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#1 Best Piece of Advice

IMG_2557.PNGIn a world full of so many wonderful people all willing to give all kinds of advice, including me, the number one thing to remember is, to always base your decision of what action to take, on what feels most authentic and true to you.

You can’t go wrong staying true to you.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio


In it for a Good Time

When someone shows me something they’re excited about, like a new decoration for their house or a new purse and they ask for my opinion, you can be sure that I will tell the truth whether I like it or not. Not in a harsh or mean way, but usually I’ll say something like, “Well, it’s not really my style, but what’s important is that you like it”
I used to be concerned that I might hurt someones feelings by being honest, but then recently I realized if you love something, then my opinion of it shouldn’t affect your opinion of it. I also realized that by being honest about my feelings it allows others to know that I’m a sincere person. 
When I compliment someone it’s always because I’m moved to say something positive about something I’ve noticed. I enjoy looking for the positive and mentioning it. A sincere compliment is usually followed by a, “You just made my day” comment or something similar and that always makes me feel good. 
So, is it for me or is it for you that I give compliments? Who really cares if it makes us both feel better, right?         


Shining Brightly

Here’s a challenge if you choose to accept it:  Be your authentic self. Put yourself out there and take a chance.  

I know, sometimes others aren’t comfortable with your authentic self and that makes it uncomfortable for you too, but if you choose to temper yourself then you’re denying #1 yourself the opportunity to live as your truly amazing self and #2 others the opportunity to expand their concept of what is acceptable and comfortable.  

Let the light of your true self SHINE for everyone to see and then remember the wise words of Dr. Seuss,..  

Faith and Friendship,… No Whammies!!!

I can remember a time in my life when it was time to sit down and start writing that if I didn’t have any ideas, I would feel a little frustration stirring inside of me. Keri just asked me if I was wanting to do some writing. Just for the record, I’m, just about always, wanting to do some writing.

The reason she asked was because it’s Saturday morning and Marbles is sleeping. This is a rare and precious moment in a new puppy owners life. Whew! Success is ours! We (mostly she) tired him out enough for us to have some time to ourselves. Keri is laying on the couch reading and I am in my chair writing.

Just now, when she asked me if I wanted to do some writing, that old fleeting thought ran across my mind like a whammy from that old T.V. game show, Press Your Luck. Do you remember that game show? OMG!!! The funniest thing happened at work this last week.

Some how and I have no idea how, but that game show came up and my best friend, Shanna, was imitating the sound of the Whammy coming up and she did this hilarious Egyptian walk, just like one of the little cartoon whammies did on the show. It was one of those silly moments between friends that when retold seems totally stupid and not very funny at all, but in the moment was so funny that we laughed until our tummies ached.

Shanna walked across the hall like an Egyptian repeating the sounds of the whammy 3 or 4 times and we just laughed our asses off. I love those hilariously silly moments in life. I don’t know how inspirational this blog will be to anyone, but what I do know is that it’s an excellent example of 2 things in my life that I personally truly appreciate. 1) Faith 2) Friendship

I, honestly, had no idea what I was going to write about when I sat down here this morning. In fact, the momentum of frustration was still purring inside me just a bit when my fingers started dancing across this keyboard, but my faith that the words would show up kept that frustration idle and parked at the curb as the creative side of me pulled away for a lovely sunny drive.

It doesn’t matter one bit, how stupid or silly the fun you have with your friends, looks to anyone else. The only thing that matters is that you are having fun and enjoying your time together. Laughing to the point of side stitches and cheek cramps, is some of the best stuff in a person’s life.

Who knew this blog would turn out to be about Faith and Friendship? Not me. It just goes to show, you never know where inspiration is going to take you. Simply trust and the path will be made clear.


Excitement Overload

Oh my goodness!!! We are knee deep in the excitement over load portion of this year. I just had my birthday and it was one of the best ones so far. Nothing outrageous happened, it was simply perfect. For the first time in the 19 years that Keri and I have been together she decided, for some unknown reason, to let me open one of my birthday gifts the night before.

I was so excited I, literally, ran around the coffee table a couple times. We have always had this little game we play where I try to get her to give me hints as to where she bought the gifts or what the gifts might be, but she never gives in. Well, never say never. Right? She didn’t just give me a hint, she let me open one. She’s really good at surprises. She always finds a way to make me feel special and loved. Her gifts are always very thoughtful. I’m pretty darn lucky.

