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Want To Feel Honored for Who You Are?

Hello my faithful Apozitude friends. Some of you have been with me, following my journey through this blog from the very beginning and some of you even before this blog even existed. Some of you have joined me along the way as I’ve been writing this blog. Thank you so much for your friendship, your love and support. Then there are some of you who are kinda new to following my journey and I look forward to getting to know you more through comments and connections we make as we move through this beautiful thing we call life together.

No matter where you came into my life, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I’m so happy our paths have crossed. I want to take a moment to thank you for being YOU, for sharing yourself with me and positively affecting my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and we’re all here to grow, become more effective in our communication, reach for better feeling circumstances and find a way to back to our authenticity.

As we go through life we develop these false ideas about the World, who we are and how we fit in and my intention is to provide clarity for myself to live an authentic life and share this idea with others. I invite you all to look within yourselves and feel where you are providing a false sense of you. You know when you are going against what feels authentic to you by feeling frustration, sadness, hurt or anger. When those feelings come up, take a look at what you really want and step in the direction of something that feels better to you. A slight adjustment can make a HUGE difference. Incremental progress is progress.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-7-13-12-amMy hope is that every person I encounter will feel better having met me and that by creating this blog to share these ideas, you will feel there is a space for you to feel honored for your authentic selves.
© 2016 Angel Zamudio

In a Single Moment

     Last month I signed up to participate in a fitness challenge. It was a 30 day deal called the S.A.P. Challenge. The name came from the exercises we were focusing on, squats, abs and push ups. Personally, I loved it!!! I loved the camaraderie, the shared goal, the mutual understanding and motivation. Like many other S.A.P. Challenge participants, I completed the challenge. For the sake this blog and for my own sense of curiosity, I’m going to add up all the squats we did in the month of June. Holy COW!!! We did 1,940 squats in 30 days!!! No wonder I feel the difference.

     Once the challenge ended, I found myself feeling like what am I going to do tomorrow? I even posted that comment on the S.A.P. Challenge board. I found I wasn’t alone and was very pleased to learn that the organizers had planned another challenge to begin in July. Yippee!!! Yes! I joined. I couldn’t imagine myself not doing it. 

     For the month of July our focus is Biceps, Abs, Triceps and Thighs, thus bringing us the B.A.T.T. Challenge. One day last week after I had completed that days listed exercises, I logged into the group to post my, Day whatever, DONE!!! and sometimes when I feel moved to elaborate, I share a little more, which is often because,… well, a number of reasons really, but mostly because I’m very happy to be playing such an active role in my fitness.
    This particular day last week, after I noted I had completed that day, I started to type this, Gotta stay in shape to fit in “that” dress” and about two words into typing that sentence it occurred to me that my mind set for fitness needed and update. Instead of typing out that thought, I changed it to, “Gotta stay in shape for ME, because I love feeling fit”. 

     In that single moment I realized, for the majority of my life I’ve set goals for my fitness that were fleeting. Stay fit for that vacation. I wanna wear a bikini on the beach. Stay fit for that event, so I can wear “that” dress. That day I changed my mind.
     What’s the one and only consistent thing in my life? ME! I decided to commit myself to me. I am worth the effort it takes to feel lean. I will be gentle with myself. I will allow the consumption of beer, french fries and the occasional almond toffee because I enjoy those things. Imagining my life with out french fries and hamburgers would be a life I don’t want, but that certainly doesn’t mean I will eat that stuff every day. I also really like steamed veggies and baked fish. I really do.

      I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just making choices for myself that support my health, physical as well as emotional and spiritual.    


Shining Brightly

Here’s a challenge if you choose to accept it:  Be your authentic self. Put yourself out there and take a chance.  

I know, sometimes others aren’t comfortable with your authentic self and that makes it uncomfortable for you too, but if you choose to temper yourself then you’re denying #1 yourself the opportunity to live as your truly amazing self and #2 others the opportunity to expand their concept of what is acceptable and comfortable.  

Let the light of your true self SHINE for everyone to see and then remember the wise words of Dr. Seuss,..