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Let the Cursor Blink, Wisdom Will Flow

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently came to a realization that I may be standing in my own way. What does this mean exactly? How can I stand in my own way? Well, it’s a funny thing how clarity is so crystal clear when peeking over into the life of someone else, but when evaluating your own situation it’s like your vision goes blurry and your mind just keeps drawing a blank.

In fact, I find myself drawing a complete blank right now as I sit here pondering this situation and watching the cursor on my screen blinking at me as if it’s paused in a yielding position just waiting for the wisdom to pour out onto the screen. Well, I’m sorry little blinking cursor, I have no wisdom to share at the moment.

All I know, is what I know and it’s really very simple. Everything I need, I have full access to when I allow myself the time and space to quiet the busyness and chatter of my mind. For the last several weeks I’ve been practicing the art of meditation and I’ve come to realize a quiet mind is an amazing luxury. It is my sincere intention to continue the practice of meditation in an effort to deepen my sense of connection and increase my level of peace and happiness.

I believe the continuation of this practice will inherently unveil the value in myself that I seek. Quieting my mind of clutter and distractions helps me to clearly see the value I have in the world. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond, it’s the kindness I share, the awareness I broaden and the lives I touch with genuine love that ripples beyond the point of contact and in a manner affects a far greater scope than I’m able to see.

Could it be? Just like that, I discovered my own value? My heart is saying, YES and it is 100% rewarding. Thank you for your patience blinking cursor, turns out the wisdom was ready to flow.


© 2017 Angel Zamudio

Cake and Wisdom

     The weekend of Father’s day one of my best friends, Mary, from way back when we were 16 posted a picture on Facebook of a cake she and her granddaughter, Indigo, made. The cake was for Mary’s father who happens to also be Indigo’s Poppy (grandpa). It was a chocolate cake. Yum!  The commentary added to the post was priceless. So priceless in fact that I added that I was going to claim this as my new mantra for anything hitting shy of the bull’s eye. 

     The comment Mary attached with the picture below was, “Cake for Poppy. Nailed it! Ok, maybe not.” Then she added, “But Indigo said, “Grandma, Let’s just put sprinkles on it. That’s all we can do”  

Indigo, did you lick the bowl? I see some evidence on your face.

      The wisdom and simplicity of this adorable five year old spoke VOLUMES. I say this all the time now. Having a bad day? Just put sprinkles on it. The moral of the story is acceptance. Do your best and forget the rest. Thank you, Mary for sharing the brilliance of Indigo.


Yes, I Do

Recently, I wrote a blog about my morning routine. In case you didn’t happen to read that one, I wrote about getting connected to the Ultimate Creative Source, a ritual I call getting plugged in. The more I do it the more I realize how important it is to every little thing I do. 

Think about this for a second,…

If you had full access to infinite wisdom, and you do, wouldn’t you want to be connected to that wisdom when you spoke to your children? when you’re discussing your relationship with your mate? when you’re making decisions about your life, discussing your business, visiting with your parents? Wouldn’t you want to be connected ALL the time? Wouldn’t that make everything in life so much better?

Well, I think so and that’s why I give myself gentle reminders when I find myself feeling less than connected. I talk to myself in a gentle voice, like I’m a small child just learning a new thing, “There, there, it’s ok. You just slipped out of connection. Try it again. You’ll be alright”.

When I am connected to my Ultimate Creative Source, I feel happy, free, light and simply magical. Do you believe in magic?  

On my way here

I feel so empowered and confident when I am belting out the words of the song, On My Way Here, by Clay Aiken. It is such a powerful song for me. I literally listen to it every single day. In fact, I am listening to it on repeat right now as I am writing this blog post.

I feel like I can do anything when I am listening to the words, on my way here, where I am now, I’ve learned to fly, I have to want to leave the ground, I’ve fallen hard, but I’ve been loved, and in the end it all works out, my faith has conquered fear, on my way here.

It feels so amazing to feel the power of pure confidence and this song gives me that feeling. When I hear this song, I always imagine myself walking out on to a stage and I begin to give an inspirational talk with the words, I’ve seen the best and I’ve seen the worst, and I wouldn’t change what I’ve been through. I’ve touched the sky, I’ve hit the wall, but I did what I had to, on my way here.

As I look out over a crowd of people I see that they are excited to be here, in my audience. Some have traveled a bit to be here and some are lucky enough to live in the city in which I am speaking. In either case, they all have their notebooks out, eager to write down whatever it is that strikes them as a little nugget of wisdom that has totally shifted their paradigm. It’s that one thing that I am able to say in just the right way that sinks in this time. It seems very familiar, because they have heard something like it before, but just the right Apozitude version of it really makes sense and changes their perspective on life. Sometimes it’s a small little shift that people will feel and other times it changes someone’s life forever, in a way they never even knew was possible.

I have been to conferences that changed my perspective and then ultimately changed my life. I love the feeling of being alive and living in the moment. That is what Apozitude is about for me. Being right here, right now, and feeling the power of total awareness. I am aware that I can make a difference in my life by focusing on the positive. I am aware that awakening other people to this concept is my passion and that is the reason I. Am. Here!!! You are reading this blog post right now, so welcome to the launching pad of a little rocket called Apozitude. We are ready for take off.

I truly believe that in the end it all works out. I believe this dream of mine is becoming my reality and it just may start with you. If you know someone that would like to have an inspiration speaker for an upcoming event, let me know. I’d love the opportunity to speak publicly.