More about the excitement over load please!!! You’re getting sappy. OK. OK. This weekend we are wrapping presents in anticipation of my mom and Garrison coming to visit for Christmas. For those of you that might be new to Apozitude, Garrison, is my son. He’s 24 and one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s also very edgy and cool. Anyway, I am SUPER EXCITED to see them both.

Also this weekend I am going to a little Goodness’s birthday party. I’ll reveal what I decided to go as in another blog. In case you missed the, Princess or a Super Hero, post that is what the invitation read, “Come dressed as your favorite,…”. I am really excited about that too, because I made my own outfit.

See if you can guess the party theme for a little girl turning 4. C’mon,… think! YES!!! You’re right!!! It’s, Frozen!!! It’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to show up in my DIY outfit. Cast away all your “Pinterest failed” thoughts floating around in your head, because I NAILED IT!!! You’ll see.

See what I mean about excitement over load??? Plus, next weekend we are going to see our new puppy. He’ll be 8 weeks old and most of his litter mates will be going home at 8 weeks, but our boy will stay an extra special week with his sister and Grandma Judy, because we’ll be at the beach for Christmas with my mom and Garrison!!! Then the weekend after Christmas we’ll go back to Grandma Judy’s house and pick up our puppy.

My life, right now, is like a freakin’ movie. My birthday, Goodness’s birthday with dress up, visit the puppy, Mom and Garrison arrive, go to the beach, have Christmas, come back and go get the puppy. If you’ve watched a bunch of Disney movies, you might be waiting for a clincher plot twist at this point for dramatic affect, but I assure you the creator of this reality doesn’t add a twist for dramatic affect. Nope. This gal is all about sunshine, rainbows and smiles.


Showing Some Skin

Let’s try this again. “Wow! Your hair is getting really long. What inspired this?”, someone asked me the other day. I thought for a moment and said, “Honestly, it was Shanna” and really it has been a multitude of things over the years. Slightly adjusting my perspective of myself and coming to terms with how I identify myself and how I represent myself.

The reason I say it was Shanna that inspired the change or desire to grow my hair out is because it was her suggestion that I wear a bikini on my vacation to Hawaii a couple years ago. She said to me, “You are one of the hardest working people I know in terms of working out. You should show off your hard work”. I quickly dismissed her suggestion because I hadn’t worn a two piece bathing suit since WAY before I started having boobs. I mean WAY WAY before and I have photographic proof of my bikini days as a child.

Somehow, I agreed to try on some of Shanna’s bikini’s, but I was going to do that by myself. I went to her house and she pulled open this drawer of bathing suits and I was a bit in shock at the sheer volume. I have a drawer that has a bathing suit in it. She has a bathing suit drawer. I think I went home with 6 or 8 bikinis to try on, plus some pull over beach dresses and a maxi dress or two.

As I was trying them on, I was a little bit uncomfortable. I was not accustomed to showing so much skin, but I kept trying them on and gradually I became more comfortable. I would try one on and take a picture and text it to her, “Is this how this is supposed to fit”, I would ask. She, I am sure, was cracking up. She reassured me and I finally decided I would take a bikini on my vacation. In fact, I took multiple bikinis with me to Hawaii, yes, you read that right, I took more than one. I have never in my life taken more than one bathing suit on vacation before, but I did that time and every time since. LOL

You know what? It really gave my self esteem a boost. It’s kinda hard to describe, but I finally got to a point of being comfortable enough with myself and who I really am that I could wear a bikini. I guess it’s sort of a process of self acceptance that I never knew before. I missed out on all the exploration of being girlie for my own sake, because all the years that I presented myself as a “normal” girl, which I even hate to use THAT word. Let’s change it then. All the years I presented myself as a straight girl I was doing it to disguise myself to hide who I really was on the inside.

Now, when I wear my hair longer, wear a dress or more feminine clothes it’s because I like the way it makes me feel. Does that make any sense? I enjoy feeling cute. I like feeling flirty. I like being a girl. I guess by now I should say, I enjoy being a woman. I’m still exploring and finding ways to express my girlie self, but I am enjoying the process.


