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The BEST Mind Trick Ever

The secret to winning at life is to find your way to your own personal YES. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, says or does. When it comes to BEING YOU, YOU are the ultimate and final authority. It’s more than just saying YES to yourself though. Ya know? It’s about spending time with yourself discovering what it really means to BE you and then doing whatever it takes to be that ultimate version of yourself, 100%.

What is it you really want? Do yourself a favor and take some time to think about it. Don’t worry over time what you really want will change, because every single one of us is constantly changing and evolving. Just take some time each day to let go of all the limits and barriers and imagine it the way you would like it to be. Investing time in your dreams will not only feel good,  it will also create an alignment for those dreams to come true.

In a world full of NO find a way to be a YES.

YES, I am. YES, I can. YES, I will. YES, I do.

Believing in yourself is the BEST mind trick ever and believe me, that confidence in yourself is kinda sexy.

© 2018 Angel Zamudio

DIY: Getting a YES

Here’s a friendly little Apozitude reminder: There will be times in life when you are doing your best to achieve results in any number of areas in life. You may be studying really hard in school, or really putting in the hours on a project at work and you’re feeling really good about your efforts. You feel so good and happy with your progress, you decide to invite someone to join you.

You’re thinking, “Wow, a study group would be really be amazing, or a work team could really get this job done more efficiently. We could encourage each other and really get some good momentum going. We could achieve great results together,…”,

So, you decide to invite someone to join you in your efforts for support and camaraderie, but the person you ask says no,…

(Here comes the reminder) It will be hard to hear them say no or not right now, because you’re SO EXCITED about the results you’re receiving. Please remember those rejections are not, I repeat NOT a rejection of you. Plain and simple, it’s somebody else saying no to them selves.

You’re saying yes to yourself. You are putting in the effort. Studying, working, training hard. Your “YES” to you is the most valuable yes on the planet. When you say yes to yourself it builds your confidence. You know it does because you feel so good about the things you’ve accomplished.

Be proud of the effort you put into you and that feeling of pride will be like a magnet. People will see you walking around so happy with yourself and what you’ve accomplished for yourself they’ll naturally be drawn to you. They will see your accomplishments and want a piece of whatever it is that you have in your life.

Remember to hold your focus on the most valuable yes in life. The “YES!!!” you say to yourself everyday you choose to study hard, put in the extra effort and push yourself that extra inch. That yes, has the power to erase ANY OTHER answer from anyone else!

You got this!!! Now get out there and just keep saying yes to yourself. Trust me, all the right people and situations will magically fall right into place when you focus on saying yes to yourself.