What brings YOU happiness?

There are so many things that I love, a good strong power ballad from the 80’s, a good strong cup of coffee, a big beautiful sky, sun beaming through the window on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Honestly, sun beams ANYTIME!! Good conversation. A good laugh. A good strong hug. Tender moments shared. A soft gentle hug. Moments of clarity and many more, but really what it ALL boils down to is happiness and joy.

Apozitude-happy-bamboo-wand-2016-11-20Recently, I shared my new motto: Does it spark joy? If yes, GO FOR IT!!! I’ve also been saying, If you’re having fun, you must be doing it right and that brings me to the magic Apoziwands. I don’t know why I love bamboo so much, I just know that I do. I don’t care what other people think about how silly it may seem to them because I’m not making magic wands for people who think it’s ridiculous. Magic wands don’t work for people who don’t believe in magic. All I know is making the magic wands makes me happy. The wands are happy about it too.

© 2016 Angel Zamudio

2 thoughts on “What brings YOU happiness?

  1. Samantha

    Great writing ! Good for you not concerning yourself what others think of you or your majic wands. I think they’re pretty darn awesome!
    I too am over joyed with sun, sun beams, rays and rainbows. I love warm rain, the smell of freshly mowed grass in the summer and the smell of fire in someone’s fire place while I take my daily 5mile walk. I love finding hearts! Hearts in the clouds, seaglass,rocks and leaves. I love that very quiet moment just before I fall asleep without a worry or care in the world. I love driving around on thanksgiving or Christ and seeing the world “quiet” for the day, knowing so many families and friends are together being. I love seeing rain drops of flowers it so beautiful to me. Everyday find, seek and feel the beauty God presents to me. I soak it all in and then say gratitude for those simple blessings.
    I love your majic Wands and I do hope they bring you years and years of wonder.
    I hope blessings continue to surround you!
    Love Samantha

    1. angel

      Thank you so much Samantha for your reply. I love so many of the same things. Finding hearts really resonated with me. I love those peaceful moments too, the smell of a fire on a brisk fall day, dew drops on flower petals, it’s like we’re soul siblings. 🙂


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