What Feels Right?

You know what? I have a confession to make. The truth is, the main reason I started writing this blog is because I wanted to share my thoughts, my stories and insights about living life with a positive attitude. The majority of these blogs are based on challenges I’m currently facing or have faced in the past and how I’ve chosen to deal with them.

I’m by no means an expert at living perfectly positive, but what I can say is, I’m an expert at giving continual effort in the direction of living as positively as I’m able at any given moment. My goal is to publish a book based on the blogs of Apozitude and I’d love to go on a book tour. Traveling to book stores and coffee shops all over the place, speaking about the philosophy of Apozitude and how this blog has positively affected my life and others as well.

Over the last few years, as I’ve been writing Apozitude, wait,…. how long have I been writing this blog? OMG!!! I just checked and my 1st blog was published on 8/2/2013. WHOA!!! In 4 months it will be 5 years!!! I just blew my own mind, HAHA!!! So, over the last several years, many different topics have come up in the news and social media that have triggered a question within myself about my responsibility. What is my role in this World as a blogger of positivity? I’ve given a great deal of serious thought multiple times over the years.

The “feel right” answer I come to every single time is “Stay the course”. What’s that mean exactly? It means to keep my focus on the guiding principle of Apozitude. My creed has evolved slightly over the years, but my platform has reliably been based on positivity and expanding awareness regarding personal choice in an attempt to empower individuals to live authentic to themselves.

Whatever “authentic to yourself” may look like to you or be expressed in your life, I accept, because everyone has the right to live their own authenticity. I can’t promise I’ll agree, because nobody ever said we all need to see eye to eye….we just deserve the freedom to be ourselves.

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