It’s Got To Be Real

You know what I think? Well, you know me,… I’m gonna tell ya’.

I think in this hustle and hurry world, people, most people, are STARVING for a real person to person human experience.

It’s not that hard to do, just take a moment and be real. Share yourself, your true self with someone and you know what? I bet they’ll really dig it.

The “More”

Just in case you were wondering, the answer is YES, there is more to that Don’t Frazzle my Dazzle story. There is always more to the story. This time, I think the “more” is important to share. So, why didn’t I share it in the original blog? To be completely honest the “more” to that story threw me for a loop yesterday and I was pretty well exhausted when I wrote the original version last night, BUT this morning, after a couple slight adjustments I am feeling a resurgence of dazzle.

I knew when I wrote that blog last night that I wanted to share the “more” because I led out with,”I think it’s important to share these experiences,….”, but I also knew I had to respect the space that I was in and honor my true self by holding back for the moment. I am so glad I waited to share that portion of the story, because I am in a much clearer space and I have some insight now that I didn’t have last night.

So, the rest of the story is that, as I was talking to one of my favorite patients, I actually told him that I was grateful to be spending that moment with him because I was anticipating the arrival of a person who I’ve had several negative encounters with in the past. Which is true and I won’t go into specifics because it doesn’t create good feelings in me to do so and I care enough about how I feel to leave it in the past.


Paradigm shift!!!

I just realized that as I am retelling this story I noted in the previous paragraph that I care enough about how I feel to leave the details in the past. However, it seems the retelling of this story reveals that I could care a little more, otherwise, I wouldn’t have carried those feelings from the past regarding the negative encounters person to my experience yesterday. So, why is it ok to write about it now?

The determining factor in all cases when you are retelling a story is how does it make you feel? Does it feel good? Does it make you feel alive? Does it feel icky? Does it insight anger as you retell it? If it feels good? Tell it! Talk about why it feels good. Really feel the good and more of those experiences will come to you. Same things goes for the icky and the angry, though too, when you retell it and really feel those feelings again more of “THAT” it will come to you. You have amazing magical powers, be sure you’re using them with intention.

Does it feel good to admit that I was judging a man for his past behaviors? No, not one of my prouder moments, but how do I feel telling you about it? I feel amazing because I learned something about myself. I learned that I am pretty good at having control of myself when I am dealing with myself. Being aware of controlling what I say and do and how it makes me feel. However, it seems more practice is in order when dealing with people and situations that are out of my control, which to be honest is MOST things, right? And ALL people.

Erase the past by letting it go. It doesn’t feel good to hold on to it anyway. Just let it go. Free up your hands to take ahold of the reins and harness that positive emotion to create a brighter tomorrow. I am a happy person. I am a spreader of love and joy. I have a strong desire to encounter people and for them to depart feeling better having seen me.


Going LIVE in,…3, 2, 1!!!

I just want to take a moment to share some real feelings I have had over the last few days. Not to imply that I am usually not sharing real feelings in here, but I had a slight little scare. As you probably know if you’re an avid reader, Keri and I went to NYC for a week recently and I know I have made my feelings clear about NYC, but I want to bring it full circle.

We got home on Thursday Oct. 16th and by Sunday Oct. 19th I was still wiped out from my NYC experience. I was so tired and sort of felt like I had lost my luster a bit. I was writing for my blog to post for the upcoming week and I was not feeling motivated or inspired. I had a fleeting fearful thought, Could I be done writing Apozitude? I just am not feeling the usual zest and passion I usually feel. I felt like I was writing CRAP.

It felt like I was only giving 3%, but my energy level was ZAPPED!!! I was not liking how NYC MADE me feel. I talked to Keri about my feelings of doubt and she helped me see things a little clearer. Now it is Wednesday Oct. 22 and I have had some time to get back into my routine. I started working out and meditating again. It is amazing how a slight shift can throw you totally off your axis and send you swirling out of control and doubting your true path.

I am feeling like I have regained my balance and I am pleased to announce that I am grateful for the time I spent in NYC. Being home and reflecting on the wonderful experiences we had creates appreciation and gratitude. I love my life. I love exploring and I love being home.

Silence, meditation and time to myself, my true self, resuscitated Apozitude. And we’re on again. Thank you.