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It’s Simple Really

Before the sun came up this morning as I laid in bed somewhere between a deep sleep and partially awake, I sleepily wondered what I was going to write about today. My eyelids slowly and heavily fluttered like a contemplative butterfly sunning himself on a beautiful day and the following message came to me,….

In all ways, be gentle with yourself and everyone else. We’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got.


© 2018 Angel Zamudio

Best Day of My Life

I’m not kidding you one little bit when I tell you that I just walked into McMenamins Greenway Pub on a random Tuesday after work. I stepped up to the bar and the dude behind the bar happily greets me with a little small talk and when I asked him how he was doing, this is exactly what he said, “Best day of my life.” Oh man!! I love that answer.

I not only thought this, I actually said, “That’s an awesome answer! I love it!” He says back, “That’s my answer everyday. Fake it ’til you make it, right?”

I walked away from that small exchange totally charged with happiness and as soon as I sat down at my table I opened up my computer and started typing this blog. I brought it with me so I could write while I wait for Keri and Marbles to arrive. Uh,…yes, I ordered a beer. I love the Irish Stout they have on Nitro. YUM!!! I just thought, “damn, I am one lucky gal”

IMG_0471I’m sitting in a pub sipping one of my favorite beers working on this blog which is my passion waiting for the love of my life to join me for a yummy meal. While I’m sitting here in this cozy little pub writing this blog, Keri is out in the rain walking that energy bounding puppy of ours. As I am typing this I kid you not, I just overheard someone sitting at the bar say, “I gotta say, I really love my life.”

I couldn’t agree more IMG_3260and I’m so happy to know I have the power to choose to feel this way.


Cake and Wisdom

     The weekend of Father’s day one of my best friends, Mary, from way back when we were 16 posted a picture on Facebook of a cake she and her granddaughter, Indigo, made. The cake was for Mary’s father who happens to also be Indigo’s Poppy (grandpa). It was a chocolate cake. Yum!  The commentary added to the post was priceless. So priceless in fact that I added that I was going to claim this as my new mantra for anything hitting shy of the bull’s eye. 

     The comment Mary attached with the picture below was, “Cake for Poppy. Nailed it! Ok, maybe not.” Then she added, “But Indigo said, “Grandma, Let’s just put sprinkles on it. That’s all we can do”  

Indigo, did you lick the bowl? I see some evidence on your face.

      The wisdom and simplicity of this adorable five year old spoke VOLUMES. I say this all the time now. Having a bad day? Just put sprinkles on it. The moral of the story is acceptance. Do your best and forget the rest. Thank you, Mary for sharing the brilliance of Indigo.


Yup! I’ll say it again

     It really is rather simple. We all tend to make it harder than “it” really is and I’m not exactly sure why. I’m not even interested at all in why we make it harder than it has to be, because you see all I really care about is how. 

     If I had a shirt in my hand, was standing right in front of you and were to tell you it’s as easy as changing your shirt. Would you trade me shirts? You bet you would! 

     Well, good news! It’s even easier. #1 I don’t even need to be present. #2 It’s not the shirt #3 It’s all in your head. All you have to do is change your mind. There’s an art to it and I won’t deny for one second that it takes practice, but there it is.

     Change your mind and keep changing it until you’re content with the status of your being.   


Sweet Victory

I was chatting this past week with my friends and co-workers and one of them brought up something they heard recently. I’m not exactly sure where she read this or heard it, but I thought it was delightfully simple and worthy of sharing.
When you’re feeling sad or depressed this is your Emotional Guidance System alerting you that you’re living in the past. When you are feeling worried or anxious your EGS is alerting you that you’re living in the future. When you’re at peace, feeling happy and content you’re living in the NOW. 
I LOVE the simplicity of this message. I shared it with my mom and she loved it too. I told her I used to say, “Awareness is half the battle, but I recently upgraded my motto, Awareness is half the VICTORY. I’m done battling because I AM VICTORIOUS!!!” 
We all have the power to turn our attention to the now. We all have the power to focus on the good. Pay attention to your Emotional Guidance System and harness the power to make your day brighter and before you know it your life will be so bright you’ll have to wear shades. Are you going to turn it?  


Almighty Peanut Butter

I had a very nice coffee meeting with a friend this past week. It was a beautiful sunny day in Portland. The kind of day that really brings people out of the wood work around here. As we sat sipping our coffee and chatting about various things the subject of organized religion came up. 

My friend was telling me about his exposure to different religions growing up. There was a mix of Catholicism, Christianity and Buddhism. I shared a little of my history as well, along with my belief regarding a being greater than ourselves.

