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There’s a grocery store within walking distance of my house and I’ve lived in this house for 13 years. 
Why does this matter? I’ll tell you why.
About six months ago that grocery store changed from an Albertson’s grocery store into a Haggen grocery store. The significance of that is relevant to this blog because it proves a point in the telling of this story. You see my wife and I walk our sweet little (big) puppy, Marbles, past that grocery store fairly regularly because there’s a park on the other side of it and even though it has been a Haggen store for the last 6 months, we STILL call it Albertson’s. 
What’s my point? My point is change takes time. Sure, that store seemingly changed from an Albertson’s to a Haggen over night, but what is it in my mind? It’s still an Albertson’s. 
Why am I so concerned about calling that grocery store by the proper name? I’m not really. The whole reason I’m writing about this is to prove a point. 
It takes time, consistency and patience to create change. It takes unbending faith in a dream to make it come true. It has taken me two and a half years of writing this blog for you and your friends to know about Apozitude. Do you think I started out with over 15,000 views? No, but I wrote every day regardless of the fact that there were only one or two of you out there reading my blog. Now, I have multiple subscribers and even more followers, because I believe in this message I’m willing to do the work it takes  to get it out into the world.
My dream is alive and people are positively affected by the blog I’ve created. I’m infusing the world with Apozitude and thanks to all of you who read it, follow it and share it, you’re supporting my dream. Thank you for being part of making this dream come true.      


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