willing and able to send me to counseling. I don’t remember sharing those suicidal feelings with my mom, but she paid very close attention to me and she had me in counseling at a very early age. I had people I could talk to, I have always known beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mom loved me and I had my writing.

So, I guess it’s pretty clear I wasn’t ever able to go through with any of those thoughts of ending it all and what the hell does all that downer stuff have to do with a blog called Apozitude???? Well, I’ll tell you. I spoke to a friend of mine today that has been following this blog and telling her friends about it. She told me today that one of my blogs was a life changer for her. A life changer. I’m not implying that she was having suicidal thoughts, I just mean that something I wrote changed her perspective and changed her life. That is pretty fucking awesome and that is just one of many reasons I love writing this blog. It brings tears of joy to my eyes and fills my heart with hope that writing my little stories can have such an affect on a person. It just takes a slight shift in the perspective of one person the change the world.

One person at a time, I intend to have a positive affect on the world and facilitate change that will create a better place to be. Starting with me and starting now.


Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New year Apozitude readers!!!! We are one month away from our 6 month anniversary. Thank you so much for your support and I will do my best to keep the positive, funny and touching stories flowing into your inboxes. May 2014 bring you all the best of everything!!! Much love, Angel