It’s pretty simple in my mind, kinda like peanut butter. Peanut butter is peanut butter, no matter what label is on it. Jif, Skippy or Peter Pan, it’s all ground up peanuts. Right? 

Now, I understand this may be too simple of an opinion for some folks because they believe their peanut butter is the one true peanut butter and don’t get me wrong I’m not about to go to the mattresses over whether or not one person’s peanut butter is right or wrong. I’d rather be happy than right in someone else’s mind, because really it simply doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about my beliefs. Ya know?

My friend was explaining how he hasn’t always been an avid church goer, as an adult. Me neither. Oh, I’ve been to church plenty in my life. I’ve done, more than, my fair share of searching for “the church” that felt like a fit for me. I’m not currently attending any church, so that pretty much sums up how the search for “my church” has gone, but that’s a story for another time. 

Anyway, my friend was telling me about a church he’s been attending recently and asked my opinion. If you’ve read very many of these blogs, you may have noticed, I’m open to sharing my opinion and I feel confident in my beliefs. As I was listening to him share his experience it became clear he had learned of some beliefs of this church that didn’t align with his personal beliefs. I believe he was asking me about this because he felt conflicted.

On one hand he really liked the community feel, the member participation within the church and overall he had a good feeling when he went, but on occasion felt discord with certain aspects of the message. I said, “Look! You are the only you there is and unless you create you very own church there are going to be aspects of every church that don’t line up exactly with your beliefs. The bottom line here is do you feel good when you go? If you mostly like it and the discord you feel is minor and doesn’t REALLY affect you then I say go and take the good and leave the rest.”

Life really is all about our focus and what we choose to hold on to. If it bothers you let it go. If it serves your greater good, hold on to it and milk it for all the good feelings you can.       

Free and Easy

It seems I often find the most amazing things in life are the most simple things in life. I am so in love with my life. I can gaze for extended amounts of time at the contrast between the big beautiful blue sky and any number of things, the greens of a grassy hill, sunlight on the leaves, the vibrant reds and deep purples of the leaves in the trees, the skyward reaching dark silhouettes of the hundred year old pine trees around my neighborhood against the evening sky, the blue of the sky and the white puffy clouds.

A loving touch from my wife as we laugh at all the silly things we laugh about, noda mean? Listening to the laughter of friends joyously conversing with each other. I love the nonsensical laughter of young children. I love the sound and feel of the rhythm of Waffles’ breath in my ear when I am hugging him and rapping him on the side of his ribs. I love watching clouds transform from one shape to another.

Why am I telling you all these things I love? Because like I said before these are very simple things and yet the most amazing things in my life. The few things I’ve mentioned here are just a fraction of the things that capture my attention. I love watching a smile reach across someone’s face when I tell them how much I appreciate them or the smile of a stranger when I compliment their smile.

These are mindful choices and I choose to focus upon these things because they are the things that provide the richness of my life. Simple, easy pleasures. It’s a form of meditation and a way to bring alive the specialness of this very minute in time. I love to observe the truly beautiful moments in life. A baby learning to hold his head up. A mom learning to empower her young children. My wife lovingly peering at our sweet little Waffles Bear. A co-worker feeling peace, security and happiness. Tears of joy rolling down my counselors face as she tells me that she believes I no longer need her assistance. The sound of relief on the other end of the phone when someone new realizes they won’t be judged for their lack of dental care. Creating resolution and a sense of peace in the lives of others. Being at a free and easy point of my life and the desire to share this way of life with you.

These are the riches of my life and the moments that fulfill me.


Destination – Tranformation

I feel like I have just experience a huge paradigm shift. Last week I was feeling stuck in some very old thought patterns that were not serving me at all and I felt desperately lonely. From where I am sitting now I can not even imagine that I ever felt those feelings, BUT I am so glad that I did and of course I can say that now becasue I am beyond it, but if I didn’t experience it I couldn’t be beyond it. I could not be on this other wonderful side of it and I can not believe how amazing it feels to just let go of those horrible feelings.

I carried them with me for a very long time and now they are gone. I love the idea of expanding beyond something that was troubling you because once you have gotten beyong it you never have to go back. Awareness is the most amazing thing ever.

I am KNOWING that I am untethered and I am very excited about the path that is revealing it’s self before me. I am stepping into the very next huge thing for me and I have been refining my preferences for a while now and I am ready for the next bit to unfold.

Look out you’re just about to witness and amazing transformation.


It’s easier than you might think,…

I just want to present a simple concept here that has the power to end your suffering. The endless stream of thoughts that play over and over and over in your mind,… they are only endless and torturous because you do not yet realize that you have the power to stop them.