Update on the Apoziwand Project

Hey guess what!!! The idea of magic wands is expanding!!! I’m very excited to update you guys on this project of mine. Since I wrote last week announcing the availability of the bamboo Apoziwands, I’ve had several people express interest in having one. One of my friends reached out to me to inform me that she was allergic to coconut and inquired if I’d be willing to provide one for her with an alternative finishing oil.

OMGOSH!!! I was so excited!!! #1 that she wanted one!!! #2 that she felt comfortable enough with me to inquire about an alternative and #3 that my awareness was now lifted to the idea that some people may have an allergy to coconut oil. NOW I can offer options. I love this life and the expansion that’s available to us when we allow things to continually work out for us.

IMG_2963I’m now in the process of learning how to infuse oils with lavender, eucalyptus and other therapeutic aromas and I’ve invested in some tools to help me with easier production of the wands!!! I’m super excited!!!

I know it may seem childlike to expect that anyone would take me seriously when I tell them that I’m creating magic wands to help people with their lives, but I’m here to tell you there’s far more interest in them than one might imagine and I believe in magic because I’ve experienced the magic of miracles occurring in my daily life. Those daily miracles all stem from something as small as shifting my focus, and if a stick of sanded bamboo with the word Apozitude burned into the side of it is coated with oil to create a silky soft feel can serve as a reminder that you hold this power right in the palm of your hand, then I’m going to keep right on making those magic wands regardless of what anyone else thinks.

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