The Value Within YOU

Sometimes people come to me for advice. I’m not sure why, but I’m happy to share any clarity I might have to help others. Maybe it’s because I write a blog about living life with a positive attitude, maybe it’s because I do my very best to see the best in people, looking beyond their behaviors and try to understand the reasoning behind the behavior. Recently, I shared a good way to approach a challenging situation regarding someone you love. If you’re able to do so, separate your emotions from the situation and deal with the facts. It seems like the opposite would be true, but when you think about it, emotions cloud judgement and the decision making processes. Therefore, extracting the emotion and dealing with just the facts, helps to reach and maintain a clear decision. It’s challenging to do, I’ll be honest, but with practice it gets easier.

How can you practice separating your emotions from an emotionally charged situation?

Excellent question!!! For me, meditation is the answer. There are many forms of meditation, but what I find to be helpful is to sit quietly for a designated about of time and focus on my breathing, daily. When thoughts or emotions arise during meditation, as they always do, I practice returning my focus to my breath. Personally, I find an app called Calm to be very helpful. It’s really amazing how practicing this focus helps to minimize your reactions to challenging situations. There are many other benefits to practicing meditation. Check out this link to the Huffington post.

Listen, where ever you are on your journey to whatever it is that you most desire, what I want you all to know is that you’re far more knowing and powerful than you give yourselves credit for being. Embrace yourself! Create a knowing within yourselves of your power and your value. It’s there within us ALL, just waiting to be discovered